the books and biscuits tag // ft. me renaming stuff and rambling about books. nothing new here.

As the title says, today I am becoming a food blog.Well technically it doesn’t say that but you know… IT WAS IMPLIED. I saw this on Cait’s blog AND KNEW I HAD TO DO IT.

a) she’s australian too, so i felt a tiny obligation.

b) we call them biscuits here. the official name for this tag was ‘cookies’ not ‘biscuits’ BUT HERE WE SAY BISCUITS. or biccy’s and i would really love to call them biccos. sadly no.

c) she added in a few extra biscuits AND I LOVE HER FOR IT. as she says ‘because 7? I DO NOT STOP A TAG AT 7.’

lets get started!

oh and wait again please read this on the website. i spent a lot of time formatting the images and coding and basically you had better 1, like this post (not just hitting the button), and 2, READ IT ON THE WEBSITE. MY FORMATTING GETS DECIMATED ON THE READER.


♥ choc chip… classic book that you love classic… hmm let’s see. does the phantom tollbooth count? cause i quite like that – obvs not as much as others but it’s still… decent ahaha does anybody get my warcross reference? AnYbOdY?!?! no? ok *sad face*


♥ thin mints… a hyped up book that you want to read so about two weeks ago i would’ve said six of crows. (read my review here haha shameless self promo) BUT THEN I READ IT AND MY LIFE WAS COMPLETED. so… um… perhaps girls of paper and fire? or starfish? oh and you asked for perfect comes out march 5th and i cannot control myself ahhhh!!! AND HOW CAN I FORGET ABOUT the boy who steals houses askjifrd. it comes out 23rd april and i actually can’t wait. also the raven boys i have out from the library (no pic sorry… not loading!)

*so that turned into a list of books coming out soon that i want to read. oh well. i’ve never really followed the rules (what am i talking about that’s a lie)

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♥ shortbread… an author you can’t get enough of umm, so this is hard. can i change this to books i can’t get enough of? no? well maybe i’ll do both.

for author I MUST SAY MARIE LU. she’s practically the only author who i own more than one series by.

for books i shall say the last summer of the garrett girls, six of crows, and forget me not WHICH IS TOLD ENTIRELY IN POETRY basically SO YAY!!!!

*if anybody knows some good books told in poems TELL ME. I MUST KNOW.

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♥ timtams… an emotional rollercoaster *also side note – timtams are this awesome aussie treat

for this one it kinda has to be see you in the cosmos. (i would say another one but it gets mentioned as a snickerdoodle later. i’ve gotta share the love guys.)

but back to syitc. (wow worst acronym ever) it was heartwrenching and funny and i cried so much near the end bc alex is such a sweet boy HE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS.

runner ups would be anatomy of a misfit (sad. my mum said ‘did you just finish a sad book? you’ve got that look on your face when you finish a sad book.’) and the last summer of the garrett girls (umm hello? the ships kept you in SUSPENSE GUYS. S U S P E N S E .)

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♥ oreos… a book whose cover was better than the story i haven’t actually read wing jones but the cover looks so good i actually don’t think the book can live up to it. LOOK AT IT. everything leads to you was a pretty good book but i’m in love with the cover so yeah. from twinkle with love was also one of those – okay book, excellent(ish, in this case) cover.

*also i will say that some great covers (and great books) are the school for good and evil, what if it’s us, and counting by 7s. (but i did an entire post on great covers here. more self promo haha i’m sorry (but not really).

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♥ gingerbread cookies… wherein the story was better than the cover SO SO MANY. the penderwicks have the most boring cover ever but le book is fabulous. i wasn’t a big fan of the warcross duology covers so i’ll put them here (they were nice… but it was unrelated. completely.).

*this one cait added also.

**also my editing has now gone kerflooey. i can’t put images in a row now.


♥ peanut butter cookies… a book that wasn’t what you expected umm. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. um.

i wasn’t expecting love from lexie to get as good as it did. then again cathy cassidy has a way of handling big themes really well. that’s like it tho.


♥ snickerdoodles… a book you’ll never stop rereading FAN ART. FAN ART ALL THE WAY FRIENDS.

it was just awesome and read my review here and i loved it too much for words

also SIX OF CROWS WAS JUST FABULOUS. read my review here as well.

*waaaaay too much self promo in this post. oh well.

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♥ ANZAC biscuits… history you wish was retold more in YA oh – so for those of you who don’t know an anzac biscuit is like hard crunchy oats and honey and they are DELICIOUS. cait added this one in and i love her for it.

i’m not that big on historic stuff like that but i wouldn’t mind learning some more. some more in general. i don’t really care – just give it to me in an enjoyable way to read!!!

♥ macaron… sequels you liked better than the first i definitely think the first penderwick’s book wasn’t the best, and the last legend book was priceless. the school for good and evil handbook is probably my favourite in the series, even though it’s an add on.

*another one she added in, and she says “I really assume you don’t just eat one macaron, is all I’m saying.” AHAHAHAHA. PRICELESS (and true.).

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so that concludes today’s post friends! i tag you if you knew any of the books i talked about up there, and if you didn’t lol. sha and liv especially (cause i rant about books a lot with them ><)


have you read any of the aforementioned books? // have you checked out cait’s blog? // is it actually 2019?!


also guys this post is over 1k words i’m sorryyyy

36 thoughts on “the books and biscuits tag // ft. me renaming stuff and rambling about books. nothing new here.

