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Hello! If you would like to me to feature you in an interview type thing, please fill the contact form below (your email will be kept private!) with the ‘Comment’ box containing answers to EVERY QUESTION below! Feel free to copy + paste them in 😉

  • Introduce yourself (ie, what is your name/pseudonym?, where do you blog?, etc) (also include blog url!)

• When and why did you start blogging?

• List 6 random facts about yourself (no favourites please!)

• Who are your blog’s biggest fans/supporters?

• What motivates you to blog?

• List 3 ‘favourite’s’ of your choice (ie, animal, colour, place, etc)

Please include all of these in your comment and I will upload it (with my additions/commentary) (but I won’t change any answers! promise!) as soon as I can (factoring in life events, posting schedule, etc!)

Rhi xxxx