Books That I Adore With All My Heart ft. Too Much Squealing And Some Bad Explanations Of Good Books

So to kick off the third year of this blog I think it’s only fitting I fangirl. A lot.

And also…. just to guarantee that, talk about some of my favourite books ever. Which is a high standard when you have consistently read 100+ books a year for almost all your life.


(also that’s meeeeee in that photo… headless but we like to stay safe :D)

So, without further debate, I present to a toast: to jasons bar mitzvah WAIT NO THAT’S NOT IT. how about…. a toast to the groom, to the groom, to the groom, to the groom THAT’S NOT IT EITHER.

A toast to new beginnings and old favourites. There we go.


0BFB3124-F47F-46A2-BE43-D67A7BC8AF0CSo I think this might actually be my favourite series of all time?? It’s overtaken Six of Crows (which is partly because of a recent binge reread I did that made me fall in love with everyone again) and honestly just thinking about everyone makes my heart go !!!

If you need convincing, go talk to Olivia because she’s better at promoting than I am (and she loves this series a lot too, so you know she’s one of the good ones 😉 ) but basically, there are angry boys and boys looking for a dead Welsh king and there’s a totally non-psychic girl and there’s messy complicated people in both blood and found families and I love them all (also rereading thE FORESHADOWING IN EVERY SMALL DETAIL HOW DOES SOMEONE PLAN THAT EFFECTIVELY WOW)

And no one dares to ship anything outside the canon so it’s all fun times here 😀


993C1461-BA58-4604-8AD5-C6EBE1F9BBB3This was my first nonreread in 2019 and honestly the fact I started off the year so great is so cool (my first read this year was Call Down The Hawk so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m doing well so far).

It has heists and magic and enemies to lovers and gays and snark and waffles. There are six things that should convince you to read it. (Also I wrote in my copy of it and I only do that with the most ~special~ books so hAh please read it I’m soft for it like kaz is soft for inej)

Also it has quoteable stuff like ‘this action will have no echo’ but then it also has gems like ‘my ghost won’t associate with your ghost’ so. Get yourself a book that can do both. (And there’s two!!!!!! More time to fangirl!!!)


41150487._SY475_This has all my favourite things: gay, enemies to lovers, and hamilton references (the hamilton x laurens ship is officially canon and no one can tell me otherwise alSO THE MOVIE IS COMING OUT)

What more could I want? And living in a world where Donald Trump isn’t president of the USA? Count me in 🙂 Besides from all my very best tropes that are reliably good for me, it also has strong feminist vibes, a supportive mum with the best reaction to coming out (spoiler: it involves a powerpoint), a not-so-supportive family that is kinda trash??? And highkey annoying?? But they’re royal so we can’t do anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I think I’ve explained this best before so hold on a sec while I copy and paste….. there.

“Less of an enemies to lovers book and more of a ‘who is he ugh I hate him’ to ‘I’ve been coerced into doing this so I’ll be fake nice to you’ to ‘wait why am I smiling at your texts that come at 3am’ to ‘okay I’m in love with you but it’s fine it’s nothing’ to ‘whO IS TOUCHING HIM I WILL KILL THEM’ and who doesn’t love a good ‘wait what’ realization.

Thanks to past me for having the foresight to spend half an hour (I’m not joking) trying to come up with an adequate way to describe this book. I like you a lot right now.


37506437This is just too beautiful for words???? And I love it so freaking much like what the actual heck. There’s one scene that I cry in every time and it’s just….. AHH I CANT DEAL WITH IT.

For me in particular (and this is definitely not going to relate to everyone) I could feel the similarities in Darius’ experience in Iran to my experience going to India the first time?? And just the way he felt so welcomed it at the same time like a complete outsider was so true?? Not sure where I’m going with this but I felt something there ❤

I’m not sure how to describe it but basically Darius goes to Iran for the summer when his grandfather gets sick and he meets some people and he plays soccer and he gets closer to people. That’s the really horrible explanation but it should be enough to convince you to read it. Along with the fact that I talk about it too often.


C4A15045-2F3A-4D1D-B583-F032F978A3EAThis book. It’s so damn beautiful.

It talks about being queer and religious (more specifically, Mormon) and how you can feel so loved but at the same time feel so bad for being you. It talks about bisexuality and some things that!!!! Need!!! To !!! Be!!! Said!!! It talks about writers making bad decisions (tanner: i have to turn this book in. also tanner: you know what let’s forget about that and write pages and pages about something that Can’t Be Used). It talks about parents who shove bumper stickers in their kids’ faces (if that one sentence doesn’t convince you idk what will) and who are too precious and supportive for this world. It talks about parents who talk about someone being gay like they’ve just died.

