Matching Books With Songs From Pure Heroine ft. Fourteen Reads For Fourteen Songs…. That I’m A Little Obsessed With

This post is why you don’t get me started on music.

I’m very very passionate about things okay!!! Mostly books but occasionally other things… that’s this post.

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Today I’m matching songs from the album Pure Heroine by Lorde to a book I’ve read, any book, just a book that I love… since I really love this. This is probably going to be a series where I match books to songs by an artist/from a specific album….. I hope it’s okay!!

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041A1C87-3ACD-4048-B120-9B5B2AE46F66ribs – aristotle and dante

I…. adore this song. Probably a little too much. So much of it talks about getting old and relationships with people and that reminds me so deeply of Ari and Dante. It’s a sad song disguised with some hope and nostalgia too, but I love it. 

(This song could’ve also worked for literally any coming of age novel, but it just fits with this book?? I can’t explain it but it works???)


The… violence in this book is probably what draws me to bring these two together, but the other part I love is the we’re-all-in-this-together vibe that comes with the Foxes. It’s a package deal friends.

I actually made an entire playlist for AFTG… look I love it too much okay. The obsession is still going strong…. lmao someone pull me out of this hole.

993C1461-BA58-4604-8AD5-C6EBE1F9BBB3million dollar bills – six of crows

I wanted to be funny with this one since it’s a long running joke Kaz purely cares about the cash and Inej and nothing else!! Everyone else in every other book is like ‘oh yeah I’m gonna save the world’ and then he’s just like ‘MONEY’ and this song…… ‘There’s nothing I want / but money and time’ is literally the opening lyric. 

(This song is also a bop and I would 100% recommend a listen!! I avoided it for so long because the opening wasn’t my style but then it went on my 10 song playlist 😎)

44286258._SY475_the love club – the henna wars

This song talks about like,, cliques and everyone wanting to be her friend or whatever (I like the song I just… don’t pay attention apparently) jsdhghjksgd and I feel like that’s represented in The Henna Wars, where everyone is divided into groups for the business and then once Flavia starts creating the designs, everyone wants to be her ‘friend’, I guess? The link is there, I promise haha

40148146._SY475_tennis court – love from a-z

As much as I wanted to put a sports gays book for this (I resisted, are you proud), Love From A-Z fits!! Lines like ‘It’s a new art form showing people how little we care’ and ‘Pretty soon I’ll be getting on my first plane / I’ll see the veins of my city like they do in space’ make me think of Zayneb and her adventures!! (This book is also very underrated and I don’t talk about it as much as I should!! I feel like I underhyped it because I read it as an audiobook so I lost some enjoyment but it’s amazing go read it!!)

the weight of the stars400 Lux – THE WEIGHT OF THE STARS

This song has one of the prettiest beginnnings!! I think this works well because of the time, spacey aspect, ‘can i kill it with you’, the ending of the book… IT ALL WORKS OKAY. I associate aesthetic time vibes to this book and the song kinda gives me the same feel!!!!

34433755White teeth teens – Girls of paper and fire

The second verse for this seems to fit so perfectly, I adore it. ‘give the bruises out like gifts / you’ll get the picture of your dreams / i won’t be smiling’ fits so well!!! I love it!!! (Not…. what it’s referring to but you know. It’s fine.)

Other than that particular line, this song is very unrelated to the book – but I guess the clique-vibe kinda works because of the Paper girls?? I don’t know??


One of the reasons I love this book so much is that it’s so perfectly real and teenagers – especially ones looking to go into a uni or maybe not, like Frances is, will relate to it so much. A World Alone gives me the happiest, carefree, i’m-young-and-i-don’t-know-anything-but-i-don’t-care mood and while the song is much lighter than the book, it feels so similar.


It’s like…. coming of age with some funky metaphor and a first verse that alludes to the virus from TFK???

I… don’t entirely know why I matched these but it’s fine!! They work… fight me.


This is a really weird match at first… and it’s still a weird one. However, the talk of birthdays makes me think of the large time span TSOA takes place over, and ‘not in the swing of things yet’ reminds me of… minor spoiler, when Patroclus takes Achilles place. Other lines like ‘all work and no play / let me count the bruises’ also remind me of the war aspect.

