The Mid Year Book Freakout Tag ft. New Favourites, Disappointments, And Lots Of Rereads… Too Many??

This tag never fails to make me very very happy to write.

Even though… it’s currently three and a half thousand words and it’s still going. I feel like it deserves it though – where did 2020 even go?? It’s just insane that we are six months through 2020.. which has been an interesting year to say the least. At the same time, a lot has happened!

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also YES i took this picture YES it was a while ago and YES i’m actually kind of proud. those are my fabulous legs and socks in there ;)) it’s a new thing i’m trying out okay… let’s just get on with this

The Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag is actually the best tag in the blogosphere, and I’m excited to get into it today!! I did this last year and I can’t wait to actually be prepared and have this post in advance in 2020!! It’s very long… who knows how long my yearly recap will be… I don’t want to think about that. Also! Last year I wrote it like an hour before publishing…. this has been half started in my drafts/scheduled since the END OF MAY. how’s that for a glow up ;))

I also love two things about this tag: a) how literally so many people come together and do this tag every year WITHOUT FAIL, and b) how it improves my mood? I’ve been working on it for a while and it’s SO LONG OMG (3.8k…..) but I loved every second of it!! (Even the formatting which is my favourite thing about blogging and also my worst nightmare.)

Thank you to Olivia for the nomination! (I was planning on doing this anyway…. but it’s nice to know someone thought of me!!)

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Look the only new favourites from this year is the All For The Game series which, my heart, was the BEST READING THING about my year. 10/10 in love with all the Foxes and I have found another book to add to the list of books-I-talk-about-in-every-post even though I shouldn’t!! I can’t help it I’m obsessed!!! I wish I didn’t love it as much as I did for so many reasons but I’m weak and am giving in to talking about it more often than I should. (i need a permanent warning for my ranting on my blog who wants to make it) 

I tried not to talk about it too much but I just love it too much? I’m sorry? I am slowly coming off the high and I’m no longer thinking about it 24/7… that’s a good sign right?!

31373184  35614314  35858798._SY475_  43298077  50286296._SY475_ when the moon was ours

Other notable mentions though (aka, 4.5 star books that aren’t favourites but still amazing) include Call Down The Hawk, The Weight Of Our Sky, Hungry Hearts anthology, We Are Lost and Found, Only Mostly Devastated, and my most recent read: When The Moon Was Ours!! I enjoyed all of these a lot and think they’re some of the best books I’ve read this year!! (I wish I had time to go into why I loved each of these but this post is long enough.)

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40516960I honestly haven’t read many sequels except for The Raven King?? And somehow I think I’m going to be mentioning AFTG a lot in this post so let me go and try to find something else. I tried not to okay?! It was hard.. but I managed.

I actually only read two other sequels (plus two sequel rereads – CK and TDT) in the first six months of 2020? One was Aurora Burning which I loved!! The cliffhanger killed me and the friends I read it with though…. oh well. The other one I read was A Heart So Fierce And Broken which… tbh I remember nothing about? I think it was good? It was like four stars so obviously it was good enough?? (i dONT kNOW anytHING abOUT iT okAY?! i also don’t know anything about the first book….)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM



The Henna Wars! It’s had so many amazing reviews, and when I heard it was a QPOC enemies to lovers f/f romance I became obsessed with the idea of it. The cover is simply gorgeous too, and I cannot WAIT to pick this up as soon as I can!!

I’m also waiting for The Electric Heir – since I loved The Fever King and my snarky Noam and Dara. I was going to reread it this June for Pride…. oh well. That definitely happened.

(I’m gonna stop apologising for mentioning these so much because it’s gonna keep happening until I read them both…. which is hopefully soon. Hopefully for me and hopefully for you.) (Note: I RECEIVED BOTH FOR MY BIRTHDAY I LOVE MY PARENTS SO MUCH and i can’t wait to get into them!!)

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Okay so two of the books I’m dying over (and that i keep talking about BEFORE i’ve even read them!! no one wants to think about what’s going to become of me + this blog when i do…) are Darius the 49025767Great Deserves Better and The Nobleman’s Guide!!! They’re both coming out in August and I will cry if they suck. I will also likely cry in both of them if they’re good though!!

