The Pride Flag Book Tag ft. All The Queer Recommendations To Boost Your TBR!

And we’re back at it with the gay content!!!

(and yes, I only did one post NOT queer-related but hey!! i needed something to start this post!!)

Today I have a post that I’ve been wanting to do for a while… the Pride Flag book tag!! And yes, the fact that it rhymes makes me extraordinarily happy 😉

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 11.42.52 AM

I saw this around a lot last year and I cannot WAIT to get into it now. And yes, my colour-coded loving heart has matched book covers with the respective colour prompt. You’re welcome 😉 These are mostly books I didn’t talk about here so enjoy!! Some new-but-not-really-they’re-still-the-same books!!!

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red: life – book with a spirited protagonist totally proud of who they are – someone who gives you life


Okay so from what I remember of You Asked For Perfect (admittedly not much – i’m rereading soon!!) both of the protagonists in this have no issues with their sexuality/personality… except for the whole ‘failing-classes-so-he-has-to-tutor-me’ thing which is the whole premise of the book. I am kind of in love with YAFP….. even though it made me stressed. So very stressed. I was stressed for EVERYBODY in this book. Everybody making bad decisions and me being stressed = a summary of this book. Still read it though!!!!!


This is another one!! Except… it’s kinda the opposite… with Henry talking to birds and deer in Narnia. That’s how much he’s proud. However, the character arc is what I live for!! The iconic scene nearish the end!! The everything!! I died a million times over!! Also yes, I am 100% taking this opportunity to match the colour of the prompt to the book covers. What did you THINK I was going to do?!

orange: healing – book that made you find a deeper meaning in your own life


(is this cover red?? i have it with the orange books but is it red??)

The first time I read Darius the Great is Not Okay was a cathartic experience I wish I could get back. This book just means so much to me and I recognise so many of Darius’ struggles in his mental health and his identity in my life?? I read this about 6 months after I went to India (where quite a lot of my extended family is) and I just related to it so so much?? Please read it?? Every time I read it I get something more out of it – in Darius’ trip, in his mental health, in his longing. Rad it to cry, read it to scream with me, read it.

The second time I saw a lot more of myself in Darius, and the message that it’s okay to be not okay was so so needed. I reread it at the perfect time and I can’t think of a book that fits this prompt more for me. (and the cover is orange which goes with my theme!!!)

Also! If I haven’t convinced you to pick this up the sequel is coming this August!!! Get to it!!! I love it so much!!! (and yes, technically this is not gay but darius has a boyfriend confirmed in the sequel so guess what i’m gonna take this opportunity to keep!! talking!! about!! it!!! i love annoying you all)

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yellow: sunshine – book that fills you with so much joy it could brighten even your darkest days

36307634._SY475_KING OF SCARS

King of Scars can represent my love for the Six of Crows duology which is a favourite of mine!! King of Scars was not quite as good (but it had Nikolai and Zoya and an f/f romance!!!) but my love for Leigh Bardugo and the Dregs is too great for me to not talk about!!! I haven’t mentioned it in a while so it’s time for some love ❤


(also yes, I only just remembered that CK has a yellow cover and I can use that I promise I’m not just an oblivious idiot??? I have a vague intellect??)

All the ships and the heist and the fantasy world in this is just amazing. I love the plot lines (except for the trope in KoS excuse me what?!) and the characters!!! I’m a sucker for Nikolai and Wylan and Nina and Jesper and everyone.

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green: nature – book set out of this world/ different reality than your own


This is technically not really in a ‘different world’ but it’s set in England in the 1800s and I am currently living in neither so guess what – I’m counting it!! (should we count how many times i’m either an idiot or i break the rules in this post?? current tally: 1190274) It’s been a while since I talked about how much I adore this book, so it’s time for me to yell about how much I love Monty!!! I hate how everyone is treated in this book which gets overlooked but I adore Monty and Percy and yes, a little bit Felicity even though her book was….trash and i lived for the monty cameos. Monty is constantly flirting with disaster (and Percy. but are they the same thing perhaps.) and I love him!!!

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blue: peace – book where character finds peace with a difficult truth


Both Ari and Dante come to terms with so much pain and difficult truths in this masterpiece, and I cannot express how much you will cry in this. These poor boys go through so much over two years and I’m forever a sobbing mess over it!!!  Ari and Dante are in two very different situations but they’re somehow two very perfect people for each other?? Ari is broken, he is longing, he is in pain, and he belongs to the rain. Dante is indifferent to everything, and he is the beam of sunshine in Ari’s otherwise lonely life.

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purple: spirit – book that has queer themes and religion


I’m pretty sure most people pick this because it is very well known – but honestly? It deserves all the praise. It means so much to me (as does almost any book for this prompt) and I hope I’ve convinced a lot of people to read it with my incessant ranting about it!!!

