The Pancake Book Tag ft. Me Being Constantly Hungry Working On This Post

Say hello to me craving pancakes throughout this entire post. You’re welcome.

I really hope I don’t get you too hungry…. but if you have pancakes PLEASE SHARE. Or books. Share good books too.

Today, you lucky people (if you count reading my random recs as lucky) get both. Becky’s Pancake Book Tag is one I seem to always find floating around, and today I’ve finally decided to take a crack at it. (Not cracking eggs though. Or puns…. on second thoughts I can’t always help myself.)

Enjoy! I’ve loved reading so many of these posts, and to finally make my own was interesting 💖 Also, all the fanart included has a link below to where I found it, and the book covers are (as always) from Goodreads 😉

Ooh, I’d have to say one of my most recent reads, Summer Bird Blue! The descriptions of Hawaii and all the characters were so immersive to read, and the prose? Magical. The entire book may as well have been told in verse, that’s how beautiful it was.

I loved the entire thing, and related to it so much and cried a lot. Not because I’ve lost someone, or even have a sister (younger or not), but for a million other little reasons.

*photo on left found here:

Oh I really want to say Kaz Brekker. But I have him for a later question, so oh well. Let me think……

Ahah! For this one I’ll be going for Nikolai Lantsov from King of Scars. He is… witty as h e c k. I love him to death, and all his sass I just adore.

“But it’s a very arduous path. Who will carry my snacks?”

He can get mad… but I’d say this character more pertains to the ‘wit’ part of the question.

*photo on right found here:

Okay, this one for me is the Raven Cycle. Or the Creekwood books.

I love them all!! Simon Vs and Offbeat are both contemporary fluff and I love them to death and then my Raven Boys are everything.

They both have happy banter and awesome friendship squads, which honestly? I am so here for even more than romance. That is actually the Best.

I also think Six of Crows?? I love the (once again) banter and friendships, and it’s possibly my favorite book of all time??

I always slump so bad after books that take me a long time to read. The other day I was reading a book (started it in June, actually) and I only finished it around a week later. I didn’t read for two days (shocking I know, but one of those days a friend stayed for 9 hours. I am not kidding. Then after a 45 minute phone call I was too exhausted to do anything except eat and watch Gilmore Girls)

But a specific novel? I took forever to finish a book after the Raven King. TRK was on a car trip with my cousins on the way to the beach though, and there was no way I was really reading on that trip.

And quite recently I’ve been slumping after Hot Dog Girl. It was my little bit of pride continued at the start of July and later that week I read 3 half books before giving up. Holidays kinda suck because you convince yourself ‘you’ve got more time to read!!!’ and then you end up having more time to do nothing, procrastinate, and become unproductive. 🤦‍♀️ me being unproductive and procrastinating doing something I love is such a mood

This question is making me cry and I haven’t even typed out the book title.

Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe is such a beautiful book. It also has an extremely long title which I lowkey hate having to write, so I’ll often just call it Ari and Dante. It is poetic, heartwarming and breaking, and you are guaranteeing yourself an emotional ride. I loved and hated this book so much (for what it did to my e m o t i o n s)

Also I couldn’t choose what fanart to put in so I did two BECAUSE I LOVE THIS SCENE SO MUCH

*fanart on right found here: and fanart on left found here:

Here’s where Kaz Brekker comes in.

He has wit, and I won’t sugar coat it, he is cruel. If you’re on his bad side, prepare to die. my name is inigo montoya you killed my father prepare to die. 

But he is so much more than an ingenious little prick. Kaz has a character arc before the book even begins, and we only really start to see this halfway through. He’s seen the real cruelty of Ketterdam, and that cruelty keeps him going every day. I won’t spoil anything for you (because if you haven’t read it yet, you NEED to, it will change your life)

*fanart pictured on left found here:

I don’t really know what to say for this one?? As in, thought about for a full MINUTE and then began to scroll/read all my little comments I’ve made on books throughout the past few months.

And came up with this.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue, of course! I found this to be my second favorite (honestly, in order of faves I have to say 4,3,2, then 1. THEY WERE ALL AMAZING THOUGH.) and my single comment was this:


that’s all, but it was amazing, possibly my favourite so far???

I was very enthusiastic.

I would ALSO like to point out that, uh, Carry On has some of the biggest twists I’d ever seen. AND I guessed precisely one. 💖💖 I love that book with all my heart though! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Let me rant here: I was never really on board with I Believe In A Thing Called Love’s romance, between Luca and Desi.

I’m still not on that ship.

But a romance I only felt after maybe 2/3rds of the way through? I’m sorry but I have to say Emmy and Alfie from The Brightsiders. I just wasn’t sure, based on other factors, how they reacted to those factors, and their personalities in general! Like, I was invested, and wanted to see where it went (but only after a little bit). Eventually though I could see them. Eventually. (Once I just gave up fighting)


I couldn’t stand most of the cast from Tash Hearts Tolstoy. I absolutely hate Pekka Rollins (let’s be real, who doesn’t??). And if you ever said you liked Lehrer, I will happily hunt you down to change your mind.

