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Hi! I’m Rhiana, but most people call me Rhi (rhymes with why), so feel free 🙂

I’m very passionate about books, rereads, and talking incessantly about things that no one else has any interest in! I make terrible jokes, and have been blogging about books since January 2019 – but I started this blog in February 2018. I haven’t stopped yet… maybe I should.

I’m queer (using she/her pronouns) and get very enthusiastic over representation in the books that I read. I try to read lots of diverse QPOC books – and rely on others in the community/my other bookish friends for recommendations.

I’m half Indian and adore the food – as well as most other Asian meals! I live in Australia with no pets sadly – but I have a colour coded bookshelf to make me happy :’) I also tend to mention the same books over and over again… forgive me!!

When I’m not at my computer blogging, you might find me reading, occasionally writing poetry, or talking/playing board games and being very competitive with my friends and family. I read mostly YA contemporary and fantasy, and enjoy queer books with angst and soft characters who need a hug!! I don’t care if I’m crying – I want to feel things!!!

I’ve got some favourite things of mine below – if you see anything in common, let me know – I’m quite friendly 🙂


Leigh Bardugo, Marie Lu, Adib Khorram, C.G. Drews, Casey McQuistion


I literally listen to anything… but some major favourites are probably Lorde, Girl in Red, Clairo, Rina Sawayama (omg her new album is very good), Taylor Swift (yes i’m basic what about it), and Wallows 🙂


Gilmore Girls, Love Simon, Glee, Atypical, Brooklyn 99, The Half Of It, and literally any Studio Ghibli film ❤


reading (duh), taking pretty notes, hanging out with friends, and art club ✨

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This blog was founded by me in February 2018, and even though it wasn’t always a book blog that’s where I’ve ended up. I’ve always been passionate about books, and so since January 2019 that’s what I’ve been rambling about.

Even though most of my old posts are now unavailable to the public (aka you), I’m producing content regularly – at least once a week. In these posts, I talk about anything from books I cried over to recommending books based on how you’re feeling – and a whole range of things in between!!

I’m a part of the Asian Bookish Creators directory, run by Shut Up, Shealea and I’m open to working with publishers/authors. You can contact me here, and find other links and a short bio about me here– I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

i hope you enjoy your stay, and pop down into the comments to say hi!! i’d love to get to know you xxx

54 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hey Rhi I just remembered that I was at the library today and I was thinking of what to get, then I thought of Six of Crows. It was checked out but I got other books by the author that I can’t wait to read. (!!!)

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  2. hey, Rhi! i just found your blog through May’s and smiled so big reading your about page 😀 it’s so well-written, i love it! i just read a bunch of your older posts and loooove your writing style.

    anyways, just thought i’d stop by and say hello! 💛

    -Ash | ashronnel.blogspot.com


          1. Wow, that was a couple months before I disappeared from the blogging world. Congrats, that’s so exciting! Blogging is such a great way to meet awesome beans we can relate to. 🙂 I started in November 2015, but I’ve been spotty.

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            1. Oh wow! We just missed each other….. although I only got my first follower in April ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ thank you!! FOUR YEARS WHAT HOW WHY IM SO PROUD. I’m super excited for your new blog and how that goes!!! The one thing I will say is from what I understand, blogging can be made a part of homeschooling for some? But depending on what school you go to next year, the homework can be intense. I have friends who have to do assessments and etc at home so they’re busy! Plenty of people manage lots of stuff through, so you’ll be fine xx

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              1. We did! Oh, that’s okay, it took me a while to grow my followers as well. 🙂 x I know, its CRAZY!!

                Aw thank you!!

                Yes, I know some bloggers have started up blogs because they homeschooling calls for it. I just started mine because… well, because I felt like it. 😛

                The school I’m going to is I think the biggest public VCE school in Victoria, so. :O Hopefully I will still have some time to blog. 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement! xx

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                1. ahh sorry for abandoning you it was my cousin’s birthday and we had to drive 3 hours

                  Haha yeah I didn’t even know about the community?? But now it’s the only reason I stay??

