Top Five Tuesday // fictional friendships!

By now you must have realised my obsession with found families and friendship squads.

I mean, dude. Unless you’re REALLY new here (in which case, welcome! I don’t bite… most of the time.) you should know that just from the amount of ranting about the dregs that I do. (An unhealthy amount, really.)

Today Shanah has given me the wonderful opportunity to rant about all the squads I love so much! There may be romance in some of them… but like, you can’t have it all.

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I am in love with all the Phoenix Riders. Roshan and Hammie and Asher, even Ren. If I could just spend one day trying to beat them all at Mario Kart, that would be the dream.

Six Of Crows

Explanation needed? No. Will I give you one anyway? Yes.

SoC has such a diverse yet it-doesn’t-feel-forced vibe to it in its cast of six. They are all there for each other and I would love to be a part of that. (Also who doesn’t want Nina to show all the waffle hotspots to you. I mean, seriously. )

The Raven Boys

The bond that Blue, Gansey, Adam, Noah, amd Ronan have is unmistakably unique and incredible. What I wouldn’t do to be a part of that.


Day and Tess have a super amazing bond that, honestly, seems pretty sturdy through just about anything. They’ve practically grown up together, and Marie Lu writes the relationship beautifully.

The Art of Being Normal

Something I love about this book is that it isn’t entirely romance based. It’s more coming-of-age than anything else, and Leo and David are my two soft boys and no-on e better hurt them. You’ve been warned…


so… what did you think? any other suggestions? books i might’ve missed?

have a lovely day 🙂

36 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday // fictional friendships!

  1. oooh… i love when authors really emphasize families and friendships. i’ll have to check out a few of these books (:
    and i love the new blog design!! what fonts did you use?
    syd xx

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  2. I love the new design!! (I usually read your posts in the reader 😬) Great job with this. Most of the books I read are really good. I like Animal Farm, Jane Eyre, To Kill A Mockingbird, etc. Have you read The Mysterious Benedict Society? Those are SO good! 😍 Also The Penderwicks 💗.


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