Darius the Great is Not Okay is one of my all time favourite books and when I heard it was getting a sequel I actually teared up. Darius’ story in 52934919._SX318_SY475_the first book meant so much to me and the fact we get to see more of everyone is going to be amazing!!

Once again, it’s another book in a series I adored – the Montague Siblings. The fact that we get more Monty, Percy, and Felicity in The Nobleman’s Guide To Scandal and Shipwrecks excites lovelessme so much, and I’m already smiling at the thought of another insane romp.

Loveless is one I haven’t really talked about but I’m also excited for!!! It sounds absolutely incredible and I hope I can pick up a copy when it comes out in July 🙂 I also tend to love almost anything Alice Oseman writes – high hopes that will (hopefully) be met!!

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30316954I was sad at first about The Memory Book sucking, and then I abandoned being sad in favour of ranting about it!! So yes it was a disappointment (this is what happens when a cishet white girl is the protagonist and complains about everything!!!) but it was also NOT a disappointment cause I got a book I can rant about out of it!!

If you want sick lit, this is not it. Go read TFIOS (actually oh dear please don’t) or something – NOT THIS. However, if you want something to scream at and talk incessantly about because you’re really mad and annoyed, this is 100% the book for you!!! I will rant with you!!

11250317I hate saying this and I’m honestly a little scared to say this because this book is adored by so so many people but I didn’t love The Song Of Achilles as much as I was hoping?? I went in looking for a new favourite but ended up being bored for the first half waiting for it to get better, desperate for the first half of them being boys again for the next 40%, finally loved it at 90% and then got to the end and was very confused about my feelings for this book.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked this book a lot (it got 4 stars, after all) but I just had high expectations and they weren’t quite met. (I could just leave this out and make this post shorter but will I? No.) I DID TEAR UP THOUGH SO THAT COUNTS FOR SOMETHING.

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34213299._SY475_I wasn’t expecting The Kingdom of Back to be as good as it was!! I knew I’d enjoy it (because.. Marie Lu, duh) but it IS historical which.. historically I am not a super fan of (except for The Gentleman’s Guide To Vice And Virtue but then again Monty and Percy are the exception to everything) but I ended up going 40234284._SY475_through it really quickly and loving it with a 4(.5?) star rating!! (also idk why it’s not up there with the best books of 2020 then… there are levels to my 4.5 star ratings. and also there were six books above seven would’ve been weird and gone onto another line.)

Another one that I was surprised about loving was I Am Out With Lanterns!! I tried it a couple of years ago but I’m so glad my friend convinced me to pick it up again because after the first 20% it gets really good!! A little predictable, yes, but still enjoyable (One of the characters also annoyed me a little because he was a self centred prick at times!!)

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33275690[resists the urge to say Nora Sakavic]

This is a hard question!!! (When you take away NS, it is difficult. Even though I would probably never say it.) I think I’ve got to say Emma Mills – I enjoyed Foolish Hearts (GIDEON APPRECIATION MOMENT) so much and I’m excited to get to her other books later in the year!! I know Famous In A Small Town has been highly recommended, and if you know any others, let me know!!

Unfortunately I haven’t read many books from debut authors – hopefully that is changing soon though 😉

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!!!!! This question is kinda hard and also not hard. I don’t tend to crush on a huge amount of characters so these are more people who I would love to spend time with!! (and you know. am maybe sorta kind of in love with and would die for. no big deal.)

I still adore Gansey and Ronan from The Raven Cycle – and since both of them make an appearance in CDTH I’m counting it and no one can stop me. I’m also in love with Renee Walker and Andrew Minyard from The Foxhole Court!!! (as everyone can probably guess from, oh, i don’t know, my phone background?)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM


Can I just skip this? I like everyone!! (Except that girl/everyone in The Memory Book but we all know already how much I hated that book. Still debating if I should review it for the SOLE PURPOSE of being snarky.)

