the first official post of 2019!!!! // ft. my bujo!

heya – it’s rhi here who else would it be?! today i am super excited… and not just cause it’s actually 2019. where did last year go? *sniffs*

the real reason for my excitement is…

Today I’m sharing my 2019 journal!!!i couldn’t be more excited to share my new years set up and then my jan pages with y’all… but first let’s chat…

Screenshot 2018-12-22 14.03.34

this is a new part of my posts – i’ll basically just be talking about how i’m going and all that jazz 🙂 these won’t happen on the wednesday posts however

i am well and truly into the school-holiday spirit – i’ve been hanging out with friends (and her cat 😂) a lot and can’t wait to spend a week down at the beach! the tombows turned up for christmas so i’ve been taking every excuse I can to use them!! also if you reply to a comment i left on your blog and i don’t respond within a few days it’s cause wp has been playing up recently and they aren’t in my notifications!! drop a comment here or contact me here


well now that i’ve introduced that lil’ section… hmm what else could i say? pretty much nothing, so let’s get started! oh wait – credit to Sydney for the January theme and little sun doodles, and thank you to Ella for introducing me to a more collagey style of journaling!

*ok… so when I promised myself a featured image for every post I didn’t really mean a put-one-together-2-minutes-before-publishing image. anyways.

+ page one

my cover page. self explanatory… I just had to cover up my full name!!

+ page two

well this is obvious. also the stuff I covered up was just bday names, etc and then some personal info 😉 gotta stay safe!!

+ page three

a blog growth tracker page. I’m really looking forward to using this!!

+ page four

my lil’ header for new year goals. the stuff around I’m changing and yeah, so it’s just the header you see 😈

+ page five

my summer bucket list… I got the idea from Sydney (linked above) and thank you!

+ page six

my cover/quote page… I kinda hate it but I love it at the same time *shrugs* Also thanks to Sydney (yep. again.) for the little sun doodles!

+ page seven

my general month overview. thanks ell!

+ page eight

my first weekly spread.

+ page nine

a small little positivity page 🙂

+ page ten

my mood tracker/other weekly spread.

+ page eleven

reflections, books, and bdays. self explanatory. also you can see some black bled through… I’m about to show you what that was!!

+ page twelve

dat quote. also please ignore the weird penciled-in rainbow. idk what I was thinking.

so that’s my jan/new year bujo… thanks for reading guys!!

do you have a bujo?

have you checked out el or sydney’s blog yet?

62 thoughts on “the first official post of 2019!!!! // ft. my bujo!

  1. AHHH RHI. this looks amazing. your calligraphy is getting so much better. I love the sun theme you got going on, thanks for crediting me haha. honestly, feel free to use any of my themes! i’m so glad i inspired you enough that you used it. i love your bujo! happy doodling,
    sydney x


      1. aw, anytime! ❤️❤️❤️
        girl, thank you so much! you’re the sweetest! you definitely did my theme justice. 🙂 i love it! of course,
        syd x


  2. That looks so cool! Your calligraphy is amazing. I’d never seen a bullet journal before this year, because I just use a planner with extra pages for doodling (a girl’s got to have extra pages to doodle 🙂 ) and regular calendars and stuff. I’ll definitely check out Ella’s and Sydney’s blogs!


  3. Aw it looks amazing! AND YOUR HANDWRITING. omg a thing of art. I write like a half dead chicken scratching hen but ya know 😂ahem. I don’t keep a bullet journal but I do keep a reading journal! I love writing down upcoming releases and also books I’ve read. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Cait!!!!! oh wow like seriously it can’t be that bad right? RIGHT?! ooh that sounds cool you should do a post on that. I love keeping track of books I read too – the book, of it was a reread, the author, and my 5star rating. 😉


  4. first off, can i just say, i was feeling some type of way seeing all those sun doodles in january until i remembered you’re in australia so you’re blessed with some sun right now while i frEEZE. just letting that be known.

    your calligraphy is stunning! so gorgeous! omg! I have no patience for calligraphy or writing or bullet journals. i love the stress relieving drawing out portion, but if i really need to plan something, i need to write it out super fast and get started and you better bet i’m using chicken scratch writing haha.


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