Book Recommendations Based On Musicals ft. Nine Soundtracks & More Books

I’m a little bit of a theatre nerd.

Just a little. I’ve only listened to the musicals listed here, but I do like them!

It’s my hope that maybe you like some too, and today I’m here with books to read if you loved these nine soundtracks! I had my musicals playlist blasting as I wrote this, to get all the vibes happening.


The Fever King ➣ The way that I love this pair so much lmao. It’s revolution and a little gay and just all round wonderful!!! This was the first ever musical I listened to, and this was also one of the first books that had blog hype (that I saw) and therefore read because of book bloggers!!!

The Stars and The Blackness Between Them ➣ This is a little bit of an odd one, but part of this book focuses on an important part of history (in the letters that were written by Mabel) which reminds me so much of Hamilton’s origin.

I actually got kinda stuck on this one, which is odd because I thought it would be relatively easy?? If you have any Hamilton-inspired recommendations let me know ❤


Darius the Great is Not Okay ➣ I mostly picked this because of the mental health aspect, which is really good!!! The depression rep is wonderfully relatable, and even though I didn’t love that part of DEH (especially when I teared up omg) the same way I love Darius I still associate these two together.

Camp ➣ I need to stress that this is like one song link. I mostly think about it with the song Sincerely, Me because I can 100% imagine Randy getting caught up in Evan’s lies and then George and Ashleigh singing this with him, causing shenanigans and everything. (I also wrote a full review for this and I’d really appreciate if you checked it out!! I’m trying to do more reviews over on Goodreads because I want to start working on ~things~ and so practise!!)


Warcross ➣ I’m mostly seeing this as a contemporary with sci-fi elements, which is the same as BMC. There’s no character links or anything, but this is the only connection I can see haha. (Although… I think Hideo and the Squip would get along well.. maybe because all I remember of Hideo is that he’s a jerk.)

Also!!! Important!! We’re getting a tv adaptation of Warcross and I!! Am!! Screaming!! Warcross was another one of my first YA reads and it’s so special to me for that reason, so I can’t wait for the show!!!!


Simon vs The Homosapiens Agenda ➣ This is just because of cliques but I feel like even though they aren’t… Heathers-popular the Simonverse gang are close!! I like them a lot as a whole and individuals so yeah! (I also strayed away from found families for this prompt because the Heathers are just… popular, not that close like the Dregs or Foxes, for example.)

When the Moon was Ours ➣ I think the Bonner sisters are a lot like the Heathers in that… evil-ish-but-you-root-for-them-anyway (or at least I do) and so that’s why I’m matching them. (Except, uh, I not-so-secretly love the Bonner sisters more than the Heathers. I know they’re “villians” and I loved Miel and Sam too of course, but they stole my heart!!)


We are Lost and Found ➣ Both of these talk about the AIDS crisis, at two very different times but still. I feel like they work well together, as I connected them at the time of reading too.

The Foxhole Court ➣ I’m putting this in here for the gay vibes, the pain, and the broken families. That’s it.

(Falsettos is also basically my favourite musical of all time!!! Please listen to it!!! All the characters are amazing and aaaahh I love them all. and I’ll love you forever if you do listen to it (even though I love you all anyway))


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo ➣ Weddings!! So!! Many!!! Weddings!!! They’re both also history-ish related (EH looks at Hollywood in the 1950’s, Six talks about Henry VIII’s wives) but the main reason is just the weddings. Evelyn Hugo gets married “seven” times and Henry was married six times…… this is my entire connection I need to stop talking.

The Falling in Love Montage ➣ This is more of a character lust/admiration… I think Saoirse and Ruby would both love the wives passion and determination in this version, aaaaaand I may or may not need another book so I’m matching these.

(I know I could have just recommended any historical or any girl-power book but I wanted to make it somewhat specific??)


Autoboyography ➣ I’m… purely choosing this because of the gay subtext in the musical, and the fact that they both look at Mormons and the church. I love the book much more than the musical and I’ll never pass up an opportunity to recommend it.

(I could only come up with one for this musical but as I said before, I never pass up a chance to talk about this book!!)


With the Fire on High ➣ I chose these two because they both talk about cooking and pregnancy/kids!!! I only listened to Waitress recently but I thought about Emoni the whole way through haha. (There’s also great friendships in both!)

The Boy Who Steals Houses ➣ This is an odd one, I will admit, but I mostly chose it because of the friends that the brothers make, and that they’re running from an abusive household. Plus…. C.G. wrote some great snacks into the De Lainey’s home and I love them so much. Moxie doesn’t make any pies, but the brownies are probably to die for.

Hungry Hearts: Anthology ➣ This!! Food!! That’s all I have to say!!! (I’m like 90% there are pies in there somewhere.. also shout out to my friend for reminding me to include this! I love you! Get the dust problem under control!)

(I love food a lot and might have gone all out with these recommendations.)

did you agree with any of these recommendations? are you a musicals listener? are you going to check out any of the books or soundtracks?

also!! i’m sorry there’s two of these posts in a row i’m just.. losing motivation and even though i have other ideas they’re just not working out. hope this was okay!! (also also i was gonna include beetlejuice and maybe mamma mia in here but it was getting long enough and i couldn’t think of any recommendations for them lmao… plus i just wanted to get this post out)

15 thoughts on “Book Recommendations Based On Musicals ft. Nine Soundtracks & More Books

  1. I love these recommendations so much!! I haven’t read The Fever King yet, but it’s on my TBR and you comparing it to Hamilton (easily one of my favorite musicals) makes me even more excited. I can’t believe how well Darius the Great and Dear Evan Hansen fit together! And I love that you chose a book entirely because it relates to Sincerely Me 😂
    Yesss Six and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo somehow do work! I haven’t listened to Waitress yet or read With the Fire On High, but I feel like I’ll love both when I get around to them 🙂 These are all such wonderful and creative recommendations!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love musicals, so thank you for the recommendations! I’ve been meaning to read and listen to many of these books and musicals for a long time, but I never thought of them together like that. Somehow this post made me more excited to finally pick the books up and listen to the shows!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i have SO many other musicals to listen and this post definitely properly called me out on it, hahah. i completely agree with camp and darius the great for dear evan hansen, as my favorite musical and also two of my favorite books, hahah. but i do think camp would work for the more funny chaotic parts of the musical, lol.

    i think i will forever associate undead girl gang to heathers, because of the group of “mean girls” that our protagonist accidentally summons from the dead, and overall i think they have very similar vibes.

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  4. I’m sorry Rhi, I just don’t think I can talk to you anymore because I always feel guilty for not reading your faves. Hehe that was totally a joke *wink wink*

    Love this post!! Such a cool idea and now I’m lowkey thinking of books I’d pair with musicals (animation that is because I actually watched all that many others except like Sound of Music and La La Land. Whoops the only two I can think of rn). We all know I’m super pumped to read all of your faves, especially Fever King and Darius. Also hadn’t heard of Be More Chill but I def need to look it up if you’re comparing to Wacross!! Same with Evelyn, because yes LOTS OF WEDDINGS lmao.

    You know, maybe seven of them (shhh should’ve been eight tho if you know what I mean). And again, haven’t seen Waitress but from what I can tell Boy Who Steals Houses is seems like great match. We love food in this household haha. And again, MUST read WTFOH, super excited to.

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  5. I love this post so much!! It’s such an amazing idea. Musicals and books are some of my favorite things and recommending books based on musicals is just an ingenues ideas! I will have to read some of the books that I don’t know also I really need to listen to waitress.

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