six of crows // ft. me loving it and fangirling super super hard

You know those books that rip your heart into a million pieces and then gently stitch half together again before smashing on it again?

this was one of those books. i finished six of crows in 1.5 days (3-4th Jan 20189) and it blew me away. giving it 4.75 stars 😉

oh and in my last post i ended up having a whole conversation with sha about this… yeah.

not much… I’ve seen friends, watched Gilmore Girls, taken a whole lot of bookstagram-inspired pictures! I’ve also started to work on some collabs with people, which has been super fun!

so basically the whole plot and universe was just awesome. i hadn’t read the Grisha trilogy but you don’t need to to read this. there was a lot of amazing one liners (and page-liners) that i was reading out loud to my parents – I’d show them but I’ve kinda forgotten 🤷‍♀️

the premise was kaz (one of the main characters – i would say the six were all main though) gets offered 30million kruge (their currency) for an impossible heist. kaz builds a team of six with different strengths and weaknesses to help him break in and while the romances were more side plots they were still cool.

*also the thing below is something new I’m trying out (I learnt it from the amazing May and now I’m kinda obsessed) but you need to be on the website to view it… go do that please.

  • jesper and wylan were subtly flirting at points (and then not so subtly xD)

“If only you could talk to girls in equations.” There was a long silence, and then, eyes trained on the notch they’d created in the link, Wylan said, “Just girls?” Jesper restrained a grin. “No. Not just girls.”

example above 😉

  • my lil heart broke for inej when she had to sneak in with the menagerie
  • and nina when she took the jurda parem
  • oh and kaz when his past was revealed AND HIM NOT LETTING NINA ERASE THE ‘R’
  • and really i think kaz just wants to be a young boy allowed to trust people and fall in love (with inej specifically) but he couldn’t bc of pekka rollins THE SCAMMER WHO I HOPE WILL NOT BE IN THE SEQUEL
  • oh and kaz besting him at the end? PRICELESS.
  • and oh my word kaz not making inej have the crow-cup tattoo bc he knew about her past with tante heelen is just the sweetest ever
  • and while he’s a bit of a A TOUGH GUY he’s actually so nice to those he really cares about. aka inej. I MEAN HE LOOKED AT HER. HE WAS OFF HIS GAME CAUSE OF HER.
  • basically inez and kaz are just meant for each other EVERYBODY CAN SEE IT BUT THEM
  • oh and can i just say nina and inej would actually work. BUT KAZ AND HER ARE PERFECT.

ok spoilers slash me fangirling done now. if you read that nice job, if you didn’t… come back and read it after the book, ‘kay?

my one complaint is that the languages are kinda confusing. i was really confused about some of the fjerdan and other language words… we needed like footnotes or something. jurda sounds like an indian sweet… but the rest sounds like russian like what?! just a smol complaint tho 😉

have you read this?

do you plan to?

chat with me!!!!! please?

p.s. let me know if you want to see some of those bookstagram pics!



49 thoughts on “six of crows // ft. me loving it and fangirling super super hard

    1. I know!!! It’s amazing!!!!! Oh cool – I’m on a wait list at the library and it comes in 22 or 29 Jan… still got a while! We are away from the 20 – 27 anyway though… 😭
      p.s. hey, we could buddy read on that if you didn’t mind waiting 😂

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  1. Ooooh Rhi! 🌟 This sounds like such a great book – I don’t think I’ve heard of it before though 😂! I definitely think I’ll give it a read (my TBR list for 2019 is seriously getting longer and longer…. 😂) and I thought that the idea of different languages sounds very interesting (even though I won’t be able to understand it!) & I get your frustrations! I started to read a book the other day & one of the first couple of words was in another language (German, I think), and I was like WHAT??!! Sounds like a great book though and I’m definitely going to give it a read! Great post (& yes please to bookstagram photos, I’d love to see some of yours!💚) Autumn x

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  2. this book needs who convos about it. REQUIRES whole convos! and SO MUCH FANGIRLING and shipping ahhhh. this was review was amazing rhi you were so on point i really need the sequel now.

    please excuse me while i beg all my friends to give me their library cards so i can sneak in and pretend to belong to that library and snatch a copy.

    (((also HOW did you make this drop down secret spoiler section O: checking out May’s post asap!)))

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    1. it does. I sent a text to all my friends with the subject line in all caps saying read this book now – six of crows. one of them responded *backs away slowly* YES. THAT HAPPENED. thank you!! the sequel is in reach for me… but yet so far.

      😂 you’ll have to come to australia 😉

      (minus the spaces) HEADER HERE (aka the thing not in the drop down) SPOILERS HERE (except take out all the spaces… for me if I did it with no spaces the thing would just come up. or you could copy and paste what I did then go into HTML and look at the code 😝

      thank you so so much for your consistently sweet comments sha!!! ❤️

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      1. ahahahahaaa but they reALLY DO NEED TO READ THIS BOOK so you were fulfilling a duty. spreading the pure amazing of soc so that hearts can be filled with ship-love and also pekka hate.

        australia seems far though. can i walk there? is there a bus?

        AHH thank you! get ready for my posts to get X1000 better. seriously that drop down is the most magical thing i’ve seen in years. i told my co-blogger and then we just ooohed and aahhed for a while 😂

        you’re welcome, always!

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        1. i was doing what was needed. NEEDED. ship love and pekka hate = important. we need more of it.

          it is quite far from canada… you could take an underwater bus though. THAT would be awesome.

          anytime sha, and i’m glad mandy liked it!! make sure you specify to use the website, not reader. it doesn’t show up!! x

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          1. ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. I agree! Oh yes, it’s all so necessary. Oh gosh, imagine once the book adaption hits the screen, i can’t even think of a physical manifestation of pekka. (it’s easier to picture pekka becoming real than actual character loves who might be miscast imho so i’m not letting my mind wander there yet)

            an UNDERWATER BUS??? (is this a fancy way of saying submarine? are you tricking me?)

            i tested it on an upcoming review~! (upcoming as in may so… really far. but I used it!!) it was… amazing.



              it’s pretty cool. or, you know, you can FLY.

              it’s so cool. once you do it there is no looking back.

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  3. omg I LOVE THIS SERIES!! I actually think it was better than the Grisha books, but I feel like they gave more world-building which probably would’ve been helpful for reading Six of Crows? But ahh Kaz and the group are the BEST.😍

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