Almost 20 Books For Some Different Moods That You Can Read Whenever ft. This Is Basically An Excuse To Recommend All My Favourite Books Again…

and we’re back with the book recommendations!!

and we’re back in lowercase!! and we’re back to being emotional!! i’m honestly just here with a bit of a more emotional post, i guess, and i felt like this fit the mood more. as i write i’m definitely not having the best week, so why not do this and talk about books to get some serotonin pumping!!

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 10.00.08 PM

speaking of moods, not only is alex claremont-diaz continually a mood, today i’ll be recommending one or two books for some common moods/things people feel!! a couple are specific to readers/bloggers (tbh i don’t remember if i ended up including those ones…. it’s a surprise i guess), but mostly they’re just feelings. (yeah, those things. i’m looking at YOU)

i also saw nimika do this a while back, and while this post was already written…. hers is too good for me not to shove in your faces as well :DD

….so basically this is just me looking for yet another reason to recommend my favourite books. you’re welcome. (can you tell i might be going slightly insane and that i’m not really coping)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

for the sad vibes that you want to wallow in

aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe & summer bird blue

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look… sometimes when you’re sad you want to be cheered up in which case… i’d head to the next one. however, sometimes i know i just want to feel like i’m not the only one and i like to make myself cry even more because that way i’m crying over a book, not my own things!!

aristotle and dante is definitely a sad book. it’s very sad and very gay but i love it with all my heart.i am not really sure what else i can say about it, since i kinda covered it all in that review linked above (and some kind person said i should blurb the book and i kinda died??) but just. it’s incredibly written, probably going to make you cry and Feel Things, and there’s a sequel coming!!!!

summer bird blue is another one that i talk about less, but it’s just as sad. i know there’s been a lot of controversy about the writing but honestly? i was too busy crying to notice. rumi’s story is written in a way that makes you feel so strongly about it. i am quite affected by mentions of grief and death in books, and so i cried so much in this. i’ve wanted to go back to it but honestly? i’m scared. someone give me strength.

i also adored and cried in girl made of stars!! i barely talk about this book but i love it quite a lot and honestly!! one of the most!! beautiful!! books!! i!! read!! last!! year!! everyone is so soft and lovely and the rep in this also was so well done </3 my heart broke!!

(also these three covers work So Well together i love it!!)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

for the laughs and iconic lines

red, white, and royal blue & the brightsiders & foolish hearts

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fluffly contemporaries are often just what you need!! if you’re sad, if you’re happy… whatever mood. these are three of my top favourites for fun, happy books ❤

red, white and royal blue is one everyone’s top humour rec, but i have to be basic like everyone else and say it!!! i laugh in so many scenes, and while it goes into a couple of slightly darker topics too, most of it is a light and fluffy romantic vibe that i fell for hard. casey mcquiston’s writing is incredible (And i couldn’t be more excited for their next book coming out next year, one last stop!)

the brightsiders i haven’t read in a LONG time but from what i remember (after referring back to my mini-review) it’s a bit geeky, very queer, and they make me happy!! she talks about some important issues in there too, but coming out of it you feel happy still. it’s genuinely so cute and fluffy that i don’t think anyone can hate it too much ❤

foolish hearts….. emma mills made me laugh and like a straight couple…. who am i turning into. this book has theatre kid banter, people who are roped into things they don’t want to do, a snarky lesbian couple…. honestly nothing horrible happens in this and it’s great?? sometimes you want a break from all the world-falling-apart that happens??

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

for the ones who want to feel seen

the stars and the blackness between them & the seven husbands of evelyn hugo & final draft

the stars and the blackness between them   32620332._SY475_   35960813

all of these of these feature strong, queer, women of colour, and i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t a little bit in love with each of them.

not only does the stars and the blackness between them have beautiful black girls in a sapphic romance, it represents so many. black people. queer girls. the ones moving away from home. dealing with a terminal illness. it has so many nuances, but it isn’t trying too hard. it doesn’t feel token, it feels magical. the story and the characters are truly amazing, and i love love love them, as well as that coverrrr aaaaaah </3

the seven husbands of evelyn hugo i read pretty recently, but oh my goodness it was incredible. evelyn is so unapologetically proud of everything, and i am literally speechless as i write this about half an hour after i finish the book. coming back to this a couple days later i can say honestly this is a beautiful book with beautiful characters and beautiful twists.

final draft is one of my favourite books of all time, and while the main reason it used to be a favourite was because of the stress, it’s now based on something else. there is a wonderful f/f romance that develops throughout the course of it, and idk exactly why but it means so much to me. i saw so much of myself in laila (and a bit her LI too hehe) and i’m sure i’ll keep discovering new parts of her story and mine with future rereads.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

for something to lose the world in

legend & the fever king & warcross

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i have days where i want to escape. i think we all do, and my school librarian said something very nice the other day – readers have that. we can read and we can go to other places, and i think that’s quite true. however, some worlds – like fantasies or dystopias – are easier to disappear into because they’re so different to our current situation.

