Eight Books With Found Families And Friendship Squads That I’m Soft For ft. Underrated and Hyped Books

I’m in love with the found family trope.

Like,,,, please give me more?? Friendship squads?? People who find their family in friends not blood?? Hello I’m dying over here!!!

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 2.43.33 PM

Since I love them so much, I’ve read a fair few, and today I thought I’d recommend some of my favourite books featuring found families!!



17675462If you haven’t heard me talk about this book yet….. who are you?? Are you new??? You must be new, let me introduce myself: hi, I’m Rhi, and I will not stop screaming about this book series. and yes there are parts that are problematic but please leave me be if you look hard enough most books have faults

0BFB3124-F47F-46A2-BE43-D67A7BC8AF0CThe found family in this is written in such a way that I care more about them than the plot line. It’s the sort of book that you remember 0 plot about, but you know a lot about the characters!! And you care too much about them!!

Just,,, please read this. It has ethereal talking trees and a magical forest and lots of Latin plus some romance for good measure. Something for everyone.



993C1461-BA58-4604-8AD5-C6EBE1F9BBB3This was the first YA book series that I really got invested in. It was my first love, in a way, what am i even talking about that was probably legend,,, but like,,, i only got really invested after i’d read that twice so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and (after a recent reread! that took me a long time but it was worth it!) while I no longer love it quite as much, it’s still a favourite of mine. My copy has notes (yes, I wrote in it) and the spine is Very Cracked (I say that I’m over it and it’s fine but it is Not Fine) and it just makes me so happy??

1176AF81-7924-44D7-AB0D-D098CBE1C5B1For this one, there’s six of them (wow Rhi, that’s definitely not implied in the title) and they’re all quite unlikely (two are pretty much enemies, one i love but wHAT is he doing there, two have known each other for a Long time and it’s slowburn askhgfkas) but I just love them all??? It’s also odd because most of the time when I love books I relate immensely to one/some of the characters but in this I am precisely 0% similar to most of them. 😀

It IS quite hyped but I think it’s worth it. Leigh Bardugo has crafted a strong world, intricate heists, and some very loveable characters that I love screaming about!!!



41150487._SY475_This has a VERY tight gang and I love it!! I feel like the squad in this is underrated but!!! don’t forget about it!!! It also has the six people which just seems to be the perfect number??? Like,,, so many books have that?? (case in point: six of crows, raven cycle at the very end, etc i can’t actually think of mor but you get me right?

This book!!! Look, found family and a tight-knit friendship group is admittedly is not at the HEART of this book (romance and politics are) but I just find the friends so endearing together!! road trips!!! matchmaking!! I’m in love with all of them!!

This book also has enemies to lovers which is my OTHER true love in books.



30075662._SY475_Squad 312 are most definitely a found family – with more than half the squad not having actual parents?? But relying on each other?? I’m so soft for that?? Like,,, it’s just so heartwarming and it makes for top notch banter!!! Which is my one true love!! no jk my one true loves are enemies to lovers and found family

40516960The group is pretty dysfunctional, and something that I like is that only one romance really comes into play?? I mean.. so far. Even then, it doesn’t have a (massive) effect on the plot which I love!!! They’re all too busy trying to save the universe</big> I guess.

Also!! The sequel came out recently!! So,,, more reason to read it? (other than the fact I’m recommending purely because my friend told me to put this book in!!)



4F5A7D10-9749-4545-A00F-3644D518D065This is definitely overlooked in terms of friendship goals?? The Phoenix Riders are VERY squad-like,…. they live in the same house, they play together…. they rescue each other from a fire… just general friend stuff…

1wildcardWhile the Phoenix Riders are not at the centre of Warcross’ plot I loved them all so much! (Even though my absolute favourite character in those books goes to Hideo’s dog)

Other than the squad, this book has some STRONG rainbow hair vibes (can i just say renee walker and emika chen would be a hilarious ship sorry bye now), a lovely corgi, and some impressive hacking/VR playing?? Also a teensy bit of arson if that’s your thing…… if it is your thing I am slightly concerned…..



