The Oy With The Reading Already Tag ft. Gilmore Girls + Books


If you know me, you know that I really love Gilmore Girls. If you know me, you’ll also know I really love books. Today I’m basically joining these two things together… to make one massive happiness-filled post!! Except for Luke but you know. He tries.


a) I now have to reread and read HP cause my cousin finally watched Survivor… it only took him 322 days. (He set a reminder on his phone and it literally sat there that long. No joke.)

b) I re colour coded my books and now they!! are!! really!! pretty!!!! And actually perfect for taking pictures… sorry not sorry for the massive load of pictures I will be showing next post.

c) The whole time writing and editing this post I was going “is that too much small text” “why am i making eVeRyThInG small” “will people be able to read it” “ugh formatting and editing and resizing text takes foreverrrrrr” “formatting is really theraputic” “I HOPE PEOPLE READ THIS ON THE WEBSITE NOT THE READER” (subtle hint to go to the actual post… which is on a handy link RIGHT HERE. YOU’RE WELCOME.)

d) I’m going to point out I spent multiple days working on this. The formatting, the actual post, everything. It totaled to about 1100 words. The things I do for you lot.

11tash hearts tolstoySo generally Jack from Tash Hearts Tolstoy is pretty grumpy. Yeah. She just seems so… pessimistic like me but also a good friend hopefully like me. Cause she was really good with Tash. (Mini review coming soon in Squish Edition #1! Maybe. Do you guys want mini reviews every week? Or regular reviews?)

1love me neverIsis Blake, Lovely Vicious series. She is Lorelai all over, it’s scary. Her banter with Jack is also just… priceless. They are amazing, and it’s nice use of the enemies to friends to lovers trope. WHICH I LOVE. The series isn’t amazing but the characters are.

screenshot 2019-01-30 16.44.46

1garrett girlsSomeone who I know loves reading as a character inside the book is Vi from The Last Summer Of The Garrett Girls. Des her sister works at the bookstore, but Vi always seems to be reading the books.

P.S. instead of doing a book dragon inside the book, you can nominate a fellow book blogger!!

11 warcrossI’d really love (like love love love) to have Roshan from Warcross because he just seems so lovely and protective and supportive. Like, calling everybody ‘love’ all the time and helping Emika (auto correct was saying Erika AND I WAS LIKE NO) even though TREMAINE is right there the whole time. Also Nina from Six of Crows bc that whole group is a found family and I love them. And she likes biscuits. (no joke there is about a page and a half in crooked kingdom dedicated to her protecting them)

*no SoC pic cause you see it later on and i already have a pic

11autoboyography(also I know I spelt Richard wrong in this. I’m not happy. However, I’m not changing it because these graphics were made the night before publishing oh by the way I publish at two in the morning didn’t you know that there’s this thing called scheduling idk what I’m doing/saying monkey monkey underpants*)

So I’ve only read Autoboyography once but it seems like the sort of fluffy contemporary that is just meant for rereads. Kinda like Gilmore Girls. 😂

*it seemed like the time for a reference.

23437156(Also for this you include Tristan and Marty. Pick whoever. Full list of questions down the bottom for more detail)

I’m picking Jess and Kaz Brekker……. umm they wouldn’t really get along but more? just? have? the? greatest? arguments?! Like stick them in a room together for 12 hours and see if anybody comes out unscathed.

*i actually dOnT want to imagine this because my two favourite sons will be all snarked out.

1garrett girlsIn The Last Summer Of The Garrett Girls, Bea has a 5 year relationship with Eric… that’s not quite as long as Emily and Richard being together for 50 years but close enough! (also I know I mention Garrett Girls in this post a lot. As well as SoC. Forgive me please.)

