The Wonderstruck Book Tag ft. Taylor Swift And Books

Some of you may not know this….. but I am a really big fan of Taylor Swift.

Even some of my close irl friends didn’t – at a recent sleepover they didn’t pick it at all. But, I am. I became obsessed in maybe 2014, and I remember trying to sing Blank Space over the top of Pills n Potions (don’t ask) to prove to my friend they were different songs.


So today, I am tackling a long long LONG overdue tag – created by the wonderful Olivia! She is a massive fan like me. It was created a while ago…. sorry for the wait! I am however doing it today, so…. does that make up for it? Also….. I totally didn’t steal that title from her. THERE’S NOTHING ELSE TO SAY ABOUT IT, OKAY? Okay. People who have been here long enough will know I cannot resist that joke, and will have read it too many times.

***ALSO, if you wouldn’t mind taking THIS survey, it would be appreciated!! A couple of you requested this sort of thing, so please drop some questions off ❤facebook-cover-1-e1548031141778.jpg

You may know this but oh my gosh two books immediately come to mind whenever I get asked this question. IMMEDIATELY.

BE56055B-77D7-4805-A5FD-48F0268C3B61One of my most recent reads, Summer Bird Blue was absolute torture to read. It was so beautiful but also so so sad. I love it with all my heart but I actually cried. And I barely ever cry over books.

041A1C87-3ACD-4048-B120-9B5B2AE46F66Another I will always cry over is Ari and Dante (its actually Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe but no-one really wants to type that out every time, least of all me). I swear you feel actual pain during this, especially IN ONE SCENE.

However, that shouldn’t at all discourage you from reading either. They are both absolutely amazing, and broke my heart in a good way. Is there a good way to have your heart broken?

Also these covers work so well together I love it.


1176AF81-7924-44D7-AB0D-D098CBE1C5B1I can’t stop thinking about Six of Crows. It’s such a cliche to pick your favorite book for this question but it stuck with me. I read fanfiction all the time (even just small tumblr threads with theories), and I just love this duology so much. The banter and the friendship squad is amazing to read, and Leigh’s writing draws you into Ketterdam. I am honestly obsessed, and I can’t help loving them all too much. Like, wayyyy too much. If you haven’t read this yet…. read it. Please.

And since I ever-so-slightly prefer Crooked Kingdom, I used that cover. Fight me. (And it’s prettier.)


889D2308-46B1-434A-8321-E50EF7EA6583I would die for Leah on the Offbeat to become a movie. I need more Simon and Blue moments (just. so. cute.) and if you’ve read Offbeat you’ll know why I need to see it on the big screen. (Hint: romance. Beautiful soft f/f romance) It would just be amazing and ahh Leah is so snarky I can’t even. She also mentions some of her ships at one point and I am pleased to announce she is a Nina x Inej fan. YAY!!


So so many. I love book covers so much and no matter how many times I tell myself not to, I judge so many books by their covers.

But, some of my favourites are definitely What If It’s Us (the one that isn’t blue, and pictured), Beautiful Mess, The Brightsiders, and With The Fire On High. These are just some of my recent faves though, I love them all. My bookshelf is organised by colour…. I’m totally not vain and won’t get a book or recommend it if its cover isn’t nice. (My blog has an AESTHETIC AND IT IS MY MISSION TO KEEP IT.)


2DC84C7D-5094-4D05-BE79-F134FB37DFBELook, I can’t help loving Carry On. A lot of people say it’s just a rip-off of the Harry Potter series, but as someone who couldn’t finish all those books and read this one in a few days, then immediately searched for a sequel (not long now until Wayward Son!!!) I can’t help but disagree. Plus, the publishers of Carry On might not’ve allowed it if it was too similar – and it’s not. (However, even I can see why people call it ‘drarry fanfiction that was written well enough, written long enough, and written by an well-established author to get published’. That was one of the less kind reviews I read.)


66CEF3A6-DC9A-46F5-B4F4-324E29FB2468Childhood nostalgia, I must say The Penderwicks for this one. I remember loving that series (still do) and it has the right amount of sadness mixed with happiness and humour and I just love them all so much. (The fourth is so sad though I can’t deal.)

I feel like I have to say something else about this so if any of you can think of a way to briefly summarise the sisters, Jeremy, and Hound (also Mr. P ❤ ) please let me know in the comments!!!


69753C67-1A4A-4016-AAA3-14B0F73BB6C7I instantly clicked with The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. Odd because it’s historical fiction, and I am normally not a fan. (Still not…. the Montague Siblings is the only hist. fiction duology I’ve ever read). However, Monty’s voice and style drew me in, and I was instantly hooked. (Not sure where the sequel was going though….. still kinda confused about Lady’s Guide.) I love him and Percy together, and the representation was done accurately (I think…. I didn’t live in that time.) Percy’s race and both their sexualities, plus Monty’s father, it all seemed to have a purpose in furthering them, not just a random add in. The authors note at the end also provides a lot more information, so check that out!

Enough ranting about Gentleman’s Guide. I just spent too long talking about it. JUST READ IT.