33275690  12000020  30075662._SY475_ 18187013

If I HAD to pick a few I’d probably say a) Gideon from Foolish Hearts, because he’s a cinnamon roll that reminds me so much of Gansey (from TRC) who I adore x2, b) both Ari and Dante, and no, I didn’t read A+D for the first time this year but I’ve read it twice in 2020 already so they deserve a spot for me to scream about loving them!!, and c) Zila (and Fin) from the Aurora Cycle who are my snarky gay children I love!!! I also fell in love with every single Fox ❤ I take no questions and give no apologies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM


23594461I cried over The King’s Men – not because it was sad, but because it was ending and there was the Neil/[redacted] thing and The Game and everything about it was so beautiful. I hate this series so much and it’s so problematic and the writing is utter trash but it just makes me sob and smile and I cannot stop thinking about it. (by the time this is published, i have thankfully SLOWLY come down from the high but i still love it A LOT)

35614314I also teared up a little in The Weight of Our Sky!! It was so sad but at the same time it gave me so much hope and made me realise how much things have improved – but also what is still happening today. (Rhi, what even was that sentence. If your English teacher ever read this she would lose all hope in you.) The representation of both OCD and what life was like at the time of the race riots seemed well written and executed flawlessly. 

There were also some rereads (like Ari and Dante, I Wish You All The Best i kicked off pride month with some emotional sad tears!!!) that I cried in but I’m not going into them!! I’ve also posted a list of books that I got very emotional over if you’d want to check that out (i literally cannot self promo for the life of me. someone teach me.)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM


Most books?? I feel like I haven’t really hated/disliked any books which is such a nice feeling! I’ve become much more selective with what I read so that has had a big impact. (I also reread so many books and honestly? It massively improves mood/general rating!!!!)

i was born for thisOne that I love and haven’t really talked about much (I finally found a new book to talk about!! jkjk i can almost guarantee it will never feature again on my blog) is I Was Born For This!! The story was much more exciting plot-wise than I expected (although, it’s Alice Oseman, why am I surprised?) and I love Angel/her friend/s and all the Ark boys so much!! 

yes no maybe soI also adore Yes No Maybe So!! I got a political kick when I read this and then a reread of RW&RB in the span of a week and this wasn’t pushed down a star or two when compared to RW&RB – which I loved a lot, so big praise. Both Jamie and Maya were pretty likeable people and I found the story sweet, hilarious, and just overall fun ❤ Also I’m not sure why but it reminds me a bit of Love From A-Z?? (honestly have no idea why except they’re both fun romcoms)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM


IMG_2821I haven’t bought too many books this year because of the whole… bookstores closed thing and there’s not really any I did get that were astonishingly gorgeous, but last year for Christmas I got a VERY nice haul from my parents and two books I love from that are You Asked for Perfect and I Wish You All The Best!! I loved the contents of both (even though one was just a LITTLE stressful and the other was heartbreaking) but the front is so cute too!! (The covers do NOT go together at ALL in that photo and I’ll just pretend it doesn’t annoy me.)

IMG_3557^^See above? Let’s call it Rhi being idiotic. I totally forgot I actually did get some others?? And why am I like this being so idiotic?? Red White and Royal Blue and The Kingdom of Back are the two books my dad brought back for me when he went to the US and I love the covers and contents of both!! I also got some books for my birthday this month and… the covers on all of them are adorable but I love The Weight of The Stars, The Henna Wars, and The Stars And The Blackness Between Them the most!!

While I adore the cover of Red White and Royal Blue and I personally enjoyed it more the TKOB (purely for the humour and the characters) I think Kingdom of Back just has an absolutely incredible cover? Between that and Rebel…. Marie Lu is getting what she deserves!! However….. nothing compares to my love for The Stars And The Blackness Between Them… that cover with the pretty girls and the colour scheme…. my gay heart is sCREAMING. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM


I have to get to The Henna Wars, Darius The Great Deserves Better, and, to no one’s surprise, The Nobleman’s Guide To Scandal and Shipwrecks. These are the three books that I have been screaming about for so long and I think they’ll be amazing!!

45439783  loveless  the falling in love montage  i kissed alice  7BE46814-C267-4990-BB20-AAE51E4D5CBE  the poppy war

However, since I’ve already mentioned all THREE of them (in this post and just a lot in general!!) a couple of others I want to get to are The Electric Heir (yes i already mentioned this too but at least i haven’t SCREAMED ENDLESSLY about it like the others!!), Loveless (yes i also mentioned this one but in my dEFENSE i haven’t been talking about it for months on end), The Falling In Love Montage, and I Kissed Alice – they all look so good!! If you’ve received an ARC/already read it tell me what you thought – I will be very sad if they disappoint. VERY SAD.

