Rhi’s Rambles // May ft. The First Monthly Recap In 2020?! Plus I Discovered Audiobooks!!

I haven’t done a ‘proper’ monthly recap in a long time.

Looking back through the last actual one I did for only one month was DECEMBER?! Whoops??

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 1.08.52 PM

It’s my blog and I do what I want!!! However I love writing these but they’re a LOT of work with formatting and imaging and writing and ugh I have NOT been up to that.

Partly because of online schooling and spending a lot of time on my laptop already?? Partly because I’m losing motivation by the day??? Partly because I’m just akjhsfjkalj a complete mess right now. (also maybe the other reason i don’t do them is because this is 1.5k they’re a lot of work okay?!)<!–?small >


  • I read the AFTG series and I’m very much in love with the Foxes… I’m so deep in hopefully the high eases soon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (also my favourites change regularly but it’s pretty much Renee, Nicky, Neil, Andrew, and Dan/Matt who are constantly in the top five!!!)
  • I hate the fact that I love it so much and I wish I hadn’t because it’s so!! bad!! but!! so!! good!! flkdgljf I can’t express how much I hate to love this!!!
  • That’s it that’s the only notable reading thing. The only reason I’m writing this recap. You can all go now I’ve said my piece.
  • WAIT NO DON’T GO!!! I worked hard on this!!!
  • Even so, I’m struggling to think of other reading things to mention.
  • I had a really good reading month in terms of ratings!! 4-5 stars which is incredible!!!
  • I also got more into audiobooks!! I read Love from A-Z on audio and also The Foxhole Court (narration was amazing on that one) both on Scribd (how I read the entire AFTG trilogy actually) and I love them!! I cannot believe it but I do!! What was I missing!! I like reading them on walks because it makes me feel productive 😉 my 30 day free ran out a couple days ago but I have plans.
  • I got Aurora Burning at the start of May and I STILL haven’t read it because I’m doing a buddy read with two of my irl friends and one of them hasn’t gotten her copy yet!!! She ordered it before I got mine and it has taken WEEKS and it is TESTING my patience!!! But she’s a nice friend and worth waiting for so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Update since I wrote this part in the middle of May: on day after writing that she got it. It was very good. We have had many excellent texts exchanged. The other friend was Paradeabelle 🙂 if you can go show her blog some love, she’s new xx
  • I counted and in the first quarter of the year I read 43 books in total but 12 were rereads (0% regret ANY of them though they were all favourites/one to prepare for upcoming sequel)… and last month (April) I only read 3 books so. New record!! (however i read 3 books that crossed over from april into may and idk what month to put them in!!! help appreciated!!!)

Crooked Kingdom, Leigh Bardugo // 3rd/4th time reread? // totally forgot about the pure comedic GOLD in this and the flirting and everything ughhh I’m soft for the Dregs (also appreciation moment for Kaz in The Scenes) I also annotated this read which was fun! // ★★★★★


The Raven King, Nora Sakavic // i read this in a DAY and i have NO regrets!! this book was painful!! and turning more into crime and thriller!! still in love!!! my baby neil!!! // ★★★★☆ (4.5)


The King’s Men, Nora Sakavic // what is UP with that ending askdkdsfjh ugh this series is problematic and the writing is a mess but i am a mess for the Foxes so it balances out nicely for a 5 star rating ¯\_()_/¯ ** // ★★★★★


Love From A-Z, S.K. Ali // I LOVE HANNA AND CONNOR and all of them!! no but for real this was super cute and adorable!! took me forever but that’s okay!! also i know the food they talked about near the start and it made me HUNGRY // ★★★★☆


Aurora Burning, Amie Kaufman + Jay Kristoff // still not over that ending!!! character development >>> i’ve adopted zila and fin and scar and ty and all of them // ★★★★☆

**note re. my rating of the king’s men/aftg series: i don’t post anywhere but this blog and since it’s a backlist book AND i have a very small audience, the rating is unlikely to affect anything. i always have and likely always will rate books purely off my enjoyment of them and i’m not going to change that. HOWEVER i fully acknowledge that it is not anywhere near perfect, and i don’t necessarily agree with some opinions voiced in the trilogy ❤