I could relate to so many parts of this and it just made me cry so much??? And it also made me stop and think about so many things so :’) thank you. This book did for me what I know Simon VS did for so may people and I truly hope this gets that level of publicity one day. (Including a movie cause I would 10/10 watch that.)

ok first things first you better tell me you’ve read all these cause if not… there’s trouble coming. hehe I’m joking please stay and comment I promise I’m friendly and I don’t bite!!!!!

also look at ya girl goooooo i just wrote 1050 words in about 40 minutes this break has done wonders for me. also also my next post will be a lovely little ramble on books I read in my break and life stuff cause I missed my jan recap xx love y’all ALSO also also leave some questions here please cause I WANT SOEM please and thank you okay bye bye bye (but it ain’t no lie, baby bi bi bi (have y’all seen those edits?? they’RE AMAZING okay I’m actually gonna shut up now)


31 thoughts on “Books That I Adore With All My Heart ft. Too Much Squealing And Some Bad Explanations Of Good Books

  1. Oooo Rhi you’re back!!

    Okay I just checked and you actually returned ages ago and now I just feel bad because how dare I not know that.
    I love The Raven Cycle and gah Six of Crows is sooo good! One of the best series I’ve read, like, ever. I am eternally a sucker for Six of Crows.
    The rest of them have been on my TBR for the longest time and I still haven’t found them because all my local libraries have zero good books. I’ve also got exams this week so thank you for reminding me that I’m very very behind on my reading, I’m just going to go sulk now excuse me.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ahaha yes I am!!! Don’t feel bad… a week ago only. Ahhhh you’re kind words mean so much!!! Thank you!!!!
      TRC is actually some of the best books in the world change my mind. SOC is also amazing!!! The Dregs!!! lowkey same and I am here for it ❤
      They’re so good, trust me. You will love them all. Ahhhh good luck with your exams! Focus on them for now, and then go for reading. Sending lots of good wishes and love xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am loving Six of Crows at the moment! It’s the first book in ages that I’ve been able to get completely lost in 💫 So strange I’m seeing so many people talking about Red, white and royal blue today (I’d never heard of it before) maybe it’s a sign that I should look out for it! Great post, how much you love these books really shows! ✨💕

    Liked by 2 people

  3. OH MY GOSH -Y E S- TO THE RAVEN CYCLE!! asdfghjkl I’m reading it for the first time right now and honestly I think it’s going to become one of my favorite series. The characters are just everythinggg *flails* I also liked Darius the Great is Not Okay! It was a very deep book and I loved the characters in it too. I’ve still got to read the rest of these *cries* but hopefully I will soon! Great post ❤ xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Y E S to TRC is the only valid response my work here is done. IT WILLLLLLL it will steal your heart and hide away with it. Who’s your favourite so far? Darius is just so beautiful and I can’t not scream about it I’m sorry. Get to the rest when you can, they’re all so good. Thank you Ash!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. i’m so happy to see some of my favorites on here!! i want to reread rw&rb so bad right now… i’m trying to hold off until november for the Turkeys, but i don’t think i can’t do it lmao. but i relate a lot to what you said about darius!!! i often feel like an outsider when i go to thailand, especially in terms of the language barrier, but then i feel out of place in the us too when no one looks like me :// great post! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 the feeling when you see a book that you adore out in the wild is possibly one of the best!! uhhh cannot relate to the Turkeys.. assume this is a thanksgiving thing?? sorry i’m so ignorant with american culture lol but don’t wait!! just read it now AND then how’s that for a plan? ahh i’m so glad that you could relate to that – it’s something i really noticed on my second read and i just wanted to mention it if it made it’s way to someone – and i’m so glad it did :’) it’s fun isn’t it!! :/ thank you so much!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Six of Crows was insane oh my. I read it at the end of 2019 and I so should have got to it sooner. One of my favourite books for sure!! I need to get to Crooked Kingdom soon but knowing me it won’t be that soon because I’m so bad with finishing series.
    Other than that, I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned but I so need to! I have such a huge backlist with hyped books but at least that means most of my reads are 4-5 stars whilst I catch up??
    Also Red, White and Royal Blue – you sold it to me with Hamilton. Yes please.

    Liked by 1 person

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