I also have to mention Percy Jackson, which I’m going to be reading hopefully in August sometime! (August because I’m signing up for Scribd again in July maybe and I’ll have a lot of books already to read) I’m super excited and I honestly cannot wait. I think it’ll be really good and I’ll laugh a lot and maybe cry sooooooo sounds like everything I love in YA… but put it in a MG book.

So many people have also been screaming at me to read The Poppy War (which i ironically keep typing as the poopy war…. i hope it’s better than that unfortunate typo) so I guess I’ll try and make that happen?? It looks incredible (dark, but incredible) and yeah, wish me luck on getting to all of these!!

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM


I don’t want to pick one!! So…. I’m not??? I CAN’T CHOOSE OKAY. If you are DESPERATE for more blog recommendations I’m going to be nominating a lot of people for the Book Blogging Awards this year soon, and last year’s post is here so have a look at that!!

WAIT. I KNOW I SAID I WASN’T CHOOSING PEOPLE BUT. I also want to mention Paradeabelle and Memo who are both friends of mine (yes, people who i know irl read my blog sometimes. it’s nice. and sometimes they scroll through and get recommendations and scream so. i love them. sometimes i get out of context texts. whatever you need to do to cope.) and who both started blogging this year 🙂 they’re both very sweet and I’m sure they’d love to get to know you ❤

All of you are so wonderful and every comment makes my day!! I don’t know what I did to deserve everyone :’) If you have any blog recommendations I’d love to hear them!! (feel free to plug your own blog and i’ll try to leave a comment/follow!!)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM


I wanted to put this in because I reread a lot! Like…. a lot. These are the books (in order of when i reread heh) – 

37506437 1garrett girls 34433755 C4A15045-2F3A-4D1D-B583-F032F978A3EA B2855EB4-C94F-41CA-913C-1848A2C55909 dreaming 3585D2B0-2937-4385-9E53-19C37BEE90FB 0BFB3124-F47F-46A2-BE43-D67A7BC8AF0C 41150487._SY475_ 041A1C87-3ACD-4048-B120-9B5B2AE46F66 30075662 23437156 22299763 12000020 41473872 35960813

(yes it very much annoys me too that i haven’t reread just TWO MORE BOOKS to make it even)

As you can see I reread a lot!! A couple of those I’ve even reread more than once – like Aristotle and Dante (i actually had that image twice in my gallery sooooo i shoved it in there twice for u ur welcome). I have a discussion coming up soon (hopefully.. maybe it’s only in August) about rereading and it’s definitely a personal one, but I’m excited for it!!

I also have plans to reread Darius again in preparation for the sequel!! I also wanted to read Gentleman’s Guide for Pride but I resisted because that way I can do a series reread (including Felicity’s book, sadly – also I just want to say that I didn’t like Lady’s Guide for pacing/Felicity-being-annoying issues – I don’t have an issue with the aroace rep in it!! in fact if you have recs i’d love some) before the third book in that series comes out!! (Also since I’m weak I’m rereading AFTG in July/August sometime hopefully!! I can’t resist!! I love the Foxes too much!!! i will say that the urge is slightly less strong than it was. that’s an improvement right?!)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM


Unsurprisingly, for me at least, I’ve read a lot of books. The rereads bumped that number up a LOT, so the total is more than I was expecting, but around the number I was hoping for which is good!! I do have the total number below since this is a way for me to remember as well to tell you guys, but I don’t want anyone who may compare themselves to be stressed because they’ve read less or whatever. You don’t have to read a million books a month to be a reader or a blogger – you just have to enjoy reading. In the spoiler tag, I have the amount I read each month, what number of rereads is included in that, and then the total number is at the bottom 🙂 ((tap on the arrow)) (also if you’re in the wordpress reader you’ll see it automatically)

READING BREAKDOWN STATS**rereads are included in the total number of books
JANUARY: 17 books, including 2 rereads
FEBRUARY: 13 books, incl. 7 rereads
MARCH: 11 books, incl. 1 reread
APRIL: 4 books, incl. 2 rereads
MAY: 5 books, 1 rereads

JUNE: 5 books, 3 rereads

TOTAL: 55 books read – 16 rereads, 39 new books

I have been slumping a bit in recent months and I wish I could go back to reading as many books as I used to but that’s okay!! I’ll get there this holidays hopefully!! (wow remember when I thought reading 11 books in a month was bad I WISH PLEASE CAN I GET THAT BACK lmao please book gods!!)

