Rhi’s Rambles // June ft. The Most Amazing Month Filled With Books, Friends, And Laughter!!

Can I just say that June was absolutely amazing???

Like,,,, I loved it a Lot!!! I thought it was going to be one of my worst months but it got so so so much better!!

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 10.56.58 AM

It was definitely hard at times but overall I had an incredible month, and I hope you did too!! (also this post got REALLY long and I’m REALLY sorry)


  • I reread a lot!!!! The couple that I didn’t reread were also excellent however :))
  • I CONVINCED A FRIEND TO READ A LOT OF MY FAVOURITE BOOKS. She read TRC, The Foxhole Court (hasn’t gotten the second two books yet… should i lend her my copy or not that is the question??), Autoboyography, and Ari and Dante and I just love her so much for that thank you!!! (She liked them all and sent me a lot of out-of-context messages).
  • I got Goodreads and am trying (and failing) to figure out how to use it… it’s basically just another place for me to record my books since I wanted a better and more precise system than a notebook with star ratings and a short comment – obviously I’m not going to start writing full length reviews (we all know how much i love that) but the shelves intrigued me !! Still deciding whether I keep the notebook as well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I’ve also been rerating a lot of books when I’m doing this which is really interesting!! I write ‘revised rating’ but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t…. it’s basically me roasting my reading taste for so many books !!! I’ve been marking a lot of books 2 stars which I don’t think is a bad rating anymore!! (Even though I explored my rating system with stars really recently??) They’re more books I’ve grown out of, or would go back and not enjoy at all. (Like, I rated Lady’s Guide 3.5 when that should 100% be at least a BIT lower!!) Anyway, it’s been fun so far ❤ I’ve added like 90 books…. only 100 or so to go!

Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe, Benjamin Alire Saenz // fourth time reading!! // wow i love this book so much ahhhh how // read my review here // ★★★★★


I Wish You All The Best, Mason Deaver // second read // i loved this MORE than the first time somehow and just… i think it might be a five star?? but i’m not sure?? ajdgksdj nathan my sunshine child // ★★★★☆ (4.5 at least but maybe 5?)35960813

Final Draft, Riley Redgate // third read // means the world to me, but for different reasons than it used to ❤ i love laila and hannah and felix and leo SO MUCH my heart breaks // ★★★★★


The Song Of Achilles, Madeline Miller // a little disappointing because i was expecting GREATNESS and possibly a new FAVOURITE but i got something that bored me a lot for the first 50%, got instantly better at 90%, still loved though <33 PATROCLUS AND BRISEIS OWN MY HEART // ★★★★☆when the moon was ours

When The Moon Was Ours, Anna Marie McLemore // this took me forever to read but i love them all a lot so i don’t really care!! (i even don’t mind the Bonner sisters) and i added that half star for prose because i adored that // ★★★★☆ [4.5]

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 6.58.35 PM BOOKS BOUGHT Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 6.59.33 PM

I was incredibly lucky and got books for my birthday AND some vouchers which I have yet to use!! I’m very fortunate to be in a position where I can regularly purchase books – and my extended family knows me very well and gets my vouchers a LOT.


For those who don’t know (and, I’m not sure how you couldn’t realise by now) I read AFTG at the start of May, and while it is deeply awful and I hate it with every bone in my body, my heart unfortunately doesn’t agree and forces it into my brain once a day?? I ended up buying the books (there’s actually a really funny story behind the purchasing time but it’s long and complex and i won’t bore you) because I knew I’d want to reread them. They turned up earlier than I was expecting!! With a couple of dints but they’re MINE and I have no more excuses as to why I shouldn’t reread except for the fact that… I’ll go into a slump again. (I’ve been reading 4-6 books a month for AGES now and it’s killing me!! I used to read 20 easy no problem!!)

