Why I’ve Stopped Rereading Books ft. A Personal Discussion Talking About One Of My Favourite Things

I’m back with another discussion post!!

This one is quite meaningful to me – as it’s one I’ve always thought about in relation to reading. It’s also a bit of a rant and a trip down memory lane… so feel free to disregard this post in every way!!!

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 4.05.29 PM

So today, in true Rhi fashion, I’m tackling something I love by rambling on and on – why I no longer feel guilty or embarrassed about rereading books. (Or, at least, why I’m working towards no longer feeling that about rereads.)

(Also thank you all SO MUCH for all the love on my last/first discussion!! It truly means the world <3)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

Ever since I started reading, rereads have always been a part of my bookish life.

For a long time after I joined the book blogging community, I started getting more recommendations, and therefore rereading less. However, less for me is still more than many other people, and I guess I started feeling guilty for it? When I could be reading new books and supporting authors, I reread – and even though it’s what brought me joy, I felt a little embarrassed – and I stopped rereading as many books.

Embarrassed, partly because I could be trying to promote new and different books, and also because…. the amount that I reread is quite different to others – friends and other bloggers.

I’ve reread a lot this year: 31% of all books I’ve read this year are rereads. (24/77 books read in total). Last year that was probably even more, and I won’t lie, I feel bad about that. I feel like I should be promoting other books and reading more diversely in terms of genres!! one thing i’m not annoyed about is the amount of diverse rep books i read!! instead of just running back to my favourite books.

(Also let’s be honest… rereads are enabling me to talk about the same books and literally none of you want that.)

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books i’ve reread/will probably always reread

Blogging has changed the way I view books, but it has also changed the way I view reading, and how I do it. I started tracking my ratings and books read in 2019, started reading some of my now-favourite books then, and started rereading less. This is due to two things, I think – one, I was reading more YA, which meant I had a whole new section of the library to explore, and two, I started book blogging > noticed how many amazing books to read > noticed there was a larger variety > noticed people barely reread – at least not like I did > started reading new books more and rereading less > finally, am at this point, where not only am I in a very different space mentally (especially right now), but I have read a lot of the hyped books I ‘gave up’ rereading for. Funnily enough, those are now the books I want to reread, but that’s not the point here.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and while deciding to do this (heck, even posting this) wasn’t a decision that was easy, I was happy once I said ‘you know, screw it, I’m doing this for me.’ And I want to do this and feel this way more often.

After rereading some of my well-loved books recently, and after writing some of this post, I’ve decided to try and make myself, well, a little happier in small ways, I guess. And by small ways, I mean rereading the books I love. I’m not going to put off rereading a book because the sequel is coming out in 6 months time – I’ll read it again then. I’m not going to lie to myself and say ‘but if I read it now it loses it’s enjoyment faster’ (yes, i actually said that to try not reread a book… specifically aftg because of the hangover i knew was coming…. it kind of came…..) because I know that a) that’s not really true for me, and b) who cares if it does? I lose interest faster – making room for more books to become favourites and rereads.

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more books i love and reread semi-frequently

Some of my recent rereads include Aristotle and Dante and The Foxhole Court – both of which I read twice in two or three months. I really love both of those books – and I wanted to reread them pretty much immediately after finishing. The Foxhole Court in particular I’d wanted to save because it’s addictive and I thought I would slump again (I kind of did) and just… I needed to save it.

I hope you can join me in this. If you’ve ever wanted to reread something just because you’re in that mood, do it. Do it because it’ll bring you joy when you need it, do it for yourself. This actually leads into something I’ve had an idea for 🙂 when that happens, I hope you will join me.

This may be harder for other people – but as I don’t receive ARCs, or have any obligation to review and post specific content, the only thing stopping me is, well, me. I started running this blog for my enjoyment, and that’s how it will continue to be – at least in the foreseeable future. I started for me, and along the way I think reading has been put on the back burner.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

This post was very personal to me – hopefully it wasn’t too sentimental!! I really enjoyed writing it – and I tried to clean it up as much as I could (it was…. a mess, and still is) but I’ve been thinking about this post since May and so it had to happen at some point. I really enjoyed writing it – It felt cathartic, for sure, and I hope it maybe inspired you to reread more!! I plan to – because right now, if it gets me out of a slump I’m willing to try anything. (This part was,,, written a little while ago, and thankfully I’m reading more now!!)

Like I said earlier, I hope that you can join me in not feeling this guilt, and rereading whatever you want!! If you do, please let me know because I’d love to hear!!! (And feel much better haha) ❤

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

what are your thoughts on rereading? are you a big rereader? was the “discussion” good?

(also…. let’s not talk about how this post is going up right when i’m in the middle of convincing myself not to reread legend because a) i’ve already reread three books this month and i can’t make it seven, and b) i was really hoping to hold out longer into the year…..)


46 thoughts on “Why I’ve Stopped Rereading Books ft. A Personal Discussion Talking About One Of My Favourite Things

  1. Rereading books is so important to me and my reading. It’s like a comforting “reset” whenever I get in a slump or need something familiar. ❤ Great post, loved your thoughts!