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM


I’ve only seen one this year I think, which is The Miseducation of Cameron Post – but I loved it!! It focused much more on God’s Promise than the book did which was definitely an interesting contrast but I would recommend!!

I’m also going to take this chance to talk about some movies/TV I’ve loved this year: The Half Of It (so!! good!! please!! watch!! i saw it three times in may alone!!!), Brooklyn 99 (i’m in love with all of them but especially holt amy and rosaaaa), and I did a binge of Studio Ghibli movies as well which was fun!! (I think I’ve watched maybe 6 of them this year?) There was also a period where I watched maybe 5 movies in the span of a month – between Netflix parties with friends (if you need recs let me know!!) and my own viewing.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

have you done this this year? feel free to say i tagged you :)) have any book recommendations coming out in the next 6 months for me to add to my ever-growing tbr? did you actually make it through this extraordinarily long post? (if so ily congrats thank u xx)

(also i am so so sorry this is MORE THAN 3700 words why do i do this hhhh anyway thank you!!!)

(i also would’ve included the section ‘favourite review’ but i’ve literally written one (1) review this year so that would be pointless. i am proud of it though!!)

45 thoughts on “The Mid Year Book Freakout Tag ft. New Favourites, Disappointments, And Lots Of Rereads… Too Many??

  1. Haven’t done the tag yet but I’m working on it, haha. I can recommend Kingdom of the Wicked though I haven’t read that one yet (comes out in fall 2020) and the reason I am so excited for this is because it’s a book by Kerri Maniscalco, the author of the SJTR series and I absolutely loved the series and especially the characters.

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  2. Ahh, this was so much fun to read!! I was smiling so much.🤍 Especially because I feel as if Gideon and Gansey are The Same and it makes me so happy and it is probably why they are the two book characters I cry about the most on a daily basis. For other Emma Mills recs, my two favorites besides Foolish Hearts are Famous like you said and then I really loved Lucky Caller!! I do love her other ones too, but those are my top favorites.

    You’ve read so much oh my gosh!! That’s amazing. I also love the amount of rereads you have, that makes me happy because rereads are the best I spy TRC and SoC and so many favorites in that section.🥺 I hope you get to read all the books you want in the rest of the year!! I also hope you love PJO- and I too want to read The Falling in Love Montage and The Poppy War before the end of the year (HA I laughed at the poopy war).

    I always say I need to read more Alice Oseman after reading your posts but!! I need to read more Alice Oseman. Oh, and I love the picture in your cover image! Loved every word of this post, Rhi xx

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    1. AAHHH THANK YOU!! (it was super long but that’s okay!) Ah I’ve heard great things about Lucky Caller too, so that’s good to hear.

      Ahaha thank you! Yes, rereading favourites is a specialty of mine heh. I’m hoping to get a copy of TFILM (i just realised the acronym!!!) soon and The Poppy War too.

      PLEASE DO SHES SIMPLY INCREDIBLE. Ahh thank you so much Olivia!! ❤

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  3. You’ve read so many books this year already!! I see a ton that I can’t wait to get my hands on, like Loveless and Darius the Great!! I also LOVED Foolish Hearts when I read and am so happy to see other people love it too!! 🥰

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  4. I’ve read some of Emma Mills books (all of them apart from first & then and lucky caller) I wouldn’t recommend This Adventure Ends but famous in a small town is pretty good! I also need to read The Poppy war i know i will love it! I’m sorry that you found The Song of Achillies as much as you wanted to – I do want to re-read because I’m unsure about my rating since I read it a while ago!

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  5. Ooo I need some Netflix movie recommendations! Literally every time I go to watch a move on there there’s just so many and I’m just stumped 😂 Will definitely be checking out the books you mentioned, and B-99 is so good! Ah Rosa is such a badass I love her! 🙂

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    1. Ahh okay well any Studio Ghibli film is incredible (especially Spirited Away and Kiki!) and The Half of It (of course). Perks of Being A Wallflower is good to watch with friends, and if you want something to mock…. Radio Rebel made us laugh a lot!!! :)) hope that helps!