                  Oh nice! Yeah I’ve been in the public school system all my life so for me blogging is purely a hobby.

                  Wow!! VCE from what I’ve heard can be really stressful so good luck if you’re going into it!!! You will – my school is pretty good with homework so you’ll be fine xx

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                  1. No worries, I had to go as well anyways xx I hope you had/have a good time! 🙂

                    Haha the community on here is the BEST!

                    Fair enough, that’s why I do it as well, I guess.

                    It is! It’s crazy that’ll be in year 11. :O And thank you!! ❤ xx

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                    1. Yeah it was mainly uneventful 😦

                      IT SO IS. I mean, we’re all so supportive and our little corner doesn’t tend to have too much of the whole predator/I’m coming for you thing which is great,

                      Ahaha time flies! I know I’ll likely end up ‘speaking’ to you next year but have an amazing time and enjoy it before year 12 xx

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  3. hOW did I find your about page so late?? I’ve been pronouncing your name wrong for ages wut.
    Six of Crows is eternally my Favourite Fandom Ever™ And EEP ALOO TIKKI IS LIFE, DUDE. I really love how you wrote this, you are one cool bean. 🙃

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  4. Hi! I just found your blog through Amber’s, and I love the way you’ve described yourself here hahaha. And yes, Aloo Tikki is one of the best things ever (wuddup Indian club)! Looking forward to reading more from you!

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      1. you’re welcome!!!! i was thinking of doing a post about books by AOC that we love. so I was hoping to get as many bloggers as we can get really to promote their ABSOLUTE FAVE book by an AOC. but it all depends on how many people want to get involved :/ eeekk do you have a twitter account????

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        1. oh that sound amazing!! if no one has taken it i’d likely do darius the great is not okay / adib khorram if that’s cool!! can do more than one if you need more books haha.
          :///// no i don’t sadly!! my options are probably limited to instagram, email, or through a blog comment, and if that’s too hard i’m open to other ideas!!!


          1. fab thank you so much, what my intention was that maybe if everyone could come up with a paragraph or smth about the book / what its about / why you love it — something along those lines! (you can def do more books if you want to!!) if that sounds good to you maybe send me an email (itsluagain@gmail.com) and we can talk on there!!

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  5. Hey! Just found your blog again. Love all the new book recommendations. If you had to pick one book to make everyone read, what would it be? (Worst question ever for readers, right?! But so much fun!)

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    1. oh cool!! i think i’d pick the six of crows duology – since it’s so casually diverse in a way that should be normalised in YA, the adventure is so much fun, and the banter is great!! honourable mentions though (you know i had to do this) would be autoboyography, aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the unverse, final draft, or the legend trilogy!!

      also, you said again – and i’m genuinely curious 🙂 – where were you blogging before?

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      1. I really enjoyed the first Six of Crows but didn’t even know there was a second! You just made my day by sharing that important information. XD
        Ah yes, the honorable mention list. Goes on for about 200 books. Never read Final Draft, but the Legend trilogy is fantastic! And I think Autoboyography has the coolest cover in YA.
        I was blogging at This Stack of Books. 🙂 Eventually I realized that publishing/editing was more for me than book blogging, so I switched.

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  6. Hi! I just came across your blog and LOVE it! Your post writing style is so awesome and the design is gorgeous!And I can definitely relate to everything on the about page….hope we become blogging friends !
    Anyways, I’m totally looking forward to more posts from you! 💛💛

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  7. hi rhi (i’ve been pronouncing it ‘rhee’ i’m sorry okay 😭)!! i also love adib khorram! after i read darius the great is not okay i was the one who wasn’t okay. it broke me. but yesss queer books that make you feel things are the best kinds of books. it’s so nice to meet you! 💖


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