The Evermore Book Tag // Original! ft. I Made A Book Tag For My Favourite Artist And Cried

so, as i write this, taylor swift released her new album yesterday and i’m already in love.

and, yes i started my folklore book tag like this too and i have no regrets!!! anyway, when she released evermore i listened to it. listened to it again. i’m still in love with it SO MUCH and i haven’t seen a book tag yet so……. let’s go for it! (yes i know it came out on the 11th i have been busy since finishing school hehe)

i hope you like the tag! feel free to do it and i’ll add you to the list below ❤

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  • Link to the original creator and her post: Rhi from marshmallow harmonies
  • Tag at least 3 people.
  • Declare the rules and list of prompts in your post (copy paste is fine!)
  • Thank whoever who tagged you and link to their post.
  • Pingback to original post so they’re all in one place to read ❤
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i’m begging for you to take my hand / wreck my plans, that’s my man

severin and laila from the gilded wolves…… that’s a romance right there. i love them so much, and while the silvered serpents brought a whole new level of the relationship, tgw set the scene and set it all up perfectly. i love them!!!

this entire book is so good, and filled with intricate plots and romances that make the gilded wolves a new favourite series and i love the writing style too!

because I dropped your hand while dancing / left you out there standing / crestfallen on the landing / champagne problems

i… do not remember much about odd one out but the romance was just so messy?? it was so weird??? a super messy love triangle that was… a literal triangle, characters that annoyed me to no end – still don’t know why i gave it such a high rating.

pumpkin heads was another book that i didn’t like the romance in because i wanted them to stay friends! i’m sick of every guy girl friendship having someone pine because it’s annoying :((

but i don’t like a gold rush, gold rush / i don’t like anticipatin’ my face in a red flush

this is my most recent read, but from the first few pages i just adored summer of salt!!! it’s so beautiful and (while a big tw for rape– especially towards the end) i couldn’t help loving it. georgina, vira, prue, mary, and of course annabella – they made the book what it is, and it will stay with me for a long time to come.

(now that i think about it…. this might be a new favourite favourite…… idk!!! ok!!!)

so we could call it even / you could call me babe for the weekend

this isn’t actually a book i’ve read, but i am so excited for counting down with you which comes out next year!!! it sounds so good and the cover is beautiful and i cannot wait!!!! the anxiety rep also sounds wonderful so i can’t wait to read it.

(i’m also excited for she drives me crazy next year – sport sapphics 🥺🥺)

i know my love should be celebrated / but you tolerate it

i will forever yell about both the stars and the blackness between them and final draft because they are so underrated!!! i feel like i’m known for talking a lot about final draft and it just means so much to me and i LOVE laila and hannah (and felix and leo!) so much.

i think he did it, but i just can’t prove it / no, no body, no crime / but i ain’t lettin’ up until the day i die

the ending of rebel gods almost made me cry but it was so perfect!!! i picked up monuments earlier this year on a whim and now that the duology is complete i’m so happy. locky, sally, and connor made me laugh so much and i would highly recommend picking them up! (the first book only has 250 ratings on goodreads and i’m always looking for a reason to shove australian authors in your face 🥺)

there’ll be happiness after you / but there was happiness because of you, too

i have talked so much about this, but darius is such a relatable character for me. i’m actually rereading the first at the moment and i’ve teared up so many times!!! his journey to iran and seeing family just makes me so nostalgic for my own experiences a few years ago 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 i love him so much ok 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

and damn, dorothea, they all wanna be ya / but are you still the same soul i met under the bleachers

i… have my own thoughts on what this song is about (and if i’d changed the prompt i would’ve answered evelyn hugo for this without a doubt) but i’m talking about friends today!!!

i know i just mentioned this but darius and sohrab from darius the great is not okay fit this prompt well, because while a lot of people go in expecting a romance it’s not, and i just love that so much!!! it’s a gorgeous relationship between the two of them and it adds onto what is… probably my favourite book.

another book with a beautiful friendship is full disclosure – the three girls depend on each other in a wonderful way and the whole book portrays teenagers realistically and in a way that made me very emotional 🥺🥺🥺

the mischief, the gift-wrapped suburban dreams / sorry for not winning you an arcade ring

the only book i’ve read from anna-marie mclemore is when the moon was ours, and i look forward to the prose in their other books! i also loved the writing in both crier’s war (and, tbh, loved the whole book, and i can’t wait to get to iron heart soon!) and ari and dante

i can’t stop you putting roots in my dreamland / my house of stone, your ivy grows / and now ‘m covered

this is a bit ironic considering i’ve just been writing choose your own adventure short stories at school, so maybe i have choices on my mind hehe. one that immediately comes to mind is the midnight lie, which has a lot of important decisions….. including the very end, which left me reeling. i’m so intrigued for the next book and i can’t wait to see when nirrim’s story goes.