But Pekka and Lehrer are meant to be villains. And I had quite a few issues with T❤️T (most certainly not the representation or the fact it featured an aromantic though! Just making myself clear 😉).

Oh! I kinda didn’t like Jo or Mary (the two MC’s, I know, horrible) in Georgia Peaches And Other Forbidden Fruit. There was some unchallenged ableist language used by both of them, and their romance was forgettable. Honestly one of the few queer reads of 2019 that has disappointed me??? Which is sad.

Forever (And I have to steal Liv’s answer for this) Radio Silence.

There is so much representation in this book it actually makes me so happy. I can’t speak about how accurate it was, in most parts, but I can say that I’ve read many positive reviews about it, and it seemed to be an amazing read. With gay, bisexual, demisexual, pansexual, and lesbian rep (also some agender – in the podcast, Radio is agenda.) and a main biracial Ethiopian character and Korean side character. The diversity in this should be a regular in books, not something I rave about after finding a gem in the mine.

Also isn’t that fanart of the crew at Pride the cutest thing ever!!!!!! Alice Oseman, in addition to being a writer, is an amazing artist, and the webcomic Heartstopper (I even put in a link to the whole comic, for FREE.) has the most amazing art.

*fanart pictured on right drawn by Alice Oseman, and found here:


have you jumped on the bandwagon for this tag yet? do you plan to? want to?

i feel like i ask the same questions all the time so….. sorry. and i accidentally scheduled this for 1pm instead of am so sorry about that too


31 thoughts on “The Pancake Book Tag ft. Me Being Constantly Hungry Working On This Post

  1. I love Akemi Dawn Bowman’s prose SO much. The two books I’ve read of hers had the most beautiful writing, and I’m so excited to read her future books because of that! And aahh yes, Ari and Dante just messes me up all the time! Just reading a quote or thinking about it makes me emotional 😭 Great post, Rhi!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am finally reading Six Of Crows (we’ve spoken a lot about it being ordered, but it’s finally in my hands!). I’m about 2/3 way in and all the characters are hard to keep track of, but I’m just about understanding.
    This tag is really good, but I am not in the mood to write this much today. Holidays are tiring!
    Great post, Rhi. I look forward to seeing more 🙂
    Erin xx

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  3. I’ve seen this tag EVERYWHERE but I haven’t done it yet!!! Also… most importantly… YOU HATE PEANUT BUTTER?? WHY???? Listen, it’s not like I eat PB&J sandwiches or anything, but have you had PEANUT BUTTER IN NOODLES??? Or like, peanut sauce with noodles??? It’s amazing and heavenly and you need to have it okay bye

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  4. This post is amazing!! All the heart eyes for it and the books you chose.😍I loved reading Summer Bird Blue, too! It’s been a bit since I read it but I do remember that the author just has the most beautiful, lyrical writing style.

    Simon Vs. and The Raven Cycle are the BEST comforting picks!! Like, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Both of them give me all the I’m-obsessed-with-it-and-happy-when-I-think-about-it vibes. *cries* Especialllyyy when I think of Gansey and him calling Blue and talking about ducks. And now I am emotional.

    YOU QUOTED PRINCESS BRIDE YOU QUOTED PRINCESS BRIDE. I will tell you that I may or may not have a shirt that has one of those “hello my name is” red nametags printed on it and written in the nametag is “inigo montoya you killed my father prepare to die” written on it. It was all I wanted for Christmas approximately four years ago. Also I say that everytime I kill a fly with a flyswatter but with my name inserted in instead of Inigo Montoya. Also can you tell I love Princess Bride and am freaking out that we share this interest???


    I think I may have embarrassed myself with how much I fangirled in this comment, but I couldn’t help myself. Lovely post, Rhi! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AND YOU ARE AMAZING FOR THIS LOVELY LONG COMMENT ❤ Summer Bird Blue was beautiful, and I love the fanart

      YESSS THE DUCKS ❤ I love that scene and oh here come the tears.

      HECK YEAH I DID. Awww that’s so cute, I can imagine past-Olivia being obsessed.I LOVE IT TOO THE GRANDSON ESPECIALLY awwwwww

      YES. THAT’S ALL WE NEED. (Also the ‘yes’ vote is a big thing in Australia for the same-sex marriage vote so yess?? means a lot in this context??)

      PLEASE FANGIRL ANYTIME. I love chatting to you so much, so you are always welcome ❤

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  5. Hey Rhi! ❤️
    Aw this post is so cute and I LOVE IT. I love it when they compare books to food because they are the two best things in the world, so why not?! ❤️ Gosh I think Kaz is such an interesting character in Six of Crows, he’s so like… life-smart XD Like I feel if you were in a room with him you would literally shiver XD
    I loved this tag ❤️❤️
    Amber xx

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