993C1461-BA58-4604-8AD5-C6EBE1F9BBB3TEAM – SIX OF CROWS

I’m being serious with this one because the last time I mentioned Six of Crows it was a joke!!! This song actually fits very well – the riches, the towns we’ll never see on a screen, they’re on each other’s team – IT WORKS.

(I also feel like this song works for a lot of books with found families… but maybe that’s just the title glaring at me.)


This song is very repetitive, and a book I found repetitive and… boring, okay I said it, was probably Opposite of Always, because while I gave it like three stars, it was pretty meh and was (designed to be) repetitive.. too repetitive for my liking. 

These two don’t reallyyy mix other than that, but yeahhhh I’m not a massive fan of either.

215D218D-B667-490D-A4E9-41A766935CD1ROYALS – LEGEND

I feel like this relates to Day in particular as he’s from the streets and growing up without much, but as he skyrockets to riches it becomes a contrast and idk it feels like it works!!

I also don’t really love this song?? I know it was kinda what got Lorde going but idk it’s either been overplayed or I just don’t like it that much.


This is a very, coming-into-your-own, finding-yourself song, and I feel like that works with Beck’s narrative!! Lines like ‘all my life / i’ve been fighting a war / i can’t talk / to you or your friends’ and then the eventual I’m-gonna-do-this-on-my-own just reminds me so much of Beck!!!!

I love both the book and the song, and both are under hyped in my opinion!!! (Especially the song…. maybe it’s just my music taste but I tend to love the hidden gems of an album more.)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

what did you think of this? did you maybe like it? would you want to see more posts like this… possibly?

also!!! please fill out that form!! hi!!! i’m officially done with school for a couple of weeks… and i am looking forward to being a little more active with posting and being around!! wish me luck… i’m gonna need it haha

15 thoughts on “Matching Books With Songs From Pure Heroine ft. Fourteen Reads For Fourteen Songs…. That I’m A Little Obsessed With

  1. Ah I loved this post Rhi! I’ve not listened to many of Lorde’s songs but the ones I have I’ve always liked such as Team, Royals, Green Light and probably some others I’ve forgotten. I’d love to see more posts like this though, it’s such a fun way to pair books up with your fav songs hehe ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rhi, it is like you read my mind tbh. I was literally just thinking I should do a post where I pair books with songs. I also want to do a Lorde post sometime because she’s like MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE ARTIST!! So like TASTE YOU HAVE. Literally though, like adore all of Lorde’s music and is one of the few artists and I’ve gone and listened to ALL they have haha. This album is so amazing also. Ugh, love to see it. I go through stages of listening to songs off this album, well more like rotations.

    And your pairings are SPOT ON!! Ribs is perfect for Ari. And though I haven’t read that series (yet) Glory & Gore sounds about right for AFTG!! Lorde just saving all the days tbh. Team yes SIX OF CROWS!! Fits so so well. Your others that I haven’t gotten to either have also just made me more excited because of the songs haha. Though I have one question: very surprised as to WHY White Teeth Teens is not here?? *wink wink*

    GENIUS POST RHI!!!! <3<3<3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg!!! that’s so cool!! (if you’d ever want to collab and do another one like this.. i am Looking 👀and yesss i relate so much to just binging specific songs haha.

      i’m so glad you think they’re good!! white teeth teens is on there i’m pretty sure, as girls of paper and fire ❤ THANK YOU SO MUCH RUBY

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This post is absolutely amazing because it combines basically my two favorite things ever Lorde and books. And the fact that you chose Tennis Courts for Love From A-Z is so interesting because I never thought such a badass song would be used to describe what is basically the fluffiest cutest book in existence (if you can’t tell Love From A-Z is my favorite book). But listening to the first verse describes Zayneb SOO MUCH!
    And well done on choosing Ribs for Aristotle and Dante because it just fits the vibe of the story so much! Like if the book were ever a movie Ribs should be part of the soundtrack.
    In conclusion I freaking loved this post, so thank you for sharing ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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