and the skeletons in both our closets / plotted hard to mess this up

this is probably a very popular answer but i wouldn’t mind spending a summer at camp half blood….. provided i don’t get in tooo much danger. if it was just to meet people however, i would love to go to iran with darius and meet his family and sohrab (and you know, if i got a little sentimental over his family reunion the other day rereading and sobbed…. maybe it’s just a bonus 🥺🥺🥺)

no more keepin’ score / now i just keep you warm

a book i haven’t said yet is red, white, and royal blue, and it does bring me a lot of comfort…… plus it isn’t sad like some other comfort books i could name!!! (legend, ari and dante, darius, the weight of the stars, final draft) i recently ish reread it and almost cried (or… i actually did…… shhh)

all your closets of backlogged dreams / and how you left them all to me

summer bird blue immediately comes to mind. i’m honestly scared to reread it because i think it will break me. it’s such a beautiful song and the family relationship between taylor and her grandmother she based it on reminds me so much of lea and rumi ❤

an honorary favourite is beautiful mess, as ava’s best friend kelly died recently too.

yes, i got your letter / yes, i’m doing better / i know that it’s over / i don’t need your closure

i… would not be complaining if we got a follow up to the weight of the stars!!! i’d love to see the set-in-space aspect of it and i would die for more alexandria and ryann. i also feel like the song closure fits twots as a book too, especially alexandria’s relationship with her mother. it just…. fits!

(i’m also very excited for k ancrum’s next book coming out next year, a modern retelling of peter pan, darling!)

i had a feeling so peculiar / that this pain would be for / evermore

this for me is always champion. it’s the third and last original book in the legend series and the last time i read it…. i cried. correction: i SOBBED. it’s just so so good and i’m… leaving to cry in a hole now just thinking about it 🥺🥺🥺🥺

i have far too many feelings about these characters, and it holds a special place in my heart ❤ ❤ ❤

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM


i’m tagging anyone for today! here are some people who wanted to when i reached out or who i’ve talked about taylor swift with ❤

sumedha / dezzy / clo / act your page / xandra / tori / isabella / ash / sophie / leo / ruby / olivia

have you listened to evermore? will you do this tag? want me to tag you? what’s your favourite song off the album?

36 thoughts on “The Evermore Book Tag // Original! ft. I Made A Book Tag For My Favourite Artist And Cried

  1. Ah thanks for tagging me Rhi! I still can’t pick a favourite song from this album, no body, no crime is one which I’ve listened to a lot but then happiness also just…hits me in the feels. I also really love ivy and gold rush…basically the entire album. I still plan on reading final draft because of you Rhi! I’ll try and get to it next year ❤

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  2. Ahhh, this is so perfect, I love it! Also, the graphics you made were so aesthetic!
    I totally agree with you on Pumpkinheads! I hated that those two ended up together! I don’t know why do authors still force romantic relationships on characters. They were perfect as friends!
    Yes to Summer Bird Blue and Darius! I am going to read the second book this month and I’m not ready. 😭
    My favourite songs are tolerate it, gold rush, marjorie (this one is soo heartbreaking and beautiful), no body, no crime, willow, champagne problems, etc. Basically most of them! 😂 I also made an evermore inspired blog post, and it was so hard to pick only five songs as favourites! 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  3. omg i’m gonna cry this post is such a dream come true 🥺 also just saying that i’ve missed reading your blog so much more than i had thought… always brings a smile :)) i swear when i saw that taylor swift was trending on youtube i was like wHAT is hAPPENIng. still been listening to folklore since its release and now there’s evermore too *cries* do you have a favourite song on the album? oh wow darius TWICE in a single post this is everything i need in life 😭 i’m definitely looking forward to doing this tag very soon, thank you for creating this!! sending you uplifting vibes, Rhi! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aria!!!! thank u so much for your sweet words i love u ❤ 🥺🥺🥺 and yesss it's just so good!! i *think* no body no crime… or closure, tis the damn season, or dorothea!!! i love them all so much lmaooo. thank u so much again aria, and i can't wait to see your tag!!! xxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Omg I’m sorry my comment is so late but eeepp thank you for tagging me ilysm!!! and thank you QUEEN for coming through and creating this tag. I’m going to be very honest with you and admit that I haven’t actually finished listening to the album yet, my mind has been all over the place STILL so I’m waiting for the right moment. But I’m halfway through and already loving it. Love the kinda pop/country feel to it, Taylor has done such an amazing job.

