Featuring Bloggers #1

Hello! Welcome to the first (kinda) post of 2019!!!

So I realised that posting once a week would be a big jump… so I’m introducing a new series!! A while back I set up a contact page for people to be featured – so from now on Wednesday’s will feature these!! You can find the page here! But now… over to the first interview… 🙂

img_2548-3Hi! I’m Grace, and I blog about books and their characters at This Stack of Books (https://stackofbooks.home.blog/ ).

• When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in early December 2018 because I thought it would be fun to have a place to review books, give recommendations, and make book lists. I love reading and talking about books, and was inspired by some other wonderful book bloggers such as Krysta and Briana from Pages Unbound and Olivia from Purely Olivia.

• List 6 random facts about yourself (no favourites please! that comes later 🙂 )
1. I keep long sticky note lists of books I want to read
2. I read in pretty much every genre
3. When we’re bored in the car, sometimes my sisters and I will pretend we’re actors in commercials and “advertise” silly made-up products such as Magical Mint-scented Mittens
4. I like to listen to music
5. I love tea
6. If I had to live in an era other than my own, I would live in Rome around 30 BC or in the United States around 1880

Who are your blog’s biggest fans/supporters?
Well, I have a new blog and I’ve found the blogging community in general to be very encouraging and kind. Two bloggers in particular that have been very supportive and welcoming to me are Isabel from Chasing Fantasia and Autumn from Autumn’s Angle. I’ve really appreciated their kind comments! Thanks!

• What motivates you to blog?
I love sharing my opinions about books, and I think it’s really fun! I enjoy interacting with readers, and in the future I hope to start making “personalized book lists” based on books people tell me they like, sort of like my “If You Like” lists but personalized!

List 3 ‘favourite’s’ of your choice (ie, animal, colour, place, etc)
1. Favourite book: Currently, You Bring the Distant Near by Mitali Perkins is one of my favourite books, but it changes regularly.
2. Favourite animal: Bees
3. Favourite hobby: Well, other than reading, I really enjoy sewing and writing stories of my own (Is it breaking the rules to lists two favourites? Because these are sort of tied. Maybe I’ll just count them as one. 🙂


Thanks Grace!! I’ll see y’all on SAturday for my first *official* post of 2019!


39 thoughts on “Featuring Bloggers #1

  1. Loved Grace’s answers! 😊 Oooo, I’ll love forward to these ‘Featuring Bloggers’ post, maybe one day I’ll be involved! 💛 Ooo, I love tea too! It’s so good! 😋
    Great post, Rhi! 😊 Great answers, Grace! 😉
    Amber x

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      1. That would be amazing! I remember we talked about collating on Geek Girl, we kinda never carried on with that, but I’ll definitely be emailing you about this 😊 (Sorry, I email you all the time when I need help with something 😂) Yep, it would be great to keep that series going! Rhi – the trend-setter! Yep, right on! 😋
        Amber xx


            1. I got it… I’m so sorry for the unclear instructions but all you have to do is click on the ‘be featured’ page (if you hover a mouse or something over it it will show a dropdown but ignore that) at the end of my menu and the questions/instructions are there! Sorry again! xx

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                    1. Oh my god! That’s so strange! 😂 It’s your end of the day, and my start of the day 😴 Oh yeah, you would have been awake all that time 😂😂 So your like… 12 hours behind 😆 I’ll remember that, that’s why you probably reply to comments and things when I’m asleep! 😴


  2. This is such a great idea, and a lovely post! I checked out Grace’s blog, and it’s amazing, welcome to the blogosphere.🤗Also, I’m so honored to have been one of her inspirations?! That made my whole entire 2019 already. I also love the part about making up commercials, me and my sister used to do that all the time, haha. XD

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    1. Good question! I’d like to live then because it was the beginning of the Pax Romana, a fairly peaceful and prosperous time, Roman women could have some amount of power (though they weren’t nearly as up-to-date as they are today) and own businesses and stuff, there were aqueducts to bring fresh water to people, they had fancy baths, good food, and surprisingly efficient government. Also, the clothes were pretty. 🙂 And no showers… yeah. That’s why I’m glad I live today!

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  3. This was so lovely to read! I’m really wanting to meet new bloggers in 2019, and this is an awesome way to do it 👌🏼💓 I’ll be visiting her blog shortly!


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