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      1. Good to know! The Half Of It was so good, agreed ❤️ Thank you so much Perks of Being A Wallflower has been on my list for a while and I’m still trying to persuade my friend to FaceTime watch it with me 😂 Thanks again Rhi!

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  6. i hope you enjoy the henna wars and the electric heir!! i loved both so much, especially the ending of the electric heir. fair warning though — the henna wars isn’t super heavy on the rivals to lovers thing (it’s more like childhood friends they have complicated feelings over that happen to be business rivals)… just wanted to let you know so you don’t get disappointed haha! and ahh i’m so happy you loved kingdom of back!! i really need to get around to it but like you i struggle with historical lmao. great post!!

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    1. omg i cannot WAIT for teh now!! (i have a copy… but im reading the stars and the blackness between them first which is amazing so far! ahaha i’ll keep that in mind (complicated feelings are also my jam though so :D) it’s as magical as all of marie lu’s other books so i hope you can read it soon! (be in the mood for it though because it is quite fact/info heavy!!) thank you may!! ❤

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        1. i just have to say this…. i finished a couple of days ago and i’m NOT OVER IT. i adored the ending (i had to read it a few times but omg it was WORTH IT) and just, everything made me smile and laugh and tear up kajhfkjsdh okay sorry!! i’ll shut up now!!

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  7. oh my god i really need to get to the electric heir too!! the fever king is one of the few books i’ve given 5 stars. & idk how i haven’t read the sequel yet :(( i’m really excited to see alice oseman tackle ace/aro rep in loveless!! & i really enjoyed the falling in love montage—i hope you do ❤
    wishing you a great rest of your reading year!

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  8. ahh i’m planning on reading When The Moon Was Ours soon so i’m happy to hear that you enjoyed it!! also i’m so excited for you to read The Henna Wars, i loved it so much 😭😭 i’ve only read one Alice Oseman book so far (Radio Silence) lmao, but i loved it and need to pick up the rest of her books asap — i’m especially excited for Loveless as well!!

    yessss someone else who sees the resemblance between Gideon and Gansey!! i love them both so much 🥺 also please read Famous In A Small Town, it’s one of my fav Emma Mills books. ooh i’d heard of the book The Miseducation of Cameron Post but i had no idea it was also a film adaptation, i’ll have to look into that! and omg u read so many books, i’m so happy for you!! this was such a great post ❤❤

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    1. oh i hope you love it since i adored it!!! aah that makes me so happy to hear since i have a copy on my shelf right now that i’m going to start in a few days!! ah the webcomic heartstopper is available for free at , and IWBFT is another excellent one of hers!!

      they’re both so similar!! (and the names… it’s something about ‘g’ names i think!) ah i haven’t been able to find a copy anywhere but i hope i can soon – it looks so good. yeah the film def changes some things and cuts out most of the first half of the book but it’s still an important watch (though i wouldn’t recommend the book that much haha) THANK U ❤ honestly i've been slumping for MONTHS now and to hear people say that breaks my heart <33 thank youuuuuu

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  9. ahhh, aurora burning!!! i am so glad you mentioned a cliffhanger, because ever since i finished aurora rising i’ve been wanting to pick this one up, but then the other half of me is like: “no, let me put this one aside for a while longer, so i don’t have to wait so long for the 3rd one”. now that i know this one ends on a cliffhanger, i’ll definitely wait until we’re closer to the 3rd one release before picking this one up!

    loveless & the third book in the montague siblings are definitely anticipated releases of mine too! i am also not surprised at all to see darius the great deserves better in pretty much everyone’s answer to this tag, hahah. it’s what darius deservesss!!!

    i did not like the song of achilles much either, so you’re definitely not alone! it was one of my most disappointing reads of last year. i really did not like the romance and didn’t understand why patroclus had no personality except being in love with achilles. while i understand the original myth focused more on achilles, isn’t the purpose of a re-telling being able to add more things to it? so they could’ve given more personality to patroclus, at least in my opinion, hahah.

    the cover for the stars and the blackness between them is STUNNING! it must look beautiful on your shelves!

    i haven’t re-read at all this year and i miss it so much! i was planning on re-reading and then finishing harry potter this year, but now with all the jk rowling stuff, idk if i’m particularly motivated to do so. but i love that you ended up re-reading so much! it’s so comforting!