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  2. this was a really interesting post Rhi! i’ve reread some old books and yes sometimes i feel guilty. i think it just helps to remember that it’s important to do you and if rereading makes you happy ( some books are just perfect! ) then that’s alright! hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy doing this some day without feeling guilty : ) lovely post!

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  3. I loved reading this, it really gave me a different perspective on rereading!! I reread books because I love those books and how they made me feel when I first read it- happy, sad, excited, stressed. Hopefully you’ll able to be able to reread without feeling guilty, because I think it’s a feeling that we all need at some point!

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  4. This is such a great discussion! I often feel that re-reading guilt, too, which I shouldn’t feel!! I’ve been doing a bit more re-reading over the last few months, but definitely not as much as I would like to. I’ve been thinking of dedicating the entire month of December to re-reading, which now I really think I’m going to do! Great post 🙂

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  5. I really enjoyed this post!

    When quarantine started, I actually went through my bookshelf and made an entire stack of books that I wanted to reread, and I actually only finished three hahah — The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hunger Games, and Septimus Heap. They’re actually pretty good representations of what rereading can be like… so bear with me for a second.

    Narnia was a reminder of why I SHOULDN’T reread. I loved it in childhood — but despised it when I read it the second time. I felt like I should have been reading new (and more diverse) things. Then I read THG — and loved it just as much as when I read it the first time. Then I read Septimus Heap — and loved it even MORE than when I read it the first time. There were so many different experiences that I had that I felt like… I should be more careful about my rereading.

    Now all of this was before I decided to start my book blog! I started taking more notes on the books I liked and I’ve just decided to Marie Kondo it up. Only reread what REALLY sparks joy. For instance, with the Narnia series — I should have stopped when the Christian references and heaven/hell dichotomy got to be too much for me (for reference, I’m Hindu, so all the times that C.S. Lewis wrote about Aslan being the one true god and all other beliefs being wrong and evil were… bad) but I kept reading and it just took up time. There have been some books that I adored in my childhood but I wouldn’t reread them again because I know the writing style would not work for me now (see Warriors).

    Your post is really important, though. You SHOULD be reading what sparks joy. I feel that in my own case, I would like to stick to a certain amount of books to reread, because I feel like before I started my blog, most of the books I read WERE rereads. It genuinely just depends on your goals: is what makes you happy comfort or exploration? There’s nothing wrong with either — especially since you are also reading new books — and in the end, it comes down to you.

    This comment is suuuuper long sorry!!!


    1. thank you richa!!!

      i LOVE THIS ENTIRE COMMENT. i definitely know the feeling of not loving a book enough, and all that stuff w narnia would… definitely suck. thank you so much for that validation(???is that the word i’m looking for???) and im super sorry for the very late reply xx


  6. Ooh, this was interesting. I’m a mood reader, so I try to let myself reread when I want to. I have felt guilty about it before, but I try not to. I mean, I felt the need to reread them for a reason, right? I totally get wanting to reread a book as soon as you finish it. I think that’s such a lovely feeling when a book makes you want to do that. I recently reread Angie Thomas’ books. I found that I enjoyed THUG more the second time because it hits differently. Rereading can be interesting. You can learn you like a book more or less the second time. This is kind of rambly. I guess the point is read what makes you happy because you might discover some new things about a book the second or third time you read it.

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  7. I loved reading this! Compared to me, you really do reread a lot. I haven’t reread a book in about… I don’t even know. A couple of years. I always feel like rereading is a waste of my time, because my TBR is enormous and I want to read all of those books too. But I can definitely see your point of it being a comfort. Seeing Autoboyography on this, I remembered I loved that book so much and thinking about reading it again makes me happy. So maybe I really should reread it! 🙂

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  8. This is a really great post!! I love to reread and I think you summed up all my feelings on it very perfectly.💛 I haven’t reread a lot this year in particular so far, but I think that was due to me not really reading at all until quarantine and then in quarantine trying to catch up on reading anything, haha. BUT, I love love love rereading and have definitely been working on not feeling any guilt about it as well!!! As you said at the end of this post, reading is here to bring us joy, and if rereading gives you or me or anyone joy, I say go for it. xx

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  9. This is such a good discussion topic, Rhi! I feel like nobody talks about this but I sometimes believe that re-reading – in the bookish community – is sometimes seen as less “productive” because instead re-reading a book one already knows one could read a new book instead. I don’t like this mentality and I think that re-reading is a great thing, a lot of fun and can lead to new insights. I re-read my favs but rarely re-read thrillers or mystery books (though I also have exceptions there). Thank you for sharing!!