^^That was long, whoops. I’m too passionate about this series even when I’m not even talking directly about it because THAT could be a whole post.IMG_3612

I also got some great books from my parents!! Some of these I’ve been wanting to read for MONTHS now and I’m actually getting to them? Incredible. I also bought The Mighty Heart of Sunny St James on the last day of June which I haven’t gotten to yet but it looks amazing!!! The Henna Wars, The Electric Heir, The Weight Of The Stars, and The Stars And The Blackness Between Them are all books I’ve been wanting to read for a while now and I’m super excited for them <33

They are all very gay (most are sapphic and have an f/f romance but TEH is m/m!!) and therefore I say: gay rights for the end of Pride honey!!) (also the blue and pink things are notebooks…. not more books lmao)


  • I POSTED SO MUCH. I mean…. I’m still shocked that it actually worked out because it didn’t feel like I was posting much but every five days is better than barely once a week!!!
  • I’m aiming for every four days this month (probably back to five by August) which will be a challenge but I think I’ll do it!! It means seven posts which is kind of insane to me but I’m going to do it!! If it takes writing shorter posts which it better not i don’t think i can do that I’ll make it. somehow all my posts are like 2-3k words now?? who am i??
  • Plus, I scheduled a lot of June’s posts and figured out all my content until the end of AUGUST!!!!
  • I wanted to post a Black queer recs list but unfortunately didn’t get around to it — it’s coming this month sometime!!! It’s sitting in my drafts :)) at the moment since I’m actually organising my blogging it’s coming out around the middle/beginning.
  • I’ve decided I’m going to start trying to use my own photos in images!! Book covers, of course, are unrealistic, but for the title images/other photos I hope I can use mine!! I take quite a few and have nowhere else to use them…. keep me accountable for this please!!! (I did it for this one and my last post)
  • Nobody attacked me on my Pride recs post unlike last year and people were very friendly so I’m happy!!! (Still taking recs, as always)

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 6.58.35 PM POSTS AROUND Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 6.59.33 PM

I’ve been meaning to do this forever but this month it’s actually happening!!!

  • May gave us an AMAZING post on 50+ books by QPOC about QPOC and it would’ve taken forever?? But it’s such an incredible resource and I adore so many of those books and have been meaning to get to others!!!
  • Anna and Charlotte over at Reads Rainbow started a new series and in their first post I saw so many books I love and now have a growing TBR pile again…. whoops? Apparently this is how people feel when they leave my blog….. I’ve never understood the pain, I am truly sorry ;))
  • Olivia posted her summer bucket list that I love more than words can say!!! (She’s planning to read 35 books which I am in awe of and I wish you all the best Olivia!!!)
  • Ilsa did the pancake book tag and made me really hungry… not to mention gave me some incredible books to read. (also she used the pikachu meme i live for the pikachu meme)
  • Lu from It’s Lu Again talked about what inspires comments!!! (also bracket appreciation).

I also want to thank you all – I added so many queer books to my list of books to read because of about a million recommendation posts but I appreciated them all!!! Send all the recommendations my way please!!

ALSO!!!!! The 2020 Book Blogger Awards are happening again so get your nomination posts up and support May and Marie, who are hosting this incredible initiative. i would FOREVER be thankful if you nominated me…. no pressure though i would die ❤ Mine will be up in a couple of weeks!!!


  • I saw some friends and family and all in all had an amazing time! There was a little sadness since one of them is moving but I loved seeing everyone and hanging out? I saw a few people last month but agh I love my friends a LOT!!
  • ^^^ looking above.. one night i stayed over with some friends and uh, we may have stayed up until 3.30am and only woken up at 7am 😀
  • in fact looking above i’m watching a couple of friends read this very post…. i love y’all if you can see this
  • I went back to school!! This was definitely a change since I was at home for two months but it was an okay change??
  • HOLIDAYS STARTED. I had to get through a few weeks of physical school which was kind of a nightmare but it’s over now!!! I also got my semester grades back and did better than I was expecting so that was a nice surprise!!
  • I had to do a French oral without prompting and ugh. I’m so dropping French when I can. I don’t think I did too badly but I just hate it??
  • I just had the best month in so many ways – and I think partly that was due to May being… not so great looking at my mental health and things, but June was a definite improvement!!!
  • I wrote some things and normally I don’t share poetry on my blog (because most of them are very sad and very personal and nobody reads them except for me (the only people who read my poems anyway are me and two friends sooooo) no way am I sharing those here) but since this month I wrote some less sad things and when I’ve mentioned it before people have been interested? So here you go? (PLEASE don’t steal/copy/pass off as your own… but really that applies to everything here :)) These aren’t all from this month but they’re just a collection.