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    1. kjsdgkjshdjf just pick it up now!! be like me and have no self control!!! (also would HIGHLY recommend so just… do not listen to your brain listen to ur heart. ur heart is telling you to pick it up now.)

      ahaha i just adored it so much?? i’m planning on picking up loveless as soon as it’s out and while i’m less keen on talking about the montague siblings because of mackenzi lee, it definitely has the potential lady’s guide did but i hope it’s better!!

      i actually loved patroclus and briseis a LOT lmao but yeah, achilles highkey sucked. for me it wasn’t a super disappointing read since i… rated it 4 stars still, but idk i wanted more!!

      i’ve read it since.. the inside is as good. my shelves are colour coded and unfortunately it’s black (the spine!! not the characters!! i love audre and mabel!! i’m digging myself into a HOLE) but i’m going to be feauturing the cover as much as i can since it’s simply gorgeous!!

      tbh i never got into harry potter so i’m glad?? but if you feel like it and already own/get it from the library then i say do it but don’t advertise it and promote her/the books??? kjahfkjds i love rereading so much and feel kinda bad sometimes?? but my mental health and my reading slump deserve it so i don’t care enough to not haha!!

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  10. I’m in awe of your rereads!! I honestly want to reread more, but I keep on putting so many books on my TBR that I never get around to it 😭 I’m so excited for Loveless!! I can’t believe it’s finally coming out and I’m just !! Also, speaking of Alice Oseman, I Was Born for This is my favorite book by her (so far). Aww, I’m sorry Song of Achilles was a disappointment. I hope the second half of your reading year goes well!

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  11. you’re so right about it being the best tag, it’s the only one i ever do 😞

    i remember when aftg were my fave books on the tag in 2018,,,,, i’ve still not recovered from the high so GOOD LUCK lmao

    i loved the fever king when it came out and i wanted to read the sequel so bad but i’ve FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING ABOUT THE BOOK so i’m unsure about reading the sequel i hate it here

    i just know i’m going to adore loveless and if i don’t then i will cry myself to sleep #im14andthisisdeep

    “and then I abandoned being sad in favour of ranting about it” exactly how i deal with all my problems, so proud :’)

    SIS. RHI. MATE. emma mills’ BESTEST BOOK EVER is ‘this adventure ends’ and i will NOT be convinced otherwise, you absolutely hAVE TO READ IT. my opinions are backed up with science. no error.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahahaha i do too many tags… because… i don’t have… that thing required to blog… called… ideas

      it’s coming down slowly. slowly is the keyword.<3 i just love them all so much and kjhkghkfhk

      i loved it too!!! i'm gonna reread the fever king as soon as i finish the henna wars (and, uh, start it lmao) and do a series read…. i will let you know how it goes

      i will cry if i like it or not because it'll either be so awful that i'll be sad, or the characters will go through something awful and i'll be sad

      i learn from the best 😉 if you talk about it with enough salt you slowly lose the sadness it's a flawless plan. except for when, uh, it doesn't work.

      ok ok ok ok what's this i hear about me needing to read a book? I WILL READ IT OKAY FINE. adding to my tbr as we speak. (it's been added)


  12. Ohh, I love this Book Tag so much, it always excites me every year and it’s so much fun to reflect on your reading life and see what everyone else has been reading 🥰 I hope you end up liking The Electric Heir, it’s such a fantastic sequel!! I’m also happy to hear that you liked The Kingdom of Back! I love Marie Lu but wasn’t sure about this book because it didn’t sound that exciting, but I still want to give it a chance! 😊

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  13. Love all your answers!! Ah so glad that Call Down The Hawk was a fave because I recently reread TRC in preparation for it and,,, have heard mixed things *sweats* Omg also hard same about Ronan and Gansey. My reread reignited my love for Gansey. Ugh we gotta love. BLUESEY BETTER APPEAR IN THIS TRILOGY OR I RIOT haha

    Also desperately want to start the Feverwake duology bc I think it’s going to SO up my alley ahhh

    So stoked for Alice Oseman’s new book. I’ve only read Heartstopper and RS but have IWBFT on my tbr to before I read Loveless and,,, SO PUMPED!! She’s so great

    Love this post!!

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