  1. Oooo, I have Fangirl on my bookshelf waiting to be read!! And I love the School for Good and Evil and wanted to know what the handbook is like so it sounds good 💛 I read this on the website, your formatting is trés bien (Sorry I’m completing french homework at the same time so thought I should let my French flow free 😆). I want to do this biscuit tag (with English biscuits 😂)
    Amber x


    1. Cool! I had to return it to the library without reading it, but when I get it back hopefully we could maybe do a buddy read! The handbook is excellent for fans of the series🙂
      YAY!!!! Merci Amber 😂😂
      Go ahead, I’d love to see you do this tag!! Can’t wait xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve never read Six Of Crows! I know, I know I’m awful! I’ve heard how good it is though and all my friends rave about it so I need to check it out! This is such a fun tag! Great post as always!?


  3. i’m reading this on the website rhi! your work is being appreciated fully.

    I want to read Girls of Paper and Fire. It’s on my TBR. I’m just being really slow about getting around to it. I hear only the best thiiinggsss. And one of your most anticipated was not enjoyed by me. But I don’t know if I want to be a hope dasher today, so I’ll stay quiet for now.

    i feel so bad for Wing Jones!! the book just wanted to be all pretty with its cover and then you come along, judging it. harshhh. but agreed, who can trust a cover that pretty.

    let me know if you want some historic fiction ya recs! i have a few that i really enjoyed. I want to read more in 2019 too, because a good ya hist fic is probably my faaave genre.

    i love this tag!!! i’ll for sure be doing it…. maybe in february? haha, I schedule posts faar in the future, but I should have space around then XD and who can say no to BOOKS and COOKIES??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. okay yay i can rest in peace now.

      what was the bad one what was the bad one what was it what was it what was it

      that’s what I do. judge. you just can’t trust it… something suspicious here.

      ooh yes please! WAIT WHAT YOU LIKE NON FICTION WE CANT BE FRIENDS. the other day I was raving about autoboyography to one of my friends and she had this look the whole time and then she finally asked “what was the books name?” and I said it and then she burst out laughing cause she thought I said autobiography AND I NEVER ‘DO’ NONFICTION

      ooh yes do it!! the posts turn out reallllllllllllyyyy long though… mine was over 1k words. also I’m hoping you meant feb 2019 :p

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i don’t know, if i tell you will it shatter all your hopes and dreams in one fell swoop?

        it was just a shoooooe. just one innocent shoe.

        no no no i don’t like NON FICTION omigosh step back step back take a biiiig step back. i mean, i want to like non fiction because smart people like non fiction and i know there are good nonfics out there. but atm i said i like HISTORICAL FICTION which is fiction set in the past. so WATCH YOURSELF with those claims of me liking nonfiction. i can recommend *historical fiction*. *watches you*

        hahahaha omigosh i can believe it because i was scrolling for a while. and oh no, i certainly meant feb 2021.


          1. you asked for perfect.

            i’m laughing at this world where gradient laces = too fancy

            OKAY. *watches while listing books* anything by Ruta Sepetys but mainly Between Shades of Gray (for intense historical fiction) and Out of the Easy (for historical setting but focus on the character development). Anastasia Romanov retelling that is so good: “Romanov” by Nadine Brandes. its historical setting but with magic. i would recommend those first.



    First of all, you can breathe, I read this on your site and THE FORMATTING WAS GORG. And second of all, so many good books you want to read kdjfadulkdj I spy Starfish and The Raven Boys?! Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to see what you think of it. *screeches*

    Also, The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls was in here multiple times, and I must say, that made me so happy.✨

    AND YES, PENDERWICKS. Haha, the cover is kind of…dull? But the story inside is honestly so good. I FORGOT about them but now I am remembering Batty and Skye and Jane and Rosie and Jeffrey and all the happy memories are flooding back. XD

    All right, I shall read Six of Crows at some point in life, I promise!!



      Yay!!! I’m taking it down to the beach – for a week. Hopefully I’ll get through it!

      It was – I thought that would please you 😂😉 THE COVER IS GORGEOUS LIKE YASSSS

      YES. I love all of them AND JEFFERY IS LIKE A CINNAMON BUN.


      Liked by 1 person

  5. AHHH YOU DID THE TAG. I LOVED READING THIS!! *gives you all the biscuits because at least we know what they’re REALLY called* 😍🎉🎉Also I thoroughly love Starfish and 10/10 would recommend it to everyone. Also Six of Crows is an absolute GIFT. I hope Leigh Bardugo does write a 3rd eventually because my life would be made then ajfkslad.


    1. YES I DID!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! *winks CAUSE WE DO* *gives you some cake* *shares biscuits* Ooh, it’s that good? I’ll definitely have to read it now!!! SIX OF CROWS SHOULD BE UNDER EVERYBODY’S TREE, ALL YEAR ROUND. Oh my gosh yessss and that way we could see what happened to Jesper and Wylan awwwww.


  6. -squeals with delight- Fangiril is soo good! A lot of my friends were skeptical about it when I recommended it to them, but after reading it they loved it too! That just about made my day 🙂 And have you read “When Dimple Met Rishi” by Sandhya Menon as well? It’s so. good.
    Great post!
    I also wanted to ask you if you could possibly help me out. I started a new blog I haven’t fully launched yet, but I wanted to do a cool sign-off, and I thought, “Who better to ask?” Your visuals are so aesthetic + I love fonts too. Do you have any tips?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yess!! I actually haven’t read it yet, but I want to! I’ve started Dimple, but not finished yet.
      Oh! I’d love to help you out – shoot me something via my contact page so we can comment from there and I’ll 100% help you! If I’m too late however I get it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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