1crooked kingdomWylan Van Eck. He plays the flute – and maybe the piano? Cause when Jesper walks in in Crooked Kingdom, he (kinda) is at the piano. (OH MY GOSH DONT EVER MENTION THAT SCENE TO ME. ITS JUST LIKE JESPER WHYYYYYYYY)

11crow cup tattSix of Crows. I may or may not have sent a suggestion demand that all my friends read it. (Yes I know I’ve mentioned SoC like 50 million* times this post. Forgive me. It’s the best (and oh have you seen the Crooked Kingdom temporary tattoos? Because while I hate the idea, they are so. darn. cute. the crow-cup is perfect (how I want that on my arm) and basically it’s the best.)

*inside joke 😂  also the crow-cup tattoo picture was taken from pinterest, link here 🙂

1legendI was more than a mess during Legend (and prodigy and champion). It killed me. EDEN AND DAY AND JUNE AND OH DEAR I CANT THINK ABOUT METIAS OR I WILL CRY. TOO LATE.

*not being dramatic. ive actually teared up.

1wildcardAnytime I have to go my mum’s work during the holidays. That’s when I’ve read Wildcard and Autoboygraphy in one session! (Seperate times of course – I’m only ever there for like 5 hours.)


i tag.. .png

Liv @ Purely Olivia // Sha @ Book Princess Reviews // Amber @ Amber’s Reads // Ju @ Paper Blots // anybody who has heard of and/or seen Gilmore Girls! these are just a few who have a) great book blogs and/or b) talked about gilmore girls with me!

Here is the complete question list – you can also use the graphics BUT PLEASE DONT CAUSE THEY KINDA SUCK.


• Luke – a grumpy character

• Lorelai – a fast talking, sassy character

• Rory – a bookdragon INSIDE THE BOOK and a fellow book blogger 😉

• Emily – a book where a character has a long term relationship with another

• Sookie – a character who you’d love to have as a best friend.

• Richard – a book you go to for comfort.

• Boyfriend – pick one of Rory’s love interests (including Marty and Tristan 💜) and tell us a character you think they’d get along with

• Lane – a character who plays an instrument

• Babette/Miss Patty – a book you’ve told all your friends about

• Liz/T.J. – a book which was just a whirlwind of emotions

• Paris – an intense reading session + the book read

1talk with me actual.png

… please // have you seen gilmore girls? // do you plan to, after hearing me excessively talk about it (this was just really the icing on the cake of me talking about it)? // have you read any of the books up there – especially six of crows and garrett girls? // do you like the new graphics? // WHAT SHIP ARE YOU FOR BOTH SOC AND GILMORE GIRLS I MUST KNOW!!!!! // thank you so much for reading this post, have a lovely day and comment away any thoughts xxx



46 thoughts on “The Oy With The Reading Already Tag ft. Gilmore Girls + Books

  1. To be honest, I skimmed through this. But only because I’m currently watching Gilmore Girls with my mom and I don’t want spoilers. We are on season 1 episode 6 so we still have A LOT to go. So far it is veryyyy good.
    Also, I love the graphics.
    Great post! (even though I didn’t fully read it, haha). x


  2. RHI I HAVE TO TELL YOU! I’M GOING TO EXPLODE OTHERWISE, BUT O WATCHED GILMORE GIRLS!!! It’s AMAZING!! 💛⭐️ I’m addicted, it’s so good, even though I’m 7 seasons behind and that really sucks but you know 😂 Thank you soo much for recommending it to me! Now, let’s talk about the post 😂 I love this tag! I will definitely be doing this tag, it looks great! Gilmore Girls + books, what more could a girl want?! I might use your graphics, or maybe experiment, that’s probably NOT a good idea if you’ve seen me experimenting 😂
    Anyways, this is an AMAZING post Rhi and I love it! And thank you soo much for tagging me, I’m an ‘official’ book blog, because it’s books for life! 😊⭐️
    Amber x


