It’s Pride Month!!! My Rainbow TBR for June ft. Nine Books With LGBTQIAP+ Characters

It’s no secret that I love queer books.

And I don’t mean ‘queer’ like ‘weird’. (If you thought I did…… you must be new AND clueless.) Today I am celebrating this with a post full of rainbow recommendations!

And I know that so many people will also be doing one of these posts but I wanted to do it because…. IT CELEBRATES LGBTQIAP+ PEOPLE/CHARACTERS/CORRECT REPRESENTATION. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE. I have also tried to list the representation for each book but I haven’t read any so feel free to correct me if I got any wrong (in fact please do, I don’t want anyone to be offended)

I have already read some great TBR/rec posts for pride month, here are a few! If you’ve also done one but I missed it I’m sorry ❤




LOOK AT THE BI PRIDE HAIR. LOOK. AT. IT. This seems to have a lot of diversity which I am SUPER PUMPED for ❤ #westandiverseYA lol i could have done diversitYA would that have been too much yes it would have been

Coming back to the cover. THE HAIR. THE HAIR THE HAIR THEHAIR. The writing on the glasses is okay, and the tagline isn’t amazing BUT THE HAIR REDEEMS IT. (For those who don’t know… it’s the colors of the bisexual flag) Now I’m just imagining a whole series with pride flags as hair colours. cue *this is never going to happen* music


rep: bisexual female MC, genderqueer pansexual male LI, non-binary POC SC, queer cast of side characters



25322449I read something somewhere by Alice Oseman saying basically everyone in her books is queer. That…. sounds like a life goal. This looks so cool and I saw some of her art of these characters and AHHHHH she’s such a good artist I actually died during heartstopper (probably because I’m more impacted by things when I see them visually)

Anyway, this looks amazing and if it it’s anything like heartstopper I’m sure to love it. (I’d also like to add I Was Born For This and Solitare to this TBR but who knows? This is the book I picked. Any one will do ❤ )

rep: bisexual biracial (Ethiopian/white) MC, gay demisexual SC, gay Korean SC, lesbian SC, Indian pansexual SC




35843729The cover is gorgeous (totally not reading this just for that) and I’ve heard a lot of people say this has like a rural pastel aesthetic even on the inside??? Which intrigues me. And Lou seems to be a chaotic little dork who schemes a lot. Totally not me in a book.

Basically, girl in hot dog suit + chaotic bi + rural pastel aesthetic + cover love = a very excited Rhi


rep: bi MC, lesbian SC, f/f relationship



41150474This is pitched as a Gilmore Girls Rory/Paris inspired take. Ooh, I’m in. It has a gloriously sapphic cover. I’m officially hooked. IT COMES OUT IN PERFECT TIME FOR PRIDE MONTH AND OH NO THIS SUDDENLY BECAME MY MOST ANTICIPATED READ FOR 2019. Whoops?

But really, this just looks so fabulous and it encompasses everything I love (books, enemies to lovers, Gilmore Girls, sapphic f/f relationship), so I will be really annoyed if it sucks. (If you were an ARC reader for this, please tell me what you thought)

rep: lesbian Muslim MC, Mexican-Jewish lesbian MC



29904219I’ve heard so many good things about this and am super excited for this one! Superheroes and sapphic romance and diverse ethnicity (Vietnamese/Chinese MC)? COUNT ME IN.

Also the more I look at the cover the more confused I get. WHAT DOES HER TOP SAY? And I ge that she’s walking on a glass floor or something but what are the things stacked up? Bales of hay? Pretend I didn’t just say that. The arrow is cool though ❤

rep: biracial (Vietnamese, Chinese) bisexual female MC (in f/f romance?), trans male SC



35716237So there aren’t a lot of aroace books out there and this has amazing representation apparently? I will be disappointed if not. The only one I’ve really read is The Lady’s Guide To Petticoats And Piracy AND WOW! That… let’s just say after that I have high expectations.

I also want to mention Starfish which I would love to read but I’m not sure if it’s queer?? I mean, I could look it up but the amount of searching I’ve already done for this post (trying to find all the correct representation is so hard for just one book you haven’t read, and then multiply it by NINE makes it even HARDER.)

rep: multiracial (Japanese, Hawaiian, white) questioning aromantic-spectrum asexual female MC, other multiracial characters (including Japanese, Hawaiian, Korean, Samoan, and white)




This looks incredible?? I actually haven’t come across any books with non-binary characters so I am SUPER excited to try and get my hands on this. Even if it means ebooks.

It probably will mean ebooks.