DDE46E52-DC1C-4482-89A9-E66180E44688I love (love love love) the romance in Love, Simon. I watched the movie before reading the book, so when I was reading (in May 2019…. when I saw it March 2018. This shows you why I shouldn’t watch movie adaptations before I read the book.) I knew who Blue was…. but it didn’t matter. I mainly read the book so I could see all the banter… and the differences. WOW THERE WERE A LOT. (So surprised about that tbh) I loved Simon and Leah, they had a really nice friendship, and I won’t spoil it, but I DIED AT THE END. (This book wasn’t as good as They Both Die At The End though). And if you watched the movie, you’ll know that Martin inadvertently gives a massive clue as to who Blue is…. that you’ll only get after you watch it twice before. (Yes I have seen Love, Simon three times. Am I sorry? No.)


0BFB3124-F47F-46A2-BE43-D67A7BC8AF0CStealing Olivia’s answer for this, but The Raven Cycle? Hands down obsessed. I heard so many incredible things about it (let’s be honest here though, mainly from this amazing blogger) and was really worried it wouldn’t live up to all the hype.

Two words: It Did. (And yes, that deserved to be capitalised.)

I devoured the series – reading the first in February, the second in March, and then both the third and fourth in April. (So yes it took me three months but IT WAS AS FAST AS I COULD READ THEM OKAY??) My favourite is Ronan… but uh I love them all. Not playing favourites here. Promise. (Yes I totally am even though they are all my KIDS nothing can ever happen to them again the gang have been through enough drama to last a lifetime.)

Also, yes, I did use the fourth book’s cover because it’s the prettiest. And I am not sorry.


This is a really hard question??? And I really don’t know??? And I really can’t stop using question marks now???

09FCCED4-BFC3-4B84-9BAD-E929EA4DE311I have to say though, I kinda hated Lady’s Guide. (First mentioning both the Creekwood books in a post, and now both the Montague siblings? I’m totally not obsessed 😉 ) The way it all came together didn’t really work for me, and a lot seemed to happen at once, when there were other parts of the book that just seemed like filler. I wasn’t invested in the characters, and I got more excited at the cameos that Monty and Percy made then the rest of the book…. they came in for about 5%. You know something is wrong when you like the side characters more than the MC, especially when they are that minor. The one person I really liked was Johanna, who had a really nice character arc.


so this post was basically just me trying to catch up on tags and ranting about the same books but anyway!!! isn’t that what i always do??? read any of these? agree with me?

1.5k words again, wow lucky my recap is less than 1k (update: it’s more) ALSO DON’T FORGET THE SURVEY TAKE ITTTTT

21 thoughts on “The Wonderstruck Book Tag ft. Taylor Swift And Books

  1. Ahh loved this post! Taylor Swift is my fave so this is combining two faves in one??
    Out of the books you’ve mentioned I um… don’t think I’ve read any. Oops.
    A lot of them are on my tbr though – I’ll get to them someday..
    Especially Leah because I loved Simon Vs and also adored The Upside of Unrequited by Abertalli, so am excited to read!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AHH, RHI. Thank you so much for doing this!! I love you (& TAYLOR), ahhh.😭💖p.s. let me know what you think of her new songsss!

    I also cried over both the books you mentioned. Also, can we take a moment to acknowledge how glad I am that the abbreviation Ari & Dante exists and is commonly accepted because it would be not good to have to type out the whole name every time.

    The covers you picked ~~ literally my exact aesthetic!! I squealed. They’re beautiful. Also, AWW, The Penderwicks! I can never stop loving Rosie and Skye and Jane and Batty and Jeffrey AND HOUND. (The fact that I still remember even their dog’s name after all these years…)

    I STILL haven’t seen Love, Simon and I’m really sad about that because Simon Vs. is one of my favorite books and I love rereading it. Simon and Blue are my OTP and the scenes of them in Leah on the Offbeat literally killed me. Is it normal for your heart to hurt while reading a book??

    LOVELY POST. <33

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OF COURSE!!! and I’m sorry this was so late – about 20 recent comments went into my spam!!! and I’m so sorry!! I’ve listened to YNTCD and ME! and I like them both!! I’m yet to listen to The Archer and Lover but her album comes out in two days and!! I!! Can’t!! Wait!!

      Yes, and yes for appreciation. I cannot do that every time (which…. is too much.)

      YESS pale pastels are just so cute and I love them. Hound made the entire series what is was, let’s be real here.

      Nooooo the movie is brilliant!! And you absolutely have to se it soon so we can scream because you will definitely cry. I’ve seen it four times and agh the most recent time I was watching it with all my friends and they literally screamed at the end. You will love it.

      THANK YOU!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay, YES to Gentleman’s Guide. WOW I loved that book so much, and it was just so addicting to read about the slow-burn pining romance oh my gosh!!! Also whoaaaa I love your musical graphic before you ask the questions!! WAIT WHAT’S THE CLUE IN THE MOVIE THAT MARTIN GIVES? I NEED TO KNOW (even though I’ve watched the movie twice)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Heyy ❤️
    Me again. Obviously. Six of Crows is such animpactful book and I can’t wait to read Crooked Kingdom, I haven’t read any of the other books so not much to say. And I’m really sorry but I’m having to skim read (just this once) because I have roughly about 100 posts to read (and that’s just a rough estimate XD) ❤️ But I promise once I’m allcaught up I will be properly reading posts 🙂 And if I stop commenting on all your posts, it’s because I gott go to sleep soon XD
    Amber xx

    Liked by 1 person

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