Top 5 Tuesday / Top Five Books Set in Your Own Country

Today’s topic I am super excited for!!! Not many books are set in Australia, so when I find them I hold on tight.

*also once again this post is super super late and i am super super sorry

Take Three Girls

Wow. It was set in Melbourne and I loved it and please read it. Most cities referenced would mean nothing to you but I recognized a lot and could put pieces together easily.

I Am Out With Lanterns

Never really read but I started it?? And it seems to be also set in Melbourne?? Which I adore??

The Secret Science Of Magic

This is ALSO set in Melbourne. YAY!!! (Also this book gave me so much grief over finding a spot for it on my shelf)

A Thousand Perfect Notes

As said by the author, this is set somewhere between Cairns and Brisbane? I think? It’s definitely set in Australia.

Beautiful Mess

This book…. IS AMAZING. I’m pretty sure it’s also set in Melbourne? It mentions being 100% set in Australia, that much I know. (The theme of ‘being more beautiful after being broken’ is also SO GORGEOUS. It features a cinnamon roll named Gideon as well and he writes slam poems and I love him so much 💖 Highly recommend)


Words In Deep Blue, Cath Crowley (Melbourne author!)

A #LoveOzYA Anthology, written by tons of Australian authors like Amie Kaufman (co-writer of the Illuminae series) and Melissa Keil (wrote The Secret Science Of Magic – mentioned above – and others)


Aahhh thank you for this topic Shanah!!! It was super fun to think about and I hope I introduced a few Aussie books to y’all! If you’re ever looking for recommendations by Australian authors or books set here just let me know 😉

love, rhi

30 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday / Top Five Books Set in Your Own Country

  1. Hi Rhi!
    Amazing book post! 💛 Where I live, one book is set in it and it’s TERRIBLE. We were forced to read it in school, pure torture 😂 I live on an island, so not really an interesting place to write an story. And BTW, guess who recently when into the bookstore and saw Six of Crows and bought it! SQUEALLLL! I know you’ve said it’s a really good book so I thought why not try it and I’m soooo excited to fangurl about it!!! 😊💛
    Great post,
    Amber x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No worries! No seriously it’s finee it was just a really boring book and kinda put me off but I will be checking out some of these books ❤ I know right *yells at teacher for destorying my opinion of Aussie books* lol.

        Liked by 1 person

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