ship it… or rip it // a book tag ft. me flailing around insanely + day 4 of blogmas

prepare for a lot of flailing. you have been warned.

welcome back to the one and only edition of…

 SHIP IT OR RIP IT a book tag YES MY FIRST I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF but also disappointedso basically I saw this tag FOREVER ago, but decided to do it in the middle of blogmas. that’s me for ya.

also thank you so much to allison who kindly helped me out with making graphics – I forgot to shout out in my last post but did anybody else notice the difference?!

are you ready? on your marks? get set… and let’s go! anyone know what song that’s from probably not

*thank you to pinterest who supplied the image for this. i love you 💜 and once again my images are looking real great… the fonts are the problem now 😂

oopsies…. just so we’re clear – shipping is where you basically want two characters to get together, and you can figure out ripping. this time I’ll be shipping from different books though 😉

one // colin (an abundance of katherines) + nat (geek girl) …. RIP IT

oh no. these two… just no. NEVER going to happen. weird story though… I had to re-draw all of them because I kinda forgot who was with who and I didn’t write them down? oh well. anyway – these two got picked together As THE FIRST COUPLE BOTH TIMES. freaky…

two // anita (the potion diaries) + hassan (an abundance of katherines) …… RIP IT

I feel like these two would have a really cute first meet…. but then on like the first date I can so see Anita just laughing awkwardly.

three // june (legend) + toby (geek girl) …. SHIP IT?

These guys would be a little weird because June would just be being the little fighter rebel that she is and I swear Toby would just be taking notes on how to do that sort of stuff. they might work though??? help please!

four // nick (geek girl) + mo (stranger than fanfiction) …. RIP IT

why? both of them deserve better. mo needs a loving guy who is happy to stay up late with her and read book drafts and oh wait a minute nick probably would do that. but he’d be busy with aunty yuka (oh how I love calling her aunty) and modelling and stuff. and nick deserves better because GUYS HE’S THE BEST and he needs someone who will be happy to try and make long distance work and basically not mo.

five // roshan (warcross) + arthur (what if it’s us) ….. SHIP IT


well I think you know my thoughts on that one

six // isis (love me never) + joshua (the secret science of magic) ….. SHIP IT

cause why the salted caramel not?! nah, these guys would be super hilarious together and gillian (joshua’s younger sister) would be so snarky with isis and then isis would be even SNARKIER and isis would earn instant approval from gillian 💛 second best ship on the list

seven // tess (legend) + zain (the potion diaries) … SHIP IT

this would be the sweetest, most gentle and caring ship EVER. zain would just be instantly attracted to tess and tess would take some time to warm up but then they’d be awesome. however I do feel that tess deserves better. at least she didn’t get jasper from geek girl spoiler alert evelyn from BEEEEEEEEP got him (you’ll find out her book later)

eight // eden (fan art) + abby (simon vs / love, simon) … SHIP IT

eden would just be ‘i’m going to stay here in my little bubble’ and abby would so pull her out of that. that would be awesome.

ok, so since I’m highly doubting this post will be finished in time AND since I need more post ideas the other seven (I made 15 couples out of 30 characters I know I’m crazy) will come tomorrow in a part two. see ya then!

this was much more of a romantic, mushy post than I usually do AND IT WAS SO HARD NOT PICTURING/WANTING THESE GUYS WITH THEIR ACTUAL PATNERS.

ok so bye, I guess

forever and ever kid, until you’re sick and tired of seeing me – someone please tell me they know what book that’s from yours


p.s. GUYS. my new design should hopefully be going up soon so check the website when I let you lot know 😉

p.p.s. if you read the non-crossed-out bits the ending line makes sense… I think.

32 thoughts on “ship it… or rip it // a book tag ft. me flailing around insanely + day 4 of blogmas

  1. Such a great post Rhi! 💞 Who cares if it’s not too Christmas related – at least you’re having the guts to do Blogmas & are still posting GREAT stuff!! 😂🎉 Really enjoyed reading it (and your graphic looked great – jealous! ), Autumn x


  2. Can’t wait for the new design and great post! It’s one I haven’t actually seen before so it was very interesting to read even if it’s not Christmas related!


  3. Awesome post, Rhi! 😊 I absolute love ❤️ the series Geek Girl! 😊 Well dome in doing Blogmas, and don’t think I would have the guts or the time to do it 😂 😊
    Amber x


  4. Wow this tag is cool! It sounds fun!
    Yes, I’m pretty sure I know where your ending is from… that cute little baby book? IDK lol. But my sister loves that book so I have it memorized!


  5. THIS TAGGG, I always adore reading posts with it.🙈Okay so the only book I’ve read that you mentioned a character from was Simon Vs.?? And I think that needs to change. I realllly want to read What If It’s Us, and I’ve been saying that since October but it’s alWAYS checked out of the library…and I don’t think it’s in paperback yet…I shall read it soon, I promise.


    1. SAMEEE, and then I did it!
      That must change – but the top of your list should be ‘Legend’, Marie Lu. IT’S INCREDIBLE.
      And you should so read WIIU! I’m actually dying from all the ships in that book that sailed! AND I’M HOLDING YOU TO THAT PROMISE 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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