33295690._SY475_This book!!! So underrated!!! And the last time I read it was for my Pride rereads last year (spoiler: I read like 20 books last year and NO WAY can I do that again but I can almost guarantee most of June will be rereads which I allow because a) pride month rereads, it’s valid and b) birthday month!! you can have some rereads as a treat!!) bUT I’m planning to reread again this year and I will keep y’all updated!!

The Hexagon reasons I am in Love with the found family trope: most of them have funky names that are so cool is a group of six proving my point!!! friends in a small town and they’re all in love with each other and it’s so nice and even though sad stuff goes down I still love it!! Also

They’re all there for each other through everything and I want more friends like that!! (i do have some and i am forever thankful for them)



DDEE1B8F-CF5D-41EC-8B40-EE1C059D967AThe Paris Gang!!! I basically shoved this book in here because I wanted to scream about it but no matter!! That’s what I do all the time anyway!!!

Everyone in this graphic novel (it’s also available to read online!! if you can’t pay!!) is so lovely and supportive and just complete cinnamon rolls!! The story deals with some trickier topics (MC has an eating disorder, talks about biphobia, homophobia, and transphobia, and coming out) but it’s such a fluffy book filled with the cutest characters who I adore!!

Just. Click here and read through and you’ll walk away feeling happy. I promise.



14290364Tess and Day are practically siblings by now and like,,,, I feel like it gets overlooked in favour of June and Day?? When really, both are amazing. I can’t choose.

They’ve grown up on the streets of Lake together and even though some ~risky business~ happens between them they’re siblings?? Day can’t go back to his family, and Tess (watch me struggle over remembering what her backstory even wAS) doesn’t have one anymore? They become each other’s support systems out there, and become each other’s replacement family.


hey! what tropes do you love? any other found family recommendations? should i make this a series type thing? have you read any of these?

…look i also would have mentioned the foxhole court on here too because the Foxes are the definition of found families but the writing is pretty bad and there are definitely problematic bits soooo 🥺 decided to skip out that one but if you have read it PLEASE scream with me in the comment i adore all the Foxes so much you have no idea ❤

43 thoughts on “Eight Books With Found Families And Friendship Squads That I’m Soft For ft. Underrated and Hyped Books

    1. ahaha i’ve read that but it’s not actually found family?? the De Lainey’s are blood relations, and sam joins them yes and finds his family but most of them are blood so ¯\_(ツ)_/ i chose not to include it. it’s such an amazing book though!!!!

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  1. I absolutely love this trope!! Unfortunately I haven’t read a lot of books with this trope and the ones I have happen to be painful-to-read wattpad books that I loved as a 13 year old! But somehow all the books that I end up writing (and never finish) have this trope in it and I fall in love with the characters and forget where I’m even going with the book, it’s great lol.

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  2. Yes to The Raven Boys being on this list! I love the relationships between the characters in that book. They were awesome.

    (Okay, I’m just curious and am probably never going to read the book–what’s problematic about the Foxhole Court? I’ve heard a lot of people mention that it was problematic, but I’ve never heard them say why.)

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    1. i know!!! i had to shove it in your face AGAIN because it fit the prompt perfectly.

      ah, there’s some iffy scenes where other characters do questionable things towards other characters and at other minor people in the book mostly. there’s also the major thing with a main character involving the author not really doing research and making it all up which was NOT the thing to do in that situation. there might be more i haven’t mentioned but those are the standout things 🙂 i love my Foxes though!!!

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  3. Yessss found families are the best

    I love Squad 312 (Aurora Cycle), the Core 4/6 they don’t really have a name (The Medoran Chronicles), the Seven (Heroes of Olympus), Floor 19 + Blitz and Hearth (Magnus Chase), and I’ll just say the Marauders (Harry Potter) because the fan content is amazing and sometimes makes me cry.