marie lu’s books are a comfort to me – especially legend. it has it all – a good romance, and incredible world, a nationwide pandemic (uhhh) – regardless of what you’re liking for, it’s worth a read.

warcross is another one of marie lu’s books i adore!! the duology makes me happy to think about – and emika has some awesome rainbow hair, if you needed more convincing.

the fever king is another intense one….. victoria lee has crafted a beautiful world. noam and dara are so angry and so passionate, yet i love the story and characters SO MUCH. the sequel came out recently, so this is the perfect time to read it! ❤

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

for the ones who aren’t sure where they fit in, and the lonely

darius the great is not okay & the weight of the stars & six of crows

E53391A6-57E5-494D-8A33-B26FA8775C9F   the weight of the stars   993C1461-BA58-4604-8AD5-C6EBE1F9BBB3

i know when i’m feeling a little lonely or unsure of where i fit into the world, books can often be the greatest comfort, and found families are the best way to do that. it’s no secret i love them – i talk about them a lot – but they’re truly the best trope out there in my opinion. darius the great only features a minor found family, but i love it so much regardless. the weight of our stars is beautiful… and six of crows has to be here.

darius the great is not okay means the world to me, as i’ve probably talked about before (just a bit. only a small amount.) i read it and i found something that i could relate to so much. the ache of not feeling enough of either culture, of not needing to be okay all the time…. i love it so much, i really do. darius isn’t quite sure where he fits, and while that’s only a fraction of the story as a whole, it’s a large fraction and i can’t recommend this more than i already have. trust me. the casually queer part of it also maks my heart soar, and i can’t wait to see that develop more in book 2.

the weight of the stars is another i love! i read it pretty recently and… i adored it. it’s a story of love and hope, but it also features a found family that is pure gold. the comedy, the sadness – it’s all a beautiful part of this insanely good story. (you also don’t see many contemporaries with found families so please!! check it out!!)

six of crows… features a beautifully, casually diverse found family that is truly one of my favourites in YA. it’s hard-hitting and funny and has lots of banter, but tackles tough topics too…. plus they have to pull off an impossible heist. please read it from that alone!!

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

for the people who are slumping

heartstopper & the henna wars & the falling in love montage

74C40E50-445F-4B2E-9861-93855D825054   44286258._SY475_   the falling in love montage

heartstopper is such a cute read that i sped through, and i honestly haven’t come across a person who hasn’t liked it. alice oseman’s writing style is easy and beautiful – and the art!! it’s all available to read for free online too ❤

the henna wars i read in a day! you won’t want to put it down, trust me. it’s a sweet, engaging story that is angsty and important, yet also full of quips and style. it’s a favourite of the year, and i love it so much.

the falling in love montage is like the above… although while it deals with chronic illness and the stress of university, it’s cute and fluffy and fun!! both the girls saiorse and ruby are super super adorable and i love them (plus i lowkey predicted the endinggggg aaaaa)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

jsdhgkjs what did you think? mind i’m in lowercase a bit more? (it’s just my mood right now i think) should i write more casual recommendation posts like this?

also two things…. i matched book cover colours so well in this post, i’m very proud, and the other thing is that this post got pretty long and i’m SUPER sorry


40 thoughts on “Almost 20 Books For Some Different Moods That You Can Read Whenever ft. This Is Basically An Excuse To Recommend All My Favourite Books Again…

  1. Foolish Hearts yes!! I loved this book, it made me laugh SO hard and definitely could cheer me up on a rough day. I’ve been feeling myself kinda slumping recently so maybe I need to finally try The Henna Wars or The Falling In Love Montage, which I’ve been hearing so many good things about!! This was such a fun post!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hi rhi! sorry you aren’t having the best week but if you want to talk about it, i’m here 🥰 but omg these categories are so relatable?? and the recommendations so amazing?? also ‘for the ones who want be seen’ skdjks way to call me out rhi 😂

    i haven’t read most of these so they are going on my tbr asap. but yes SOC and RWRB are so amazing?! amazing post!! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

      1. hahaha it’s FINE, I do that all the time! and yes thank you so much ☺️ I wrote it a while ago and am feeling better thankfully but thank youuuu ❤️ and you are WELCOME I love calling people out 😉

        they’re all wonderful, and I think you’ll adore them xx


  3. First of all, sending all the love and hope your week gets better xx

    Secondly, why is that Ari & Dante rec so on point bc YES!! Now I just need to read the other two welp. I don’t wanna cry Rhi STOP. WE LOVE THE BASIC RW&RB REC THOUGH eeeeppp. It really do just have ALL the iconic lines wow. But now def going to try read The Brightsiders because it sounds amazing??!!

