Plan With Me! February Edition // ft. Pastel Colours And Tombow

Is it really February? Already?
Where did January go? Anyway, today I actually AM excited for February. Why? Well, what better than a bullet point list to explain things.

  • First off I’m typing this a day before publishing ON MY NEW KEYBOARD!! (Ignore the day-before-publishing bit.) Yay! Some of you may know I use an iPad primarily (and I format things mostly on a computer, tho sometimes the website), and for me this is massive! Yay!
  • I have met some people at my new school. I was really nervous about this, and now, well, I know a few girls. YAY!
  • My school swimming carnival is today. Well, the today you’re reading this. I publish earlyyy. (Edit: I meant to schedule this to publish 2am Wednesday morning my time, but due to unforeseen circumstances (ie. me having art club) (which was predictable but oh well) it has only gone up at 4.20pm. My most insincere apologies.)
  • I GOT KING OF SCARS ON SATURDAY AND IT WAS AMAZING. Although I didn’t read Shadow and Bone… major spoilers for it were in KoS but I wasn’t really planning to read it anyway. Luckily. (I didn’t want to struggle through a book that wasn’t well liked by many people.)
  • I also now own a copy of Six of Crows. If you know me you know that I LOVED IT AND THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

But now, without further ado, I present to you The Bullet Journal // February Edition

So I do like this page? I had to tape a piece of paper over the quote I had written because… why not? (It didn’t fit with the theme. Of pastel colours. I know I’m vain and like pretty things HAVE YOU SEEN MY BOOKSHELF?!) I love the ‘february twenty nineteen’ though.

I’m kinda in love with this spread. It’s so… PRETTY. And also well organised – for me.

My page of positivity. I’m trying to keep a gratitude log.., it’s working. Ish. I, uh, still need to collage the side though. Will post another updated picture. (Oh, and I still need to do the title properly.)

A weekly spread. I think I gave myself wayyy too much room to do this. I needed the space in January, but not this month! Argh!

And my reflections page. Quite simple… except I’m yet to decide what I can put in them! Maybe too simple…

have you shown your bullet journal yet (if you have one)? // did you like my, uh, ~pastel~ theme? // i can’t think of any more questions // did you have a nice day? talk soon x

44 thoughts on “Plan With Me! February Edition // ft. Pastel Colours And Tombow

  1. ok um first off.
    AHHHH your library is goals. i color coded my library but this is beyond. *squeals*
    this looks amazing rhi!! you’ve really outdone yourself this time. i love the use of pastels and the tombow dual brush pens. 🙂
    loved this so much– you’re bullet journal is so nice and colorful! it’s giving me all those positivity vibes and the trackers… oooooh.
    can’t wait for march’s spread!!
    -syd xx


    1. oh my gosh THANK YOU!! i’m actually planning on sharing the whole shelf in some bookstagram-inspired pictures soon!
      thank you sydney, this was my first ‘real’ use of the tombow pens so i was excited!!
      yes, and if you share february i can’t wait for yours! x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Rhi, I need to say, I’M LOVING FEBRUARY’S SPREAD. The calligraphy, the pastels (yasss gurl) and just the format! I’m still working on my February whole spread, but I will be sharing it very soon! Loving this!!
    For my birthday, I’m asked for the Tombow pastel brush pens, as they have such nice shades and are so pretty! ⭐️💛✨
    Looking forward to March’s spread!
    Great post Rhi, thank you for sharing! 😊
    Amber x


      1. Thank you, Rhi! Don’t get too excited, I’m not to sure about it 😂
        I will do! I’m very excited to get them, I’m a total pastel fan, so these seem like they would be great for me!
        Thank you Rhi,
        Amber x


          1. Yasss! My mum is basically creating her work website, and she wants me to design it through WordPress, and she says as a reward for all the time it will take me, she will buy the pastel Tombow pens! Are they dual brush pens?? I am very excited! 💛😊✨

            Liked by 1 person

  3. today on “sha is shocked by Australian culture”: omg you have a SWIMMING CARNIVAL????

    i am loving the pastel theme for february! i can never say no to pastel. also, that bookshelf is goals, and look at King of Scars just hanging out at the end like, “Hey, no big deal, I’m just here, looking AMAZING.”

    You have Geek Girl! That book was a DNF for me. I’m trying to finish it at some point in my life. I don’t even remember what had me DNF it anymore (it was too long ago).


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