  • I blogged more than I ever have in a month this year?? I think this year has just gone UP in stress and workload compared to last year and I’ve been so much less active and I wish I was more but hey, life happens. I will be making mroe of an effort with holidays coming up for me (who am i kidding i say this EVERY time and all i do on holidays is eat, sleep, rewatch shows, and forget about blogging)
  • I had so many ideas and drafts for posts!!! And I’m really excited for it!! At one point I had SEVEN posts scheduled and ready to go so I’m really proud!!! Most are Pride related posts because it only happens once a year!! They are coming out and at you!!!
  • Since I had a sudden interest in writing a lot, know that most of June’s post were either a) written in one sitting, b) written in bed, c) written from May 20th – May 25th, d) over 1k somehow??, and e) written in MAY. I tried not to refer to a huge amount of life events but if they are there know that they probably happened in May…. not the time of publishing.
  • I interacted the most that I’ve done this year and it was still under 5 blogs. Make of that what you will. (ahhh it’s so bad i want to improve/blog hop more!!!)
  • Oh! I got about 25 spam comments that kept a live record of the outcome of a sports game?? It was… really odd. Not mean comments or anything just a… play by play of soccer.
  • I kinda forgot about the fact that I redesigned my entire blog. Maybe it looks good? I’m not sure? Let me know I guess – it’s been a while and I’m tempted to just make the whole thing black and white!!!! (some things i am Conflicted on soooo)
  • oh! this is very last minute but if you link to any of my posts it no longer comes up for me so please let me know via contact page or comment!!! thank u!! alternatively, if you have any tips let me know 🥰
  • It’s been TWO DAYS since the new WP editor came out but I have found a workaround 🙂 I have the old editor back let’s hope that doesn’t change!!
  • I cut my hair!! We cut like 10cm off 😎. We also tried to dye it but since it is brown you can barely see it. (I then cut off another few cm multiple times and so now I have gone from chest length to above-my-shoulder length 100% DO NOT regret!!!)
  • For like 3 weeks every time I washed my hair we cut some more?? It now sits just above my shoulders in a bob?? People were pressuring me into this for Reasons and I’m honestly so happy I did :’)
  • I did the ENTIRE month online schooling but I’m going back in early June!! I have actually grown to love it :))) will miss being able to get up 1/2 hour before school starts.
  • Australia is becoming more relaxed on restrictions because we are doing GOOD in this pandemic so that’s really exciting!! I have a date for when I go back to onsite learning as well which is insane but so good!! Still being wary about social distancing but I’m excited.
  • I’ve been going on daily walks and it’s actually really fun!! I won’t be able to soon because the weather will be getting worse (today I walked in the rain with an umbrella and I was freezing for 3 hours after) but I’m enjoying it while I can!!!
  • Something kinda stressful happened (along with, you know, everything else happening at the moment)
  • I redid my fanart corkboard on my bedroom door (moved the old stuff around + added new things) and it looks so good!! I love it!! I also put the second one up next to my desk and it looks so good!! I love it!! I love both of them!! The fan art one I might show sometime if you’d be interested….? The other one has pictures of me + family + friends so… no thanks.
  • I had to shoot something for film studies and a couple of my friends came over and tHEY (and me) kEPT lAUGHING when one was supposed to be dead and the other was grieving. It was fun!!!
  • Oh! I saw The Half Of It on Netflix three times!! Twice in one night and then another time with a friend who kept asking me what was gonna happen!! Please watch it if you haven’t already – I love it so so much and my entire heart belongs to everyone. (I also saw a couple other movies I think but none as memorable and I don’t know if it was April or May!!) I know a lot of people didn’t like it but I just adore it and akdjhgs
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 9.38.16 AM

how was your may? excited for pride? what have you been doing in quarantine? when are you going back to school?

(also!! sending love to all Black people and everything going on in the US right now. this post has been scheduled for a while now and by the time everything happened it was too late to add a massive thing but i want to say that if there are any tips of ways to support Black people (other than obvious ideas) please let me know!! i probably won’t be talking about it much here because i try and keep this space positive and book-related but i am NOT oblivious <3)

38 thoughts on “Rhi’s Rambles // May ft. The First Monthly Recap In 2020?! Plus I Discovered Audiobooks!!

