Book Recommendations Based On Zodiac Signs ft. I’m Clueless About Astrology Yet I Thought This Was A Good Idea…

I feel like I need to preface this entire post with the warning that I’m not an astrology person.

I just thought this would be fun!! Please don’t take this seriously!! I got the traits from a friend who’s into this sort of stuff, and I got the idea from another friend.

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I am quite excited for this post though, as it was a lot of fun (and pain) to put together!! I’m only doing six of the twelve signs today, because… this post got long enough with recommending two books per zodiac, but I hope you enjoy!!

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Traits: adventurous; energetic; risk taker; courageous; enthusiastic; dynamic; quick witted; refuse to back down from a fight; young at heart; good friend; impatient; optimistic; selfish; easily angry; impulsive

39897058Hands down The Fever King. As I wrote that out I could just hear Noam being all snarky and angry, and he DEFINITELY wouldn’t back down from a fight. You might enjoy this because you see yourself in him, or just because you like action books!! (There’s also a really beautiful the falling in love montageromance…. basically it has it all)

Another book you would probably enjoy is The Falling in Love Montage, because Saoirse is quite quick witted and a bit of an impulsive risk taker… yet it’s something with enough humour and fluff to balance your personality out. (Also the… darker(?maybe?) side of it might be sobering, in a way <3)

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Traits: patient; reliable; warmhearted; loving; persistent; determined; placid; security loving; jealous; possessive; resentful; inflexible; self indulgent; greedy

11250317This is an interesting one!! I might have to say The Song of Achilles… you need a bit of determination to get through that one. I adored it… but the last 10% of it is the best bit. You do get a beautiful romance out of it though!!! 10/10 recommend!!!

041A1C87-3ACD-4048-B120-9B5B2AE46F66Aristotle and Dante would be my top recommendation for the possessive side of you. Trust me, you’ll get very attached and protective of everyone in this book… maybe too much so. It’s also very loving, and looks at love of all kinds (family, platonic, romance) so I hope you enjoy!!! I reread it twice in two months…. self indulgent? (It’s fine, she says as she stares longingly at it to reread for the fifth time…) It’s also a great book in both physical/ebook and audio – the narration is emotional and hard hitting and so full of hope,,, I love it.

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Traits: adaptable; versatile; communicative; witty; intellectual; eloquent; youthful; lively; nervous; tense; superficial; inconsistent; cunning; inquisitive

(the fact that gemini is the twins: making me think of the minyards i swear that book corrupted me)

Um, this is kind of hard?? I don’t know??

begin end beginI want to recommend an anthology for the adaptable and versatile traits because they often have many different styles, so I’ll just say Begin, End, Begin which is a #LoveOZYa collection and I love supporting Australian authors!!! It features a lot of diverse stories (genre and rep!!) and I’d recommend checking it out ❤


And,,,, Full Disclosure I’m throwing in for fun because communicative? The least related word for this book ever. It’s definitely a little tense, but in that fun contemporary way. The prose is eloquent, but you can hear Simone’s voice as a teenager and it’s written very realistically!!! Her friendships and relationships with everyone around her are some of the best written in YA that I’ve seen, and the whole story is really lovely.

Aside from that… this prompt was very hard for me so I’m really sorry to all the gemini’s out there!! I tried!!

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Traits: loyal; emotional; empathetic; imaginative; adaptable; nurturing; gut oriented; emotional; loving; intuitive; imaginative; shrewd; cautious; protective; sympathetic; changeable; moody; overemotional; touchy; clingy; unable to let go

My mind is going to every single sad book I’ve ever read and so I’ll just like,,, shove some in here. (also!! my zodiac sign!! please check out these books… also i’m very sad and extremely emotional so this fits perfectly!!!)

11autoboyographyAutoboyography has just enough happiness to make you smile, but you will probably cry? I mean, the last time I read it I don’t think I did but I got close?? It also features very cautious characters (I mean…. except for when they aren’t) and I know I saw a lot of myself in both Tanner and Seb.

the stars and the blackness between themI also really loved The Stars and the Blackness Between Them which is not that well known but it’s!! so!! beautiful!! and!! sad!! I’m also pleased with recommending it because,,, this book features a lot of beautiful zodiac poems and I adore them!! It’s definitely a heart breaker, but it’s so good you won’t mind.

