Seven Books + Moments That I Love More Than Waffles ft. Love Letters To Books I’ve Already Talked Way Too Much About

So. We all know there are books I keep. on. talking. about.

Like, I don’t know, Six of Crows? Or maybe just Leigh Bardugo in general? I may love them a bit too much… just a bit. (Okay a LOT.)

But what you probably don’t know is that there are a lot of other books and scenes that actually mean a lot to me. (Probably because I don’t talk about them as much.)

Today I’m here to acknowledge all the books (and the moments in them) that I loved, or that meant a lot to me. This is basically one long sappy fangirl, so, uh, enjoy!

img_3989Six of CrowsHow could I NOT start with this one?! Ever since I read it back in January I’ve been obsessed. My phone background is a quote from there (well, uh, until a couple of days ago. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, I have a Pinterest board with just under 400 pins (It’ll probably be more by the time this post goes up), I’m well and truly a part of the fandom.

The cast is so well rounded, has amazing representation, and I especially loved how all the relationships are diverse. (While I am well and truly #wesper, here! is a great post from May that features another couple who I also adore, and the fan art shown is one I have on my wall 😛)

I’ll stop ranting now, but let it be known that I am always happy to talk. (About anything, but primarily this book 😂)

And I have one more thing to say about this…

There is one line that has always stuck with me, and it’s between Jesper and Wylan.

“Music. Numbers. Equations. They’re not like word. They … they don’t get mixed up.”

“If only you could talk to girls in equations.”

There was a long silence, and then, eyes trained on the notch they’d created in the link, Wylan said, “Just girls?”

Jesper restrained a grin.” No. Not just girls.”

Firstly, as a maths lover myself, this will always be a part of my little geeky heart. Secondly, we all know that I, well, I am obsessed with queer romances. (THE FIRST STEP TO FIXING YOUR PROBLEM IS ADMITTING IT). This was the first page of a book I ever photographed (yes, I do that to remember good lines. I have a folder in my phone just for that.), and while it won’t be the last, I just remover stopping and smiling so hard at this line, and my reaction when I see it now is to either smile or breakdown. Depending on the day.

Girls Of Paper And FireSo this one isn’t the whole book (even though it was amazing! hIgHlY recommend!!!) but its just one scene. It’s where the MC (Lei) doesn’t think it’s ‘right’ for her and Wren to be in love, and when asked if it’s because they were both girls, Lei was quick to say no, and that could never be.

It meant a lot to me for some reason? Just to see that Lei, who is such a strong, fierce character in Girls say that seems to make it very real for me, and, I don’t know, it almost made me cry? I’m a massive believer in representation for marginalised people, especially in books and the media, and this was just so moving and I feel like a lot of people couldn’t read that without crying. (Heck, I practically couldn’t.)


American PandaIn this book, there is a page or two towards the end where Mei and her mum have this massive fight about Mei not being a part of the family because she’s befriended her disowned older brother (let’s just say this was one serious tiger mum) and Mei is saying her mum never sticks up for herself around her father and her mother in-law and I just cried??? so much??? during this???? I just broke down. My mum and I have always been quite close, and lately we’ve been fighting more and it was just so relatable but not at all in a good way???


The Fault In Our Stars (movie)

This was based on a book so like.. IM COUNTING IT.

I watched this on a plane with my mum (its a thing we do, we jointly watch a movie AND OH MY GOSH I’VE JUST REALISED AUGUSTUS AND HAZEL DO THAT TOO WEIRDDDD. some of the ones we’ve seen are: tfios, you’ve got mail, umm… we were  going to watch crazy rich asians? but then i fell asleep lol. anyway.) and we were just sobbing for like the last half an hour or something? It’s just something I remember because it takes A LOT for me to cry in a movie or book (even though half of what’s mentioned here features me crying. there are exceptions, okay?! okay.*) and this was full on crying so this has to be in here for sure.


LegendLegend means a lot not because its one of my all time favourite books (which it kind is…), but because it was really the first YA book/series I ever read. My parent’s got it for my birthday, and ever since I’ve really gotten EVEN more into reading, especially because I was running out of new middle grade books at my local library!! It just means so much??? And now Rebel is coming out so YAY I’M READY. maybe. ish. if Marie Lu kills us again like she did with Champion I WILL BE KILLING HER ASKFIJIJAD* Also I will be doing a reread around june/july to a) prepare for rebel and b) celebrate my birthday with lots of favourite books (six of crows here i come).


