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So, as you might’ve guessed, this is my blog buttons page! As well as swapped and awesome blogs, I will be leaving links to blogs without a button, so you can go visit them too! Here’s mine:

blog button



If you’d like to put your blog up here, let me know in the comments below!

60 thoughts on “blog buttons

  1. hey there, Rhi! (I know, commenting a lot huh.)
    hope I’m not bothering you! but, I’ve just updated my blog design a bit, did you think you could update my button as well? if you’re not able to, no worries! xo


      1. thank you, Rhi! ❤ glad you like it.
        totally fine aha. I've been asked that multiple times from different people. XD
        I use PicMonkey for everything, but it's hard to explain how I added the picture for the background… I should probably do a post on that, huh? xx


        1. I just found this in my spam folder (I use the app mainly but you can’t see spam comments or anything there and I was just randomly on the website) – I’m so sorry I would have responded to this yesterday!
          Ah yes, our dear friend PicMonkey! A post would be lovely – I can’t wait to see it (if it does happen!?)! xox

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  2. Hi Rhi! Please can you add my button & I’ll add yours to my blog? (I got mine today & it was designed by Syd & Em too – they’re GREAT, aren’t they? 😂💞) Autumn x


  3. hi! i’m kinda new around here, but i was wondering… do you wanna swap buttons? (or build a snowman. i’m fine with either) here’s the catch… i don’t know how to post the button on my page! i’d def appreciate some help, thanks so much! btw, your fonts and button are so great, i don’t know how you do it!

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    1. hello gorgeous! oh i would love to! (whatever works 😂) ahh, okay. if you use the app then save and insert the image like any other, then tap on it again after it’s loaded and go to ‘edit’. make the image link the URL of whoever’s blog button it is 😊 i use the app so i’m not sure about the website but i think it’s pretty similar, however the app is free so you can always get that. aaah thank you adi! you’re so sweet 💜 i normally use websites like , , and font candy (an app). i also use freepik and for my featured images and graphics. hopefully i was helpful, thank you for all your sweet words 💖💖💖

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      1. Hi Rhi… sorry to bother you 🙂 Just checkin’ in on your blog and I popped over here. I was wondering if something’s wrong because mine isn’t there (how selfish, I know) but it’s definitely fine, just wondering! Also. Are you in middle school or high school?

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  4. Oh, I’m in middle… 7th and 8th for us, and then the rest is high school 😉 And no probs! What grade/ standard are you in (I’m not sure if you call it differently in AUS, but my Indian grandparents call it standard XD) xoxo!

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