long ponytail swishing like thickshakes you can get from the diner downtown. that you could get from the diner downtown if we were in an american movie. i think our friendship is a bit like an american movie. up so fast, the peak reaching and we didn’t stop. we couldn’t appreciate it. but then we were silent on the way down the roller coaster. everyone around us screamed but we stayed silent.

i first saw you, and you held my gaze. at that point two tables away but you held my gaze and in that moment when i had no one else, that gaze was the only thing holding me together.

you split my heart in two / clean break / now a clean slate / without you.

you don’t care about me / you never really cared about me / i was just a toy / something you dropped when you got bored / but i’ll still be waiting / not moving / from where you put me down.

because just a few years apart / and a whole life can change / and the person who once knew you the best can know nothing so easily / a bit like a fish and their memory / only seconds are years / and memories are people / people who are replaceable to you / but you aren’t replaceable to them / and you are irreplaceably special / to me.

two years ago i was enjoying freedom / naive girl / you know so little yet you love so much / be careful / i was happy / soaring up and up like a ride at a carnival / the ones i’m too scared to go on / i hope in three years i’m not as scared / hope i get to live my life

i hope in three years the friends i eventually made don’t become medicine / don’t have to force hanging out with them down my throat / i hope that in the next three years i get my firsts / my first loves / first kisses / first pet / hope i get the firsts that so many people look forward to / get the firsts that i find hard but others find easy / hope i find them easy too at some point soon

all the rain falling outside runs down the bus window. it looks like tears. i wonder if my tears look that pretty.

I’m gonna stop with the poem snippets now…. I may have gone overboard :)) there’s another one I’m really proud (hi. you know who you are. i threw that in there just for you.) of but I do NOT particularly want to share that one!!!

  • I celebrated my birthday!!! (I also got my locker decorated at school and I am still shaking from it but I love it thank you!!)
  • We started/finished watching Never Have I Ever and finished B99 which were both good!! NHIE was very cringey and predictable at times but like…. it’s still good? And B99 was just hilarious and I’m lowkey in love with all of them!! NHIE also got very emotional near the end and I predicted the ending!! (It does touch me though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

should i lend my book/s out? (and do you?) do you write poetry sometimes/ever? (would you ever share it heh?) have you had a decent june?


36 thoughts on “Rhi’s Rambles // June ft. The Most Amazing Month Filled With Books, Friends, And Laughter!!

  1. Wish You All The Best sounds so good I really need to read it!! They don’t have an ebook available though which sucks so I might have to break my ebooks only rule and buy the paperback!
    Loved reading this post! And I totally get you on rereading because I always love rereading books and then I never get to my tbr haha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh, this post was so lovely to read and just!! I’m so, so happy June was an amazing month for you.💖 Happy late birthday Rhi, I’m so glad you got new books and got to see family and your locker was decorated and your blogging game is point. :,)

    You joined Goodreads!! Yay!! I love Goodreads (mostly), though I pretty much just use it as a way to keep track of my books and less of a social media type platform, haha, but it’s seriously the best. I do love going on it and just seeing people reading books and enjoying them or roasting them too, though, looking through it and updating my reading status at least once a day has become a habit recently for me.

    I’m really really happy to hear everything going well for you!! Sending you all the love, virtual hugs, and wishing you all the best for July. xx Also, thank you so much for the kind words about my post, I love you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Olivia!!! ❤ so much love is being sent your way.

      I… didn't even realise it was a social media type platform!!! I'm just slowly working through my books and adding them all and then I'll try and figure that out haha. (Please explain a reading status, I welcome all tips!!!)