I want to read this for the romance, but really for the enby character and their character development. Ben just seems so !!!! and agh I can already feel my heart hurting.

rep: nonbinary MC with anxiety and depression, QPOC (black?) boy in genderqueer/m relationship




Sapphic modern witches and a cool as tarot-card-inspired cover? Heck yeah I’m in.

… I have nothing else to say about this book so I may as well fangirl about the cover.

It’s a mix of real-photograph and illustration which honestly works so well for this cover. I’ve seen it done before and it can get messy but I like this.

rep: lesbian MC, bisexual LI, sapphic/bi/pan (unknown) SC, f/f relationship



37868569“At the Medio School for Girls, distinguished young women are trained for one of two roles in their polarized society. Depending on her specialization, a graduate will one day run a husband’s household or raise his children.” – from goodreads summary

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE. Trained… just to run a household.

Thankfully as I kept reading it seems to be about two girls defying/taking down the patriarchy, not just a random girl learning to be a nice wife who can cook and clean and do everything for her husband!*

Also! It’s sapphic! So far sounding a bit like Girls of Paper and Fire….. except this isn’t fantasy, it’s (sadly) based on part of our world (which okay, Girls was too), but a more drastic version…. like dystopia but not? I DONTKNOW.

rep: sapphic Latinx girls in f/f relationship

*please tell me you know this is sarcasm at it’s finest


what does your june TBR look like (if you have one!)? doing anything for this month? read any of these books?

also just a reminder that if I got any rep wrong PLEASE let me know!!! it did take me a while and I tried to double check with multiple sources but it can still be a bit hazy


38 thoughts on “It’s Pride Month!!! My Rainbow TBR for June ft. Nine Books With LGBTQIAP+ Characters

  1. This is an AMAZING LIST, Rhi! So, so good.🌈

    There are a lot of books on here I want to read ahh!! I’ve read Radio Silence and it literally blew away all my expectations. I’ve also read Summer Bird Blue and thought that was amazing as well. :)) We Set the Dark on Fire looks so interesting because a book about girls taking down the patriarchy?? I am all here 5000% for that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve only read one pride book or other books with pride characters, but they’re so good, inspiring to see the abuse they still deal with which excuse me language but absolute BS they’re the same as any one else and great to read, to see from different perspectives. Just me? 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OOoh, this is so awesome! Unfortunately, I have a hard time finding LGBT+ books in my local library and… well, I’m broke. 😛 I’ve read Summer Bird Blue, by the way! It’s a total masterpiece. 😀 And Radio Silence has been in my TBR since FOREVER. Hopefully I’ll get to read the others you mentioned sometime!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aahhh, I’m really lucky in that at my school library has a request form and I can get new books in just a fortnight or so! SBB is amazing, such beautiful prose. Ahh Radio was amazing! Please do, a lot that I did read in June were amazing ❤ sorry for the late reply xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Rhi ❤
    Absolutely loving this post! *adds all the boooks to TBR* gahh, I just love arty / aesthetic covers, they just interest me so much!! x Ahh, it had me laughing about the tag line above the hot dog girl! I actually had never noticed it until you mentioned it ❤
    Amazing post!
    Amber xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Added we set the dark on fire 😉 I’ve seen it a bunch of times before but I guess I’ve just never read the synopsis?! Because it sounds hella good! 🔥

    Liked by 1 person

    I’ve seen so many of these around and I have to say I want pretty much want to read all of them! We Set the Dark on Fire looks amazing, because who else can’t get enough kick-butt females taking down a higher power?
    Amazing post!
    -Emma 🙂

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  7. I just finished We Set the Dark on Fire, and I have to say I was a tiny bit disappointed sadly! I really enjoyed it and it was so beautiful, but I felt something was lacking (it’s getting 3.5 stars from me though so it wasn’t terribly disappointing). Good luck with reading all these books; I see a bunch that are my favorites/books I’m looking forward to reading!!

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  8. Hope you enjoy all of these 🙂 I just finished Jen Wilde’s Queens of Geek, and while I haven’t read the Brightsiders yet, I love how she entertwines fun concepts with deeper themes and diverse characters – it’s so cool.
    Also I didn’t notice the hair being the color of the bi flag (and that tagline on HDG’s cover)?? AAAA. ( No, you’re not the only one. I can’t wait to read Going-Off Script!)

    Great post 🙂

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  9. There are SO MANY BOOKS ON THIS LIST AHHH. I loved We Set The Dark ON Fire SO much, as well as The Brightsiders and Radio Silence is just one of my favorite books ever ❤ ❤ I hope you'll love all of these 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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