  1. Hmmm suddenly I think it’s time for another Crooked Kingdom reread haha. Yay for cutting your hair–a bob sounds cute! I’ve been meaning to chop mine myself lol since all the salons are still closed and I can’t deal with spending so much time washing and brushing when I never even leave the house… and your blog looks super super cute ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, I’ve been meaning to try audiobooks but I never get around to it! Any particular app or site you’d recommend?
    And congratulations of chopping off the hair! I’m a big one for cutting my hair myself and whenever I see other people doing it too it makes me really excited for them, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. YAY FOR AUDIOBOOKS! I only started getting into them into 2019 and haven’t looked back. I would listen to them to my walks to and from school and while doing chores and it’s great!! Have you heard of the app Libby? And your design is soooo beautiful!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’ve only listened to three so far (because my scribd free trial ran out 😡 ) but i do quite like them!! and yes i have libby with a local library – thank you for reminding me haha – do you have any recommendations on there? aah thank you so much ilsa!! ❤


  4. ahhh a bob sounds so cute!! I’m currently growing out my hair but I’ve started incensing my hair (kind of idk how to describe ahh) with kapoor (you might have heard of it? it’s an indian thing and idk what it is in English lmaoo) and that’s what going on with my hair haha! also love from a-z! I’ve heard wonderful things about it & I’m glad you liked it! ❤

    also, daily walks sound great! this week has been the first week that my parents thing walking around the neighborhood is safe enough lol (bc the virus) ~ but bc of a not-so-fun physical ed class that I'm taking in the sun, I now have to have 120 consecutive minutes of physical activity a day and it is Not Fun haha.

    and your blog looks lovely! I love the palette you're using ❤


    1. ah i haven’t heard of it but it sounds interesting!! yes love from a-z was absolutely incredible, i’d recommend picking it up if you get a chance 🙂

      aw hopefully you can count walks as part of that now!! i’m.. not a p.e. fan either but walking really appeals to me since i can just do my own thing with music or a book or my thoughts.. good luck!!

      oh my gosh thank you!! :)))

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I’ve never tried an audiobook but I do want to – I’m just so fussy with voices (which sounds so weird haha) so it’s hard to tell which ones I’ll enjoy? I’m currently reading The Foxhole Court and I‘m tempted to pick up the audiobook of that one now you’ve said you enjoyed it!
    I feel like I’ll enjoy this book though – can already tell the writing isn’t the best (after like 2 chapters oops) but I quite like the characters?
    Loved reading your recap and hope June is great for you!💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah i am too!! my first audiobook was ari and dante narrated by lin manuel miranda which is just so poetic, and i already knew the voice so it was a great introduction and got me hooked!! audio is how i read tfc so i’d love to hear your thoughts on it!!

      the characters are the ONLY decent thing about the book but since i gave it a five star rating you can tell they’re absolutely amazing!!!

      thank you!! same to you 🙂


  6. That AFTG high is going NOWHERE. HOW DO YOU DO AUDIOBOOKS? I’d just completely zone out. Wow, SEVEN POSTS READY TO GO?? That’s amazing, I found myself with about 4 posts scheduled?? Like,,, WUT is happening. 25 spam comments??? Bruh I had 1000ish spam comments all of the same Spanish phrase and I only deleted like 250 before losing the will to continue :/// I REALLY WANT TO CUT MY HAIR TO MY SHOULDER BUT IT’S AT MY WAIST TO… Great wrap up!!!

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    1. YOU’RE RIGHT OKAY IT’S BEEN A MONTH NOW AND I’M DEEP IN. I either listen to them on walks/doing art/puzzle/while I’m doing something else hehe – if I just sit down like I’m reading a paperback I get bored!!
      That’s so good about having 4 posts scheduled!! I honestly don’t even know how it got to seven (it’s like 5 now though which is kinda sad) but it happened?? Especially for the last three months there has been a DROUGHT of ideas in my brain and then in a week I write/have ideas for the next three months of content. HOW.
      WOW OKAY THAT’S INSANE. They’re slowly being automatic-deleted which is good but I’m gonna miss them 😥 they were a part of my blog.
      CUT IT. YOU WON’T REGRET IT. how do you even have the ENERGY and TIME to look after that??? thank you!!!!