      VIRTUAL HUGS ALWAYS. xxx (And yes, how could I not?!)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed When The Moon Was Ours so much because I have been meaning to read that one for a while now. Also; welcome to goodreads! 😊 For me figuring out how things work was kinda difficult but I’m sure it’ll be easier soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. seeing that the song of achilles was a little disappointing for you makes me scared because i’m currently reading it & i want to love it as much as everyone else :(( but i’m glad that you enjoyed it anyway! and congrats on getting physical copies of books! (lmao might be a weird thing to congratulate you on, but i almost never get them) i hope you can get to The Henna Wars soon—it’s one of my faves and the QPOC rep is *chef’s kiss*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh please please please don’t be scared because it was really good!! i regret putting it on because i was expecting for great and got good but everyone’s scared now!!! what do you think so far? (lmao it’s okay and thank you – i did REALLY well and i’m lowkey still in shock) aah that makes me so happy to hear because i’m starting the henna wars tomorrow (it’s afternoon/evening for me) and i’m super excited!! my mum and i both love the cover so i hope it delivers ❤ thank you for commenting caitlin ❤

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  5. I’m so glad that you had such a fantastic June! And happy birthday! I know I’m super late, but I’m really glad that you had such a wonderful day and that you received so many books that you’re excited to read!

    Goodreads has many flaws, but there are some things it’s really useful for, and keeping track of books you read (and want to read) is probably its most useful function! I think that if I were to go through all the books I’ve read at this point, there would be a lot of re-rating as well! Although some books I would keep the rating the same because even though I objectively know they’re trash, I still enjoyed reading them in the moment, and that’s why I rated it the way I did!

    Final Draft just got on my radar in the last month or two, but now that I know it’s a book that you’ve reread 3 times, it’s definitely higher up on my list!

    And The Weight of the Stars is actually on my wishlist for my birthday in August! I’ve been hearing such amazing things about it recently and it just sounds fantastic, so I’m excited to hopefully have a copy once my birthday has passed!

    And can I just say that I ADORED your poetry! I’ve been looking for poetry collections to read for a while now, but haven’t found any that seemed my style. But if you ever publish any of your poems please let me know because I will buy that collection in a second!

    I hope that you have a fantastic month of July, and that it’s somehow even better than June was for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you malka! and aww, thank youuuu ❤

      yeah, for all the rerated ones i wrote the revised/original rating in the review section, so i still know how much i enjoyed them! (it seems younger rhi had a problem with rating books low… i wrote things like 'remember nothing about this book' and gave it 3.5 stars haha)

      PLEASE PLEASE READ IT. it's so overlooked but so so good ahhh :))

      happy early birthday to you! i just finished it yesterday….. oh my goodness it's insanely good. the first couple of chapters are a little slow, but it picks up the pace and it's truly a masterpiece. (the cover is gorgeous too!!)

      THANK YOU!!! oh my goodness that means the world i might cry now :') considering i barely ever show people publishing is DEFINITELY not on the table at the moment but thank you so much!!! (if for whatever reason something changes… i'll let you know hahaha)

      thank you so much for this lovely comment malka, and i hope you have a wonderful july as well!! ❤ sending lots of love your way xx

      Liked by 1 person

  6. ma’am can i just say that you’re doing the LORD’S WORK making your friend read all those books but esp tfc b/c i’m trash for it. that’s basically my soul purpose in life.

    omg omg RHI i know gr needs to improve and all that but i would be a MESS if it weren’t for it. back when i first got it, i hardly ever used it but then you slowly develop a taste for it and it’s impossible to let it go lol. it’s the only thing that keeps my reading life organized. DROP your gr link ma’am i must befriend you at once.

    ARI AND DANTE SEQUEL I’M SO EXCITED. ever since i saw the author’s tweet about the final draft being submitted, i have been on cloud 9 :’) (but also im SO SO SCARED???? b/c the book is literally perfect and sequel syndrome is such a real thing 👀)

    god, ‘i wish you all the best’ really just broke me down and then put me back together so gently i will CRY

    I’m so glad you had an amazing month! all those books look heavenly. side note: i actually started my blog with the intent of it just being a place where i can keep all of my poems/write ups lol with no audience. then i couldn’t help myself b/c I’m a nerd and decided to make it a book blog, but i still sometimes post my write-ups. it’s honestly fine if you’re not comfortable but if you ever write something you’d wanna share with others, i’d LOVE to see it on your blog ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahaha i… now own the books and since she’s only read the first i’m debating lending the rest to her… i don’t know…. should i?? give me answers

      ahhh https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/117529196-rhi is my link but i am not currently accepting reqs until i’ve finished uploading all the books…. i’m like 4 books away from being done with 2019 though so soon!!! (it’ll happen at some point so don’t think i forgot/ignored lmao)

      i found it on instagram and like,,, i literally died and went to heaven that day. (if he screws it up if my boys aren’t happy if they don’t get the best ending they deserve i WILL cry and not in the good way)

      it starts being so destructive and slowly you just pick up the pieces?? i adore it?? mason deaver created a SAINT of a book

      thank youuuuuu (i’ve read twots and tsatbbt and… they were both incredible) oh that’s so cool!!! honestly i think that might be all i share for a while since more of them are insanely personal but thank you for the boost!!! (and same for your things, always <3) thank you nimika… and please don't leave me hanging i need answers on two things: should i lend my copy of aftg and how do you use goodreads

