28 Books With Bisexual Rep For You To Read Right Now In Honour Of Bi Awareness Week!!

Hi, I’m Rhi, and I care about representation in books!

It’s been too long since I wrote a proper blog post… and uh, idk, but that first line is staying.

Today, in honour of Bi Awareness Week I’m recommending you all some of my favourite books with bi rep ❤ I have books that I’ve read and others on my TBR, and so I hope you can check some of these out! Note: these all have bi MCs, as depending on the book some LIs can get very little page time. Just know that there’s many more, but I tried to keep it to just MCs!!

(This is also the first time since like,, May/April that I’ve not published a post at 1am!!! I normally schedule posts but I wanted this one to go up earlier lmao)


Girl Made Of Stars ➣ I don’t remember much about this one, but I remember I read this book so fast and didn’t even realise that time was passing. I didn’t want it to end and I look back on it thinking “that book was beautiful… I need to reread this”

The Fever King ➣ This is one of my favourite books, and I adore it so much. Whether you read this for the slowburn, the very queer cast, the more political discussions – please pick it up.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo ➣ The bi rep in this is just amazing. This is another favourite of mine and I love it so so much. Told in alternating timelines (Evelyn’s life and present day) it’s a compelling book I cried so much in… join me!!

King of Scars ➣ Nina is a main POV in this, and we get to see a very cute f/f romance which I love. This entire book is good, really, and…. look I hated the ending but!! There is time to redeem it!!

Six of Crows ➣ Basically my favourite book. Two bi characters and I love them both a lot. I’m sure most of you have read this already but if you haven’t… squad heists and a well written fantasy world for you to dive into and love!!

Red, White, and Royal Blue ➣ This is actually the perfect book to pick up before this year ends, because it’s set in 2020 (minus all the, uh, you know, global pandemic and everything else going on right now) and while it’s definitely… idealistic, I love it so much and the characters are amazing.

Full Disclosure ➣ This has a m/f romance, but Simone, the MC is bi! This also has HIV rep which I was very intrigued by, and it doesn’t have much hype!! I read this late last year and adored it.

Radio Silence ➣ I haven’t read this in a while, but from what I remember this is a wonderful story full of loss and love and I definitely should reread this.

Autoboyography ➣ One of my favourites!! There’s a line in this that Tanner says along the lines of ‘it’s about the person, not the parts’ and I just. I cry at this. This was one of the first books with bi rep I’d read and I truly love it with all my heart. It’s fluffy but strikes a balance with serious topics, and just!!! kjhgjksd!!

The Brightsiders ➣ Once again I haven’t read or really, thought about this in a long time, but the cover. If that doesn’t scream bi pride I don’t know what does.

Not Your Sidekick ➣ I feel like I’m saying this for half the books on the list lmao, but I should reread this!!! From what I remember the bi rep is really well done, along with the whole, you know, queer superheroes and teenagers being messy aspect.

Heartstopper ➣ This webcomic is one of the cutest m/m romances I’ve read and omg please go. Read it now. It’s free online, the sexuality discussions are good, the romance is sweet, PLEASE.

Odd One Out ➣ This… wasn’t great, but you might like it!! It’s a very very messy love triangle but somehow still that wasn’t my issue? (The girl on the cover is very pretty though)

You Asked For Perfect ➣ I do remember things about this, but I should still reread it!! This also has a very cute romance that made me smile. A lot.

I Am Out With Lanterns ➣ This was actually a recommendation from a friend, which, uh, I’m not known for reading. It was good though!! I’m always willing to read and recommend Aussie YA lit, which is lacking.

You Should See Me In A Crown ➣ I’m putting this last because… technically I DNFed this. However, if I ever find a physical copy I’d love to give it another go!! What I read via audio was really good.


Wild Beauty ➣ Massive bisexual Latinx family from one of my favourite authors (despite only reading one of their books)! This is almost impossible for me to find but it’s been on my TBR for the longest time!!

The Rise of Kyoshi ➣ As soon as I finally get around to watching ATLA I’m going to check this out, because I’ve seen… very gay excerpts that I want so badly to read.

These Witches Don’t Burn ➣ Queer witches!!! Pretty cover!!! Magic!!!

Her Royal Highness ➣ I kind of fell in love with royalty gays when I read RW&RB last year, and I’m hoping that despite the not so great reviews that I’ll love this too!!

The Gilded Wolves ➣ I actually have this book out from my library and I’ve been delaying it a bit too much…. it’s compared to Six of Crows and I love that book so much…. let me know if y’all think it’s good!!

How To Make A Wish ➣ Ashley Herring Blake wrote two books I love and I’d love to read this!! It sounds heartbreaking but I want to read this so much!!!!!

Beneath The Citadel ➣ Even though I’m, uh, not a massive fantasy person, this still sounds so interesting and I’ve had it on my TBR forever!! This and the above book are both backlist which I’m also not known for but it just!! sounds!! so!! good!!

Crier’s War ➣ Sapphic yearning with a slowburn enemies to lovers romance? Have you met me? This sounds so much like what I’ll love and I can’t wait to fall in love with Crier and Ayla!!!

The Wicker King ➣ I adored The Weight of The Stars and this is the first book in that universe by the same author, K. Ancrum!! Her writing is so flowy and gorgeous to read and I can’t wait to read what lyrical story she’s put together here.

I Kissed Alice ➣ Art school scholarship students competing while having a You’ve-Got-Mail style relationship?? I LOVE THIS PREMISE SO MUCH.

Who I Was With Her ➣ Grief and sadness and more sadness and oh my gosh I need this book in my hands right now. That’s all.

I’ll Be The One ➣ This sounds so fluffy and fun!!! Skye sounds so wonderful and I want to see her story ❤

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do you have any bisexual rep recommendations for me? happy bi awareness week to all my bi and queer friends 💖💜💙 i love you all so much xxx

21 thoughts on “28 Books With Bisexual Rep For You To Read Right Now In Honour Of Bi Awareness Week!!

  1. These are all such good recommendations!! I need to read Girl Made of Stars, The Fever King, and Autoboyography ASAP bc so many of the other books on your list of ones that you’ve read are favorites. And you need to watch ATLA!! It’s been one of my favorite shows for ages but I somehow still haven’t read The Rise of Kyoshi, which I definitely need to fix soon. Happy reading for all of the ones on your list!

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  2. this is sooo cute!!!!! i love love love I’ll Be the One, RW&RB and How to Make a Wish! i also read Take a Hint, Dani Brown recently and the mc is bi which is 🥺🥺🥺🥺
    anyway!!!! amazing post!!! ❤️


      1. I recently read I’ll be the one and it’s so cute!! And it is just such a fun read(I also really enjoyed reading about K-pop which is something I know nothing about!) I also really want to read the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo!

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  3. hi I’m a tad late to this post but I always love your recs!! I’ve been super on the eye out for more bi rep and have so many of these on my tbr. I’ve only read Radio Silence, Evelyn Hugo, Heartstopper, Six of Crows and Red, White & Royal Blue but I ADORE that rep. I’ve been so eager to pick up Full Disclosure and Fever King and just ah all the books <3<3

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  4. Great recommendation post! 🥰 I love so many of the books that you have mentioned like The Fever King, Evelyn Hugo, King of Scars/Six of Crows, Radio Silence, The Brightsiders, Not Your Sidekick & Red, White & Royal Blue – all of them are among my all-time favorite books! I highly recommend The Gilded Wolves and How to Make a Wish, they are both amazing books 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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