King of Scars

Like everything Leigh Bardugo does, there were just so many good lines in this book. This book is on this list BECAUSE of that. I can flip to almost any page and find some Nikolai snark, or sass from Nina, and bored-out-of-my-mind-because-i-have-to-put-up-with-nikolai quips from Zoya and I freaking love that.

link to quotes page on goodreads, just take a few minutes to scroll through. trust me, it’ll make you smile.*


The Raven Cycle

This series I was introduced to by Olivia (well mostly, a few other bloggers too) and I gotta say girl, you did your job well. I fell in love with this book like I’m sure many others have, and now I really need Blue Lily, Lily Blue from the library. Or bought. It just makes my day to read and then I can fangirl with so many people about it and then I just feel so !!!!! inside. (Also Ronan gives me serious Kaz Brekker and Jess Mariano vibes and I’m loving it) (Gansey is a full on Logan, don’t deny it. We all know it’s true.) (Look at me shoving Gilmore Girls references in your face)

welllll, what did you think? was it too… sappy? too much fangirl??? i mean, it was more than 1k of me smiling so that’s ALWAYS good, but how are you going? feel like sharing some of your favourites? 

❤ have a nice day, i’ll be back soon for more bookishness ❤

love, rhi

41 thoughts on “Seven Books + Moments That I Love More Than Waffles ft. Love Letters To Books I’ve Already Talked Way Too Much About

  1. id also like to add that i finished darius the great is not okay this morning and it could also be on this list? for a very important message that i really needed to hear at the moment. i won’t go into detail but please do read it 💖 ill probably rant more about it in my recap coming up soon 😊 have a lovely day xxx

    Liked by 3 people

      1. You should!! Normally Historical Romance….. Jody Hedlund has some YA books but I have actually never read any of those because my mom is normally the one who orders the books 🙂 I recommend these from her
        3.”The Michigan Brides Collection”( I have read two out of the three in that collection)
        2. ” The Orphan Train Series ” (again I have only read two)
        3.”The Hearts of Faith Collection” (I have read all of those.)
        I have read pretty much all of Lynn Austins books if so you have any questions about them feel free to ask! 🙂


  2. 10/10 post (perfect amount of sappy and fangirl but ngl you can never get enough of that)!! the six of crows one is relatable and will always be dfghjklkjhgf, and yeah I too am looking so forward to rebel even though I’ve only read the first book . . . probably need to set my priorities straight and actually read prodigy / champion before anticipating it, but at least I can shamelessly do so to kingdom of back. now I have no idea how to end this hm


  3. Yass gurl ❤ Love this post, definitely want to do something like this xD There's too many good parts in books, it takes a lot for me to cry in booksd and films, but I cried my eyes out at the book of Midnight Sun, that was just too much for me xD
    Can't wait to do couple golas on Six Of Crows x
    Grwat post,
    Amber x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know right! I could tell, it was truthful and honest and amazing! 😊 Definitely will be giving it a go. I recommend it! It’s sad but amazing x Me too, I can’t wait to read + SQUEALLL and ramble all my thoughts about it onto a post 😂
        No worries Rhi, any time x


  4. aww that part of girls was amazing 💖. i honestly felt so impacted by that book and that scene especially…
    oh and i would love to hear your thoughts on darius. loved this post rhi xx

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  5. Aahhh, this post is the loveliest!💘Thank you for the shoutout, hehe, I’m so super happy I could help you on your journey to reading The Raven Cycle…what would life be like without our precious Gansey (read: Logan, reinvented) and Ronan and eVeRyOnE else??
    And…I STARTED SIX OF CROWS YESTERDAY. So far, it took me a little bit to get into, but I think I’m finally into it! It was hard for me to put it down to go to bed yesterday so I count that as being drawn in. XD
    I also loved American Panda, Darius the Great, and TFOIS!

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    1. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I really poured my heart and soul into it ❤ Oh yes, I’m still waiting for Blue Lily, Lily Blue at the library though!!!!! 😠
      OH YES. YES YES YESSSSSS!!!!!! How do you like it, how far through are you, WHAT DO YOU THINK?!?!
      Aahh yes ❤ Thanks for commenting Liv xxx

      Liked by 1 person

          1. HI YES IT WAS AMAZING MY FAVORITES ARE EVERYONE AND I HAVE A POST THAT I WROTE ABOUT IT TODAY!! IT’S NOT COMING UNTIL A WEEK BUT WOW I’M SO EXCITED! yes we should collab sometime?!? and I can’t pick favorites i don’t even know i just love them all so much???

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