    Going to come back when I do the tag to properly read your answers but I don’t want to spoil the songs hehe. But I can already tell from a glance that they’re spot on!!!

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  5. i’ve listened to around half the album and it is really incredible! it’s so cool how you created your own book tag based on the album!! i really related to darius too – but not for cultural reasons. actually, reading about his mental health struggles comforted and reassured me. it was just really encouraging to see him grow & build amazing relationships.

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  6. Rhi ahh this post is perfection!! Thank you so much for creating it and for tagging me.🥺I’m sorry I’m so late to reading it (and for missing so many of your wonderful posts in the past few months), but this was something very lovely to come back to the blogosphere too. xx

    I still can’t believe Taylor gave us evermore so soon after folklore, we are undeserving of this! What are your favorite songs? Mine sort of switch a bit but some steady top favorites are champagne problems, tolerate it, tis the damn season, and cowboy like me…but to be honest, I could keep going and would perhaps just name the whole album. And also, I’m curious, what are your thoughts on if you prefer folklore or evermore more (if you have formulated opinions on this yet)?

    Ahh, I definitely associate you with Final Draft :,) but I’m so glad you recommended it so much so that I read it, because I adored it!! I kind of forgot about it until you mentioned it and now all the feels are coming back. omg it might be too long for a comment, but if you want to share, what are your thoughts on what dorothea is about?

    Thank you again, this is amazing!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OLIVIAAAA ❤ i'm so glad you liked it, and i missed you xx

      we are but i am not complaining!!!! champagne problems actually gives me rory logan vibes – especially the bridge!!!!!!!! i love it so much!!! and aaaahh i think i like folklore more, but i *think* my favourites are mostly on evermore.

      and YESSSS final draft!!! i'm so glad you loved it. dorothea… i've always interpreted it as being slightly sapphic?? it feels like they were more than friends?? but idk i didn't want to put that in the tag because it is *technically* a friendship hehe.

      thank YOU olivia, it's so nice to see you back around xxxx wishing you an amazing end of 2020 and a very happy new year ❤ 🥺

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      1. YES! I completely agree that champagne problems is so Rory and Logan, it fits all too well.🥺 I get so emotional when I listen to it through that lenses because I just love them too much and it makes me too sad.

        I totally see that?! I’ll have to listen to dorothea extra today with that perspective haha..and thank you so much!! Happy new year to you too <33

        Liked by 1 person

  7. love this tag rhi, even though i’m not a t swift fan haha! i also really identify with darius, from his relationship with his family to how he deals with depression 🥺 and i am in love with everything k ancrum does honestly, i’m so so excited for darling next year!! i had so much fun reading this ❤

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  8. i’m so late to this post but ahh I LOVE THIS TAG!! 🥰🥰 your graphics are absolutely gorgeous and the prompts fit the songs so well!

    severinlaila is amazing, and i also love the other relationships in tgw!! (severin needs to stop being an idiot though bc i hate what’s happening to him in the silvered serpents lmao) counting down with you is one of my most anticipated 2021 releases as well, it sounds like it’s going to be so good and i’m excited for the fake dating 😭anna-marie mclemore’s prose is truly gorgeous 🥺 and yes definitely read iron heart soon because it was amazing! i would love to visit camp half blood too omg, i really need to reread the pjo series 💕

    this was so much fun to read and thank you for tagging me!! i hope i can get to doing it soon 🥰 love you xx


  9. Alright, you got me, I did end up listening to both evermore and folklore, even after denying their existence all year. (They were worth were right.)

    I’m really excited to read SBB! (schist it’s under marjorie, I am going to die in that book, I am sure of it.)

    One other thing, I believe I share with your thoughts on the dorothea prompt. (Especially with the quote you provided, haha)

    This is a really late comment so Happy New Year!!!

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  10. This is absolutely incredible Rhi!! I have got to do this tag. Summer of Salt looks really interesting, I just added it to my TBR!! And Final Draft seems very tense but good 😅 I really need to read Darius the Great is Not Okay, he seems like such an interesting character!! Also, the song excerpts you chose were so good…I still can’t believe Queen Taylor dropped 2 surprise albums on us in one year. It’s too much!!


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