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So, as you might’ve guessed, this is my blog buttons page! As well as swapped and awesome blogs, I will be leaving links to blogs without a button, so you can go visit them too! Here’s mine:

blog button

I know, it’s awesome, right? What do you think? It was designed by Syd + Em – thank you ever so much girls!

Here are some more awesome blogs!


If you’d like to put your blog up here, let me know in the comments below!


35 thoughts on “blog buttons”

  1. hey there, Rhi! (I know, commenting a lot huh.)
    hope I’m not bothering you! but, I’ve just updated my blog design a bit, did you think you could update my button as well? if you’re not able to, no worries! xo


      1. thank you, Rhi! ❤ glad you like it.
        totally fine aha. I've been asked that multiple times from different people. XD
        I use PicMonkey for everything, but it's hard to explain how I added the picture for the background… I should probably do a post on that, huh? xx


      2. I just found this in my spam folder (I use the app mainly but you can’t see spam comments or anything there and I was just randomly on the website) – I’m so sorry I would have responded to this yesterday!
        Ah yes, our dear friend PicMonkey! A post would be lovely – I can’t wait to see it (if it does happen!?)! xox

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  2. Hi Rhi! Please can you add my button & I’ll add yours to my blog? (I got mine today & it was designed by Syd & Em too – they’re GREAT, aren’t they? 😂💞) Autumn x


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