the marshmallow

about the marshmallow

wp mugshotrhiana started this blog in February 2018, and hasn’t stopped since. she probably should though…. oh well.

she likes reading more than nina zenik likes waffles, and has a smol (no, its big, she lied) obsession with six of crows and wesper fan art.

she’s a teen blogger who rants a lot about pointless things (wHY dONT wE hAVE gLOW iN tHE dARK iNK iN bOOKS yET i mUsT kNOW), reads too much for her own good, and rambles on and on and on and on (similar to her ranting but less aggressive). hence the tagline – read. ramble. repeat.

rhiana often has difficulty with getting others to pronounce her name right… RHI RHYMES WITH WHY. and then ana like anna. AAAAnna. not like frozen. like… uh… oh Saints who the heck knows anymore.

some of her favourites are…


  • leigh bardugo (six of crows)
  • marie lu (legend trilogy, warcross duology)
  • christina lauren (autoboyography)
  • becky albertalli (simon vs, what if it’s us)
  • c.g. drew (the boy who steals houses, a thousand perfect notes)
  • any australian one really


  • alessia cara (seventeen)
  • nina nesbitt (loyal to me, peroxide)
  • ed sheeran (nina, supermarket flowers)
  • taylor swift (the entire last three albums)
  • hayley kiyoko (girls like girls, sleepover)


  • chocolate (mainly twix and crunchie)
  • gilmore girls (#teamjess)
  • taking photos (mainly of books)
  • handlettering (with tomboy dual brush pens)
  • quotes (this action will have no echo)
  • pinterest (six of crows fanfiction/theories, aesthetics)
  • foxes
  • traveling (a n y w h e r e)
  • indian food (aloo tikki)
  • YA fantasy, contemporary, and dystopian fiction.
  • never ever non-fiction *shudders*
  • oh, and books. thought that may be obvious by now, sorry.

3 thoughts on “the marshmallow

  1. Hey Rhi I just remembered that I was at the library today and I was thinking of what to get, then I thought of Six of Crows. It was checked out but I got other books by the author that I can’t wait to read. (!!!)


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