I’m in love with it for so many reasons, but most of all how much I related to BOTH Tanner and Seb. Tanner in being a bisexual mess who can’t even function whenever someone even LOOKS at him, and Seb in everything else. I’m also in love with the cover?? It’s so pretty?? Who allowed that?? This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2020-05-23-at-9.38.16-am.png

have you done this tag? i tag you! would you have said these books for the prompts? how’s everyone going?

also omg i hate the new wordpress editor!!!! is anyone else struggling?? i would like to commit murder pls and thx (update: this was a may post when i was ‘trying out’ the new editor to ‘prepare’ but it’s june (1)7th and i’ve still got the old one baby!!) but it screwed up my formatting on this one so sorry about that :///

28 thoughts on “The Pride Flag Book Tag ft. All The Queer Recommendations To Boost Your TBR!

  1. literally yes to soooo many of these! You Asked For Perfect has now been added to my tbr bc it has been so long since i cared about a character enough to be stressed for them and that right there… is qUALITY

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  2. I love this! I really want to read more LGBT+ books. I’ve read a couple this year, and it’s honestly so therapeutic and healing 🙂 I’m not sure if that sounds weird? But it’s just so nice to see characters who are the same as you in some way!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the rainbow!!

    I should definitely get to these books, I’ve read TGGTVAV and Ari and Dante, but I want to read some of the others.

    Also, I’ll have to disagree with you on your views of Felicity Montague, but then I read the second book before the first sort of by accident so I guess I’m biased.

    I loooove this tag! Very smart to colour coordinate 🙂

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  4. I want to read all of the books you listed!! They’ve been on my tbr for so long especially RW&RB and You Asked For Perfect. Oh but I’ve read Crooked Kingdom and LOVED it. The crew are my all time fave characters and I can’t believe it took me ages to get to the duology.
    Loved reading your post!

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  5. This was such a fun tag and I loved all of your answers! I also absolute ADORE how you coordinated the color of the book covers with the questions! Scrolling through this post is so much fun because it creates the Pride flag made out of books! What could be better!

    And YES! You Asked For Perfect is so stressful (and silly me read it during a stressful point in the semester, which made it super relatable, but possibly took 10 years off my life), but it’s also just SO GOOD!

    And I feel as though I never shut up about my love for Red, White, & Royal Blue on my blog because I’m still not over how amazing that book was! And Alex is definitely a spirited character! I mean, flying to another country just to yell at your boyfriend who’s ignoring you is kinda something you only do when you are completely unashamed of yourself and how much you love the other person. And yes, I live for it!

    Also, every time someone mentions Darius the Great Is Not Okay, I want to read it, and then I never do! Hopefully at some point I’ll get my act together and read it because I’ve only heard amazing things!

    Also, your answer of Ari & Dante was absolute perfection and I probably would have answered the question the same way! Especially since I just reread that book last month and it was so heartbreaking to so Ari suffer so much as he worked through all his emotions. He definitely was struggling to find peace for the majority of the book!

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    1. NOTHING is better than the flag made from books, and i stand by that comment!!!

      oh my gosh yafp took at LEAST 5 years off my life too…. laura silverman what did you do to us why do you possess this much power. am i still going to reread it though? yes.

      the romance with henry and alex in rwrb is EVERYTHING and i love them both equally for different reasons!! i can only aspire to alex’s flying across the world to yell at my true love level of amazingness.

      PLEASE PLEASE READ DARIUS. PLEASE. i love it with all my heart and it’s simply incredible – you’ll either relate to it deeply and cry/feel Strong Emotions, or be educated a lot and cry anyway because it’s that kinda book!! (and the sequel is coming soon so pick it up now before that!)

      ari suffers so so much and i love him 😥 my poor boy <33 thanks for commenting malka!!

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  6. so i read You Asked For Perfect during my 12th grade board exam prep (like SAT for y’all, hello from India btw lol) and oh god did i relate to the whole atmosphere of stress in the book. in a really weird way, it was cathartic but also gave me ptsd 🙃

    god, you remember that scene in Autoboyography when tanner’s mum finds him and seb crying on the lawn and just ends up crying and hugging them on the ground,,,,,, what is emotional stability idk her

    i don’t think i’ve ever been on as much of a rollercoaster of emotions as with RWRB, every time i try to explain to someone how much i love that book i just end up with ASDFGHJMLS so yeah (soooooo excited for One Last Stop, im shaking)

    have you read The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic??? it’s my fave and so so gay

    great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hello from australia!! the stress is REAL

      thank u for reminding me of that scene off to cry now–
      no but fr it was so soft and pure!! his MUM i love her !!!!

      if one last stop isn’t good i may have to strangle something. i love rwrb with all my heart and just?? why is casey so talented?? i love them <33

      YES I HAVE and i adore it sm!! (and yes. much gay.) ok ok favourite foxes and please scream with me

      thank u!!

      Liked by 1 person

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