Rhi’s Rambles // September ft. A Very Slow Month Filled With….. Not Much

However much you’ve done this month, I promise you I’ve done less.

I have had one of the most unproductive months this year – and that’s saying something considering we’re in a global pandemic.

I love doing these monthly recaps, and even though there was nothing to talk about this month I still had fun?? I definitely… delayed writing this post though (my sole motivation was one of my friends who adores monthly recaps <3). Still, I hope it’s somewhat entertaining!

I read like nothing!!! I completely lost motivation!! I’d love to say that I was busy doing other stuff but…. none of that was important so I can’t use it as an excuse. Except for my reread of Evelyn Hugo, I didn’t reread anything and I didn’t have any amazing reads.

I also read a lot of poetry books!!!!! Four!!! Three were ones from Scribd, and they were by my three favourite spoken word poets (Blythe Baird, Olivia Gatwood, and Sabrina Benaim. I linked to all my favourite poems from them!!!!!). The fourth was an ARC offered to me, and I loved them all so much!!! My review will be going up soon, but it was amazing.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and This One Summer I had high hopes for – the first because I loved it reading in June, and the second came highly recommended from my cousin over Christmas!! I loved Evelyn as much as last time (and was full on sobbing) but unfortunately Summer was just very confusing and even though I love character-driven novels I couldn’t get behind this.


YES!!! I got four books and they’re all great. Camp was a gorgeous love letter to queer teens (like myself), The Midnight Lie had so much sapphic yearning and it was amazing, and then Monuments was also just!! wonderful!!! The other one I bought was Love From A-Z which would be a reread, and I loved it a lot when I read it for the first time in May. I was going to get This is Kind of an Epic Love Story too, but there was nothing in stock :(, so it’s on hold!!!

  • I feel like I completely missed the blogging game this month, honestly. However, looking back I actually put out quite a few posts? I…. have no idea about anything anymore, honestly.
  • I also published some amazing posts this month!! My rereads post, why I love YA, and my bisexual recommendations post were all really fun to write.
  • The other thing I’m very proud of is… I caught up on all my comments. There were like 80 of them and I finally got through them all ❤ I’m kinda proud of myself.
  • I was offered my first ARC as well, and my review will be going up soon (as I.. already mentioned… this is embarrassing) so this is very exciting!!!
  • I did nothing not anything this month. I rewatched the first five and a bit seasons of B99, I started and finished all four seasons of One Day At A Time (Lydia is an icon I love her so much), and right at the start of the month I finished my rewatch of The Good Place so…. I’ve done not much. (Update… two days into October I may have already gotten through the remaining two seasons of B99…. making it between the 4th of September and the 2nd of October I watched seven seasons… we won’t talk about that.)
  • I also finished Schitt’s Creek, which my family and I have been watching for a couple of months and really enjoyed. The finale was so good and I just,,, love them all so much!! Very tempted to rewatch already but I’m holding out!!!
  • I finished my third term of school and whoooo am I glad that’s done. (As I write this I have another couple of days until I go back again…. not looking forward to it.)
  • With nothing else to do, I started compiling all my poetry into a book!!! It’s not a very good book, and I’m struggling because I haven’t been inspired to write much new stuff recently. However, I love it so much and I think at some point….. publishing it would be kind of cool.
  • Once again, with nothing else to do, I updated to iOS 14 and joined the home screen trend! My friend described my aesthetic as ‘soft art cottagecore’ and I’m in love with it. I’m also getting a new phone (my dad’s old one haha) soon and I ordered a new case (it has Kiki and Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service on it) and overall I’m very excited!!!!!!!!! We actually swapped them over on the very last day of September and,,, I love it a lot.
  • ……again, with nothing else to do, I wrote a cover of betty by Taylor Swift!! I’d been seeing a lot around and I wanted to write a POV I hadn’t seen before – James talking to the girl he cheated with (I used Inez in the song because the syllables work hahaha). Redemption and the perspective of the ‘villain’ (of sorts) interests me and I wanted to see how it might play out. I might share it at some point, and I like how it turned out.
  • I also covered august frmo the same album, again from James’ POV!!! I like that one a lot less but it was really fun.
  • I started seeing some friends again which has been amazing and I love them so much ❤
  • Once again on the very last day of September my pre order cards for Darius the Great Deserves Better came and they’re so gorgeous oh my goodness !!!

how was your september? did you (somehow) do less than me? are you looking forward to october?

15 thoughts on “Rhi’s Rambles // September ft. A Very Slow Month Filled With….. Not Much

  1. Rhi, I think we’re on exactly the same level because… same. Oof, September was not really a vibe tbh. They were some fun moments but overall nope. Just over this year. Also, loved what you got up to. YAY FOR AN ARC OMG THATS THE COOLEST *happy dance* and your new phone case already sounds adorable <3<3

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  2. I’m sorry that your September was not the best I hope October is better! IT IS SO COOL THAT YOU GOT AN ARC!! I love B99 and One Day at a Time! I hope you have a wonderful October with lots of books❤︎

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like you have had a relaxing month filled with reading, school, and re-watching your fav shows!!
    Awesome life update post, sis!! Excited to see your ARC copy review!
    -kaelyn 😛

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  4. My September honestly wasn’t all that great. I read some romances and some graphic novels, but my brain just wasn’t in the reading mood most days. And blogging? Hah! Chana and I posted a few times, but I totally failed at blog hopping or keeping up with comments. Which, by the way, 80 COMMENTS?!?! You’re a goddess! I had to catch up on 15 and that felt impossible! I can’t even imagine how much time it took to respond to 80!

    But in good news, October has been treating me better and I’ve been able to read and catch up on blogging. It definitely helps that I finished with my first round of tests in September, so I don’t have to worry about the next round until early November!

    I really want to finish Schitt’s Creek, but last I checked the last season wasn’t on Netflix, but that may have changed in the past few weeks! I definitely need to check and see!

    I hope you’re having a wonderful October!

    (Also, I’ve said this before, but I would totally buy your book of poetry from the snippets you’ve shared in the past. I really hope you share some more pieces with us soon!)

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    1. i think that was the general consensus from everyone haha. reading? don’t know her. blogging? …let’s not talk about it. and omg thank you,,,,, i’d let them pile up for so long and it was a challenge.

      ahh, that’s amazing!! i hope you did well ❤ sending love.

      it's all on australian netflix, but i think there might be some differences haha. normally US gets things first though, so let me know if it's there! i'd love to discuss the last season especially xx

      thank you so much malka!! same to you — oh, and i know i've said this before, but i adore your long comments so much. they always leave me feeling so good!!!

      (YOU ARE AN ANGEL. thank you so so much, it truly means a lot xxxx)

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