      Liked by 1 person

      1. it’s always so hard to debate on the “should i lend this book to a friend?” lol so I DON’T KNOW,,, on one hand, i want your friend to be as hung up over the books as you are and one only gets that way when you binge read them but also those books have WHITE covers and im anxious on your behalf,,,,,,,, (but like. if your friend can be trusted with keeping care of the book then i think go ahead sis)

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  7. Aaah I’m glad you had such a wonderful June and happy belated birthday lovely! ❤ I do write poetry though I have for some time, I did do a guest post on someone else's blog with a poem and I think I may have one up on mine? I don't know for sure if I ever did post a poem on my own blog though haha. I love writing poetry and lyrics though 😉

    Lending books hmmm, I have done in the past with two friends but generally speaking I don't lend my books out. I get too worried about them and prefer just having them on my shelves where I can see them and know that they're all ok. My June was ok, despite the fact I began to blog hop today and was like "why are there so many june wrap ups?" alas…I re-remembered we're in July now. Time has lost all meaning to me now haha.

    Also what's your goodreads??? So I can add you on there ❤ Hope you have a wonderful July Rhi!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. hey rhi! so happy I found your blog, I’ve been truly loving all of your posts ❤ so so happy for you that you had an amazing june, and I hope you had an amazing birthday! convincing my friends to read my favourite books is one of the best feelings ever tbh. it's like watching my child flourish *tears* your poetry is amazing, really! all the feels *cries again*

    wishing you the absolute best for july! <33

    Liked by 1 person

  9. happy late birthday!! i’m glad that june was a good month for you (and yay for holidays!) and aahh it makes my heart really happy to see all the f/f books you got, i hope you adore them all and i’m glad that you enjoyed the stars and the blackness between them 💞 and god i’m so JEALOUS of you having planned out your content until august, i wish i could do that 😭 hope you have a wonderful july!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you!!! (holidays are always a good thing) so far i’ve read the henna wars (last night, it was amazing) the weight of the stars (also amazing) as well!! qpoc f/f for the win ❤ omg thank youuu it's kinda insane but also…. i love being organised for once. thank you!! same to you may x

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Ah can’t believe I haven’t looked at your blog before!! I LOVE IT!

    Yay for the rereads, I’ve been doing a lot of that too lately. Which is a good and a bad thing hehe. I’ve loved the rereads I’ve done but also haven’t been reading many new faves. Terrible cycle. Ha wow The Raven CYCLE was actually one of them haha

    I really want to get my hands of The Foxhole Court series so I can no what all the hype is about.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Re-reading books is the best, tbh. I don’t see anything wrong with you revising your ratings! I also like the idea of saying “revised rating” so that later on you can see how your tastes have changed over the years; but obviously only do that if you feel like it. 🙂

    Can I ask–when you list your books out, how do you do that formatting with the book covers and the little summaries? I’ve been trying to learn the new wordpress and it is, admittedly, a bit difficult for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i love it so much and i’m glad you do too ❤ yeah i'm happy that my original is there, but there's DEFINITELY some books i probably just got caught up in the moment of 😉

      aah i don't know how to do it in blocks sorry!! i still have the old editor haha and i'm making use of it ❤ sorry heather! i usually right or left format the image depending on the place in the list, and next to that i make the title big using and (without spaces obviously) and the rest is just regular text. hope that helps!! (i would appreciate if you didn’t copy that exactly for your own use, however :)) )

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s okay! And no I 100% respect your originality. No copying. 🙂 Was just curious! I’m on a hunt to perfect my own as well and I think it comes over time, tweaking things here and there.

        Liked by 1 person

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