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  10. I love this discussion Rhi! The beauty of reading for me is it’s a solo ride (well it doesn’t have to be but it mostly is) and it’s something where only you decide what you want to do. I think if re-reading brings you joy then you should do that, authors write books for themselves not for other people. I’m sure the authors of the books that you’re re-reading would be delighted to hear what an impact that book had had on you ❤️ The one and only thing I would love to change about me and reading is that I’m ashamed of my love for reading, and I’m ashamed that I’m ashamed because reading is a massive part of who I am. Books are where I lose myself and find myself but whenever someone brings up my love for books I’m embarrassed and I hate that I feel that way, I hate that the world has made me feel like I should be ashamed of my love for books 😫 Anyways I don’t want to be a downer… really enjoyed this post and hope you are keeping well 🙂

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  11. This was such a great discussion!
    I don’t usually reread much, and when I do it’s old childhood favorites. But I’m all for people rereading their favorites all the time if they feel like it! I mean, what’s even the point of getting a book if you’re just going to read it once and then never pick it up again? Wouldn’t it be better to just use the library then, instead of the bookshop?
    I understand why you’d feel guilty because, as much as I love this community, there is this unspoken race to see who can read more and rereads and not supposed to count. But I think that’s ridiculous. You should read what makes you happy, as many times as you want to. If you want to take your time, annotate your favorite book, tab it all up again, then you do you. Reading is reading is reading, no matter the format or if it’s not a new book to you.

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  12. Ah, I love this discussion, especially because I can really relate. 2020 has been the year of rereads for me, I’ve reread some of my favourite series and also some of my 2019 faves and it’s been really good and really bad for me. On the one hand, I LOVE IT and I don’t think I shouldn’t have reread them, but on the other handI have been having a terrible time finding NEW favourite books. Which has been eh? But I truly do love rereading, I do it for different reasons. The ones I’ve read this year have either been in preparation for a brand new book in a series, like Hunger Games or Raven Cycle, but I also reread RW&RB just for fun welp. And some books I do want to reread to see if I like or dislike more hehe.

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  13. Such a fab post Rhi and definitely all thoughts I’ve had. I don’t reread as much as I used to just because I’m not in the mood for it at the moment but I used to reread all the time. Last year I read hardly any new books because I was just rereading favourites but I honestly don’t feel bad about it anymore. I used to, especially when doing book tags because I’d realise that I talk about the same few books over and over oops, but now I just read whatever and who cares?! Rereading books brings such comfort to me and it’s so fun to revisit faves so I definitely don’t see rereading as anything to feel bad about!

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  14. What an amazing discussion! I feel the absolute same way. Even thought I typically reread a few books every year (around 8), I always feel kind of guilty. This has also led to me buying less physical books because I feel like I should only buy the books I know I want to keep in my shelves forever and reread, but since I don’t think I “should” reread because I have a never ending TBR pile, I don’t buy physical books anymore.. even if they are my preferred reading format. Weird how we put some “rules” on ourselves that prevent us from being happy.

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  15. Rereading is also something very important to me because it brings me so much joy. In a year, probably 40% of what I read is rereads😂😆
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, great points :)!

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  16. yessss, i love this! i am a major advocate that if you want to re-read: please do it! i know we can get so carried away with the books we can be “missing out on” by simply revisiting a known story, but i like to think that even if we know how the book ends, every re-read experience can be different! i’ve re-read ari and dante probably four times now, and i get something new every single time!

    i really wish we didn’t feel as guilty when re-reading, and i do admit i feel like that sometimes, but it really should not matter! last year, i re-read a book a month and it was great: i ended up falling back in love with a lot of titles and it refreshed my taste for reading. i haven’t re-read in a while, though, and reading your post made me want to pick a favorite immediately, hahah.

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  17. Ah Rhi this post is just everything! I don’t reread as often as I probably would like to…I feel super guilty when I want to reread certain books but in July I sort of went screw it and reread the first 3 books in one of my all time favourite series and I fell in love with reading all over again. I’ve been struggling with having the energy and motivation to read lately, especially with books I’ve never read before…but when it comes to old favourites it’s like you’re returning home. Do I know pretty much what happens for the entire series? Yes. I still enjoy it though and funnily enough me rereading those 3 books caused me to read other new books that month so yay haha.

    Like you I don’t receive arcs or review requests (I don’t post reviews on my blog now) so I’m not obligated to read certain books which should mean I have more freedom to read whatever I want…but the guilt I feel for wanting to just read a ton of urban fantasy/paranormal romance for instance when I know I should be reading the fantasy I have on my TBR shelf is a pain. I definitely plan to finish my reread of my favourite series and I may reread a few other books…maybe SoC cause I miss those characters a lot. Loved this post so much! ❤

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    1. thank you so so much clo!! sometimes you just get that urge and then reading them might prevent a slump, or just you want to reread and idk what i’m saying but!! GO FOR IT!!! soc would be an excellent reread (as someone who’s read it three times haha), and i wish you all the best ❤ sorry for the late reply, i loved this comment so much xx

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  18. I used to be a HUGE rereader before I started blogging, but now with trying to keep up with all the new releases, I reread maybe 3 books a year! I’ve been trying to change that a bit because I realize that I don’t really need to be totally on top of all the new books. Like they’re still going to be there. Even now I have an ARC that I need to read but I’ve decided to reread a favorite of mine instead because I know I’ll enjoy it more! Great discussion!

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