    1. AHH YAY IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!! Also it’s good that you liked it… you have to keep me posted now!!
      That’s great that you’ll do the tag, I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Do you think it was spoilerish or not? Please just experiment, my graphics really sucked! I did make them late at night when I wanted to do nothing however. 🤷‍♀️
      I’m glad you love it – that’s what my blog is all about, connecting and having people get happiness from my content. Of course you are – books are my one true love too xxxxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely will keep you posted! 😊💛 I just love the relationship she has with her mother, it’s so nice! And there are some funny moments in there 😂
        Yep, I’m looking forward to drafting this post… a lot! I don’t think it was too spoilerish, I think you did a good job! No, I loved that water-colour flower, and the font was great! It really is, I smiled while reading this post! 💛 Books are great, they are there 100% for you!
        Amber x


  3. This is so cute! I really like Gilmore Girls… but I still haven’t watched the last episode! 🙈 I was watching it together with my mother, but something happened, and we just kind of drifted away from it. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon, and maybe I’ll do this tag 😉 Great job!


      1. i was trying to tease you / shatter your world (softly). ive seen the intense fandom and also heard about the reboot (there was a reboot, right?) but i have not actually watched. is it on netflix, do you think? that is my main access to television.


  4. I LOVE this post so much!! this is so cute and even though I haven’t watched Gilmore girls, I’ve watched soooo many little snippets (mainly jess scenes, okay I love jess) but if youre saying the last summer of the garrett girls gives you rory vibes, im adding it to my tbr immediately.

    such a fun tag, awesome post!!



    Okay wait Vi is SUCH a Rory?! I never really noticed but wait, yes, they are so similar and I’m now living for it! Omg I love the description for Miss Patty, ahahah. Yes yes yes I will read Six of Crows soon, I promise.

    Again, I love this! (And I love the graphics too!) OY WITH THIS POST ALREADY


      She is. Miss Patty was super fun to come up with – all of them were actually. YAY TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! I’m reading the Raven Cycle soon, so we can be even.

      Thank you for all your sweet words Liv, they mean the world. HAHA I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. VERY FUNNY 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. i will comment again, but more seriously.

    THE FORMATTING IS AMAZING. seriously so good. i’m in awe. *bows*

    i love mini reviews because i’m a lazy person but also if it’s a good book i love long reviews because then i can bask in the fangirling for even longer. go where the flow of the book love takes you!!

    i want a friend/family member (me) to work at a bookstore so i can just read all the books for free. and get a discount. that would be really nice, i think.

    why are you saying monkey monkey underpants is this an australian thing? do u have a lot of monkeys? that wear underpants? i googled it apparently this is a whole thing there’s a video what is happening.

    AHHHH the flute the piano AHHHH AHHHH AHHHHH *covers eyes*

    again: i LOVE THE GRAPHICS.


    1. Okay good.


      Yeah – SoC? Deserves a full bullet point review of fangirling. Others? Not so much.

      ‘(me)’ *cracks up laughing* BUT YES THAT’S THE DREAM.

      No, it’s a Gilmore Girls™ thing. But now I want to google it.

      AHHH wylan my baby AHHH you don’t know what happens with the piano AHHH its not a good thing

      Thank you. Very muchly. (Also will you be doing this tag earlier than 2021 I MUST KNOW)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i’m sorry but ALL I AM THINKING RIGHT NOW is about all the horrible things that can happen involving a piano and I AM SO STRESSED.

        Google it! somehow that very random combination of words = a page of lorelei (? that’s her name I think?). just everywhere.

        (maybe like 2020? i like the symmetry of the numbers)


  7. SIX OF CROWS IS AMAZING AHHH!!! Nina would be the most amazing best friend oh my gosh 😭😭 Also Wylan, our precious musical boy 😭❤️ Autoboyography is such a sweet read oh my gosh! 💕 I’ve only watched season 3 and half of 4 I think of Gilmore Girls but this was such a cute tag! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hiii!!! I’m so happy I found your blog! I love, love, love Gilmore Girls! I’m #teamdean and I’m super happy you created this tag! I’m definitely doing it on my own blog, thank you for creating it! I will definitely pingback to you! I’m also a pretty big fan of Six of Crows (#teamNina&Matthias).


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