(also look at my purple colour coordination of the covers i’m very proud haha)Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM


Traits: generous; warmhearted; creative; enthusiastic; broad minded; expansive; faithful; loving; pompous; patronising; bossy; interfering; dogmatic; intolerent

the weight of the starsI think that a book with very loyal characters just screams The Weight of the Stars, to me. I trust all those characters with my life and I’ve never even met them. It’s just something that I feel would be a core trait for all of the squad?? I don’t know…. and all I will say is that interference is required in multiple ways…. for multiple parts of the novel. They’re all incompetent gays and I love them!!!!

41473872I Wish You All The Best is another book that is truly beautiful. It’s about family – and finding faith in people you may not have otherwise. It’s a heartfelt, loving story that I simply adore, and I hope you would too!

Other than the other six signs… I’m pretty much done for today?? It was super fun to do, and I’ll get to yours next time if it wasn’t here!!!

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

are you an astrology person? did you agree with your recommendations? looking forward to the second half?

(also this is the first post I’ve published in ages that’s under 1000 words… who am I turning into I don’t like it!!! ….update I couldn’t bear it so I filled some parts out and now it’s 1013 words you’re welcome)


36 thoughts on “Book Recommendations Based On Zodiac Signs ft. I’m Clueless About Astrology Yet I Thought This Was A Good Idea…

  1. I posted that comment and then realised I had more thoughts 🤦‍♀️

    I’m not much of an astrology/horoscope person but it can be fun to read those star sign Instagram posts and stuff.

    I haven’t read many of these books but they look awesome and I need to check them out asap!!

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  2. I have no idea about anything with zodiac so this post makes little sense but all I know is that I’m cancer (last I checked? Maybe it changed. IDK HOW IT WORKS HAH) but this post is literally so creative omjg!
    Keep being awesome and don’t forget to brush your teeth!

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  3. okay so i’m a HUGE believer in astrology and planets and energy lining up and all that but at the same time i’m a huge disbeliever in all those white people and website who claim to know the future!! i believe that astrology is one of those things that has to be done the right way, and because 90% of the people who cater to such things are f r a u d s astrology gets its nonsense-rep.

    don’t know why i felt like saying all that but!!! LOVELY POST! i can’t wait for part two ~ my virgo heart awaits some recommendations 😌❤

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  4. I’m a virgo! Also not an astrology person, but I find the ‘thread’ posts on Instagram hilariously relatable. Looking forward to seeing what your recs are for me :)) Never seen this idea before – you’re killing it with original content as always x

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  5. I clicked so fast on this post, I am an astrology person, I know a bit about it like the zodiac signs, their corresponding elements, the houses, planets and how it all ties together in our birth charts. I still have SO much more to learn though. I’m a Scorpio sun so I’m looking forward to the next part (and your post has totally inspired me now!)

    Majority of people know their Sun sign, so that’s who they are at their core, your recommendations are I’m guessing based on people’s sun signs which is totally ok! As our sun sign is an important part of who we are however it doesn’t give you the full picture of a person. So if someone doesn’t relate to their “sign” it’s likely because elsewhere in their birth chart other elements/signs are repeated and are “stronger” which would mean they may resonate more with another sign. (elements are air, water, fire and earth, each zodiac has one!) Ooops I sort off went off on a tangent anyway, I LOVE this post so much Rhi and can’t wait for part 2! ❤

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  6. Ahh this is such a fun post Rhi!! I’m not an astrology person either and my sign wasn’t in this post but I still loved reading all of your recommendations.🥰 Aww, I Wish You All the Best definitely fits so well with Leo, at least with my very limited knowledge (aka the descriptions you wrote). xx

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  7. Omg love that you did this! And also haha that I’m not the only one who does love astrology but knows zilch lmao. Though Rhi, I feel lowkey betrayed that you have no Scorpio recs because now what?!?! Haha just kidding. I have this weird relationship with my sign anyways. I was born on like the last day so I don’t agree with like 50% of it. Scorpios are supposed to be like evil and well idk maybe?? I’m not funny I know. I feel I’m more an Aquarius and I think I’m like Aquarius moon or something?? See don’t know much.

    But I seriously loved reading all your recs. I’ve only read Ari & Dante off it but they all seemed perfect. You raving about these books like every post makes me VERY excited to read them all xx

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  8. as someone who’s a big fan of astrology: i agree with a lot of these choices! i have not read autoboyography yet, but i can totally see it being a cancer pick. i have a lot of cancer friends and they’re all pretty overemotional, so i can totally see it being a book to break them apart and also make them happy at the same time.

    looking forward for the rest of the recommendations, as i’m a libra!

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