    I did notice that I’ve read almost none of the books on this list, and since you shove them in my face so often…… maybe I should read them. MAYBE. 🙂

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  4. omg yes i LOVE the found family trope as well!! it’s just so warm and comforting and friendships in books have my entire heart sjdkadkjfs 😊😊

    your recs were perfect! the characters in The Raven Cycle are my favorite part about the entire series – i definitely agree that i remember like 0 plot but the characters are everything! 😍 i haven’t read any of the other books you mentioned, but most are on my tbr and i need to get to them asap! lovely post, Rhi 💖

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  5. Omg, the Foxes!! I honestly didn’t really get the hype with that series, especially the last book, oof. But the found family in AFTG is *chef’s kiss*. And Six of Crows!!! Omg, one of my favorite series ever if not my favorite 🥺🥺 the squad there is so Iconic™, and I blame SoC for the fact that whenever I plan a WIP, it always has to include a squad of sorts. Lol, I remember reading and enjoying The Raven Boys, but trying and failing to read The Dream Thieves? I’ve gone back and forth on whether I should continue the series or not, but your love for it is really convincing me ❤
    Great post, Rhi!! I love the found family trope so much, so thank you so much for the recs!!!

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    1. ah i’m sad you didn’t like it as much – i absolutely ADORED it lmao. the dream thieves was the best book (and the last) in my opinion, let me know if you continue!!! aha please do!! i’m so happy my ranting actually has a purpose!!!
      no problem! i hope you love them!

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  6. Eeee CK and SOC!! 💕 You’re the one who got me into reading them and I LOVED THEM SO MUCH!! Jesper and Wylan, my heart 😭 I’ve read none of these books except what I mentioned above but found families are the best!! I just friends are the families you get to choose you know?! Friendships in book alway hit me so much harder than family as well! 🙂 Loved this Rhi 💓

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  7. Found families are the best and so is this post🥺You already know my love for the Raven Cycle gang?? I can never express it enough. I do not understand the plot of that series whatsoever but I will defend each of those characters forever. Also I’m LAUGHING because I never ever realized the title of Six of Crows was that because there’s SIX OF THEM, I seriously never considered what the title even meant, and I now feel like the most unobservant person to exist. but. I LOVE THAT GANG TOO, ugh Jesper is actually one of my most favorite characters ever!! This post is so lovely thank you for writing it!! I need to check out the other books you mentioned xx

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  8. hahah, i loved what you pointed out about the raven cycle – you’ll remember 0 about the plot, but A LOT about the characters. that’s exactly how i feel! i honestly can not tell you anything that happens plot-wise in this series, but i definitely remember soooo much about these characters. they’re remarkable!
    six of crows has such an interesting dynamic!i remember when i first read six of crows, i really didn’t know in which characters i could trust, and i guess that’s because none of them are actually trust-worthy, hahah. it’s nice that they also go from strangers who are just being forced into this heist together > to friends that would actually willingly save each other.
    i have recently finished aurora rising and!!!!!!#((!! i Love this squad. i love that they’re all so different and unique, but they work together so well. i also don’t think i will ever truly recover from that scene where kal and tyler are about to be caught for being in a place they definitely should not be, and in order to “hide” they decide to MAKE OUT. that is such an overused trope for straight couples and the fact it was used here with the two boys who are the most *up-tight* was so!*!!!!!!!! welp, i died.
    i think the group in illuminate files also interacted so much like a family. they were hilarious together and definitely one of my favorite found families.
    amazing post, rhi!

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    1. it’s so true though!! trc is so crazy!!
      kaz adopts the whole crew throughout and that is >>> character development.
      aurora rising is excellent!!! the Scene is so good – i know exactly what you’re talking about and it’s beautiful :’)
      ah i haven’t read the illuminae files – it’s so lONG – but i think i’ll give it a go!!
      thank you so much!! i love the long comment too xx

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  9. Ahh I want to read aura rising ASAP now! I’m trash for good banter 😫 this is a great list and I totally agree that six of crows is SQUAD GOALS! Awesome post 🙂

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  10. I can’t believe I haven’t read The Raven Cycle yet. Someone shared the first line the other week and I definitely intend to finally get to it this year as that was incredible. Plus it’s so loved and I need to know why!! Same with Six Of Crows (oddly the only books I’ve read by Leigh Bardugo are her non Grishaverse ones and idk why 😂). Hopefully I’ll get to Red, White & Royal Blue soon too as it was literally in transit for me (after over five months) and the libraries closed. So whenever they reopen my copy should be there I think.

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  11. This is a great post! Kudos to you, I laughed a couple times while reading it lol 😀 Does Anne of Green Gables count for found family?! (Yes I am taking this opportunity to talk about one of my favorite books of all time) And I’d love to see you make this into a series!!!!!!!!

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