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  7. Loved this post (and the blog redesign)! I haven’t got around to watching The Half of It yet, but I’m really excited for it. A lot of the LGBTQ+ movies in the film industry are more deep and philosophical with somewhat tragic endings (nothing against that) and I love the fact that we’re finally getting some cheesy rom-coms in the genre.

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  8. Rhi, your blog looks so good!! I really love its color scheme 😍 also, i’m really sad that I didn’t like AFTG as much as I was expecting to lmao. i’m glad that you enjoyed it so much though! It’s great that you acknowledge the not-so-great content, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking problematic stuff as long as we’re aware of it ❤ hope you have a lovely June! I had a lot of fun reading this post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aah thank you so much caitlin!!! aw that’s sad – i really loved it but went in thinking ‘what the actual heck am i getting myself into’… i was right in the opposite way!! yeah that makes sense – just wanted to put it out there because i know that there would be people who are offended by it and since i don’t agree with it, i wouldn’t want them to think i agree when i don’t?? that was a bit of a mess sorry!! thank you so much – you too xx

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  9. wow Rhi! it seems like you had a really great may full of life! haha! its really cool how you cut like 10 inches of your hair, and here i am hissing at anyone who would dare even suggest cutting a centimeter! anyways, i’m glad i saw this, it was really lovely reading about your month of may! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I love this post!! Your energy is so contagious oh my goodness, I love it(:💗 And!! Your blog looks amazing eep!!! I feel so sad that I was so bad at interacting this past month because congrats on putting out so much content- even if I didn’t show it the proper love it deserves, I’m so proud of you and will be going back to look at it!!

    You are making me want to read AFTG! I feel like I am the kind of reader that reads something just for the characters so maybe that’ll be the case here. You’re also making me want to do a SOC/Crooked Kingdom reread this month…that might be happening because I think I’m about to read Shadow and Bone so I’m probably going to want to reread SOC afterwards. I miss Jesper.

    The outcome of the sports game comments HAHA that made me laugh!! I get weird spam comments, but never something that entertaining before, that’s incredible.😂I hope you have a wonderful June and I can’t wait to see whatever you post this month! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AH OLIVIA YOU’RE TOO KIND!! Thank you ever so much!!! I honestly have ZERO clue how it all happened…. my brain just got the weirdest dose of motivation.

      PLEASE DO. I mean, it’s quite problematic and you do need to know that going in but I think you’d really love all the Foxes!! Let me know if you do decide to read it – I will HAPPILY be there for moral support… you may need it. Ah please tell me what you think of S&B, I’ve been wanting to read it but it sounds a lot worse than SOC… and yes, Jesper is still just as excellent I love him 🥺

      It was actually quite interesting!! Even though I’m not a sporty person haha. Thank you so much again Olivia – hope you have a great month too xx

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I totally agree, Monthly Recaps (Reflections for me 😂) are really tough to write and I’m considering skipping May’s because honestly who even know what happened to that month, I feel like I clicked and we jumped from April to June?! Just me? 😂 Your Reading sounds awesome and The Half Of It WAS SO GOOD!! I made whipped coffee and popcorn before and had my own movie night and I loved it!! 🙂 Lovely post so thank you for sharing, your daily walks sound lovely x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes March was honestly I think the longest month of 2020 it just felt like every time a day passed the date went two days back 😂 Of course! Thank you, it’s going *okay* so far 🙂

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  12. awesome recap, rhi!! i’m glad your month of may was good. mine was a little hectic with college and ramadan and everything, but oh well, at least i got past it! hoping to read a lot of great books now that i’m free!
    hope you have a wonderful june, sending you all the love ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  13. yay for getting into audiobooks! i really miss them, they’re the only way i can focus on books right now but i don’t have access to the audio formats of the books i’m currently reading 😭 but i’m glad you got so much blog post writing done!! i really want to schedule a ton of posts in advance like you but i can barely motivate myself to do anything right now lmao. hope you’re having a great june!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah that sucks!!! i’ve since lost my scribd free trial and consequently stopped but i might be signing up again for free in july?? (also with a disney+ trial i’m basic) i have a whole list of things to read on there!! aha yes i was driven to write and format by the sheer will power of losing the old editor (but i’m still on it now somehow?? NOT COMPLAINING) which i adore!! you too may ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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