    Ah I also ADORE Warcross and really need to read The Legend trilogy, it sounds so up alley. Also really hoping to get to The Fever King soon too because again UP MY ALLEY hehe. YESSS Six of Crows definitely fits that category. So pumped to get to Darius, Henna Wars, Falling In Love Montage & The Weight of The Stars too xx we here for the queer

    Loved this post so much Rhi <3<3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you ruby!!! ❤

      the brightsiders i haven't read in a long time but i remember it was very sweet and fluffy!! i hope you love it!! and SBB for me was defintiely better than GMOS but read them both!!! (especially because gmos talks about a lot of things and i wish there was more rep for!!)

      legend is one of my all time favourites, i adore it!! WE HERE FOR THE QUEER EXACTLY AAA

      thank you so much ruby, hope you're doing well xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I really enjoyed this post, Rhi!! i didn’t enjoy some books on this list (gmos, sbb, the henna wars, darius the great) but there are also some faves on this list: six of crows, rw&rb, warcross, legend, heartstopper, foolish hearts, and of course ARI AND DANTE!! i really enjoyed this style of recommendation post!! and i would love to see more ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, I love the idea behind this post!! It’s so great to give recommendations based on different moods 😊 I definitely love reading Jen Wilde’s books for when I’m in the mood for some fun, fluffy books that are great to read 🥰 I also definitely need to check out Emma Mills books! And I definitely need to reread Warcross now, as I loved the duology so much 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  6. i really hope your week improves!!! and you give such great book recommendations 😍😍 i enjoyed the fever king so much, and i can’t believe i haven’t read the electric heir yet :(( the henna wars is perfect for when you’re in a slump! i think i read it in like, one day, the story and writing were so easy to fly through, and it showed me why i need to read more books with ownvoices qpoc rep! and i can’t wait to read foolish hearts for that serotonin ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. This post is phenomenal! I definitely was thinking the whole post that the book covers matched SO well and then I saw your note at the end of the post and smiled. :’) Especially the first two and the last one, I actually audibly gasped at how beautiful and aesthetic it was! Also, I’m so sorry you aren’t having the best week- I’m sending you all the love and if you ever need to talk about anything I’m here for you.💗

    I have Final Draft checked out from the library right now because you’ve talked about loving it so much! I haven’t started it yet, but I will definitely update you on what I think about it once I do read it, and seeing it in this post got me excited all over again. And Foolish Hearts is definitely here for the laughs and banter and iconic friend groups, I love it so much.🥺

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh wow, I love this post! I often think of books in terms of the mood they evoke, so this is perfect. Ahh I definitely need to read Girl Made of Stars if you’re recommending it alongside Aristotle and Dante 😀 And I just got Foolish Hearts from my library – can’t wait for the laughs and iconic lines! Final Draft is also on my tbr and I’m absolutely certain it will make me cry. Very excited for that. Ahh I love that you have both The Weight of the Stars and Six of Crows under “for the ones who aren’t sure where they fit in” – I wouldn’t immediately think to pair those together, but it fits so well!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Yessss, I love these casual recommendation posts Rhi! I love the moods you chose and the books all sound so good! I definitely have to check out The Brightsiders and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, because they both sound great. And all the books in the “for people ho are slumping” section because I definitely need that now 😭

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Wow, this post is incredible! I’m currently eyeing all the books under the ‘slumping’ section and wondering why none of them have magically appeared before me?!? Guess I’ll have to go make a trip to my library then…

    And omg, Final Draft! I ADORED that book, and I so wish it had been around when I was in high school (I read the book last year before my last year of college). Also, I so agree: found family is 100% best trope out there and it will never tire

    Will def have to refer back to this post in the future as my reading mood changes 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. (all good–I also tend to be notorious late on replies the majority of the time)
        And OMG, I forgot about that! Just logged into the Tapas app and subscribed to it! 😀 Bless webcomics, it’s like the only reading I’ve done of late

        Ahhh, thinking of Final Draft is bringing back all the feels and omg, why didn’t we get more page time with the characters?!?

        Liked by 1 person

  11. I totally agree, I feel like you can never be fully lonely as a reader because by escaping into books it’s like the characters are my friends but I agree, SoC is such a good book to escape into when you’re feeling that. Each character is so unique that it makes you feel like you belong ❤️ Wonderful post Rhi!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Hellooooo I’m sorry I fell off the world for like 4 weeks and I’m sorry I’m so late and I’m sorry I’ve come crawling back a month after you posted this but I love this post and I love all your recs and the cover matching made me very happy and wow this is incoherent but I! Am! Back! And! I! Love! Your! Stuff! As! Always! Because! You! Are! Amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Okay, I have just discovered your blog but I already put like 5 books to my tbr just because of this post! 😂 So many amazing books here. I love love Ari and Dante, Summer Bird Blue (though can you enlighten me about the controversy around it? I have heard nothing), Heartstopper, Six of Crows etc. Loved this recommendation post so much!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohh I see! Yeah, it’s definitely not the most adventure-filled book but it means so much to me that I just don’t care. 😅

        Liked by 1 person

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