the liebster award // ft. latin, split lips, and technicalities

A new award! It’s been so long!

As you all know (if you read my recap post), in October I plan to conquer my ever growing list of tags. I have so many to do – plus general nominations that look like fun! Today I shall be tackling the Liebster Award!

Thank you to Anna who kindly nominated me for this! (Technically I kind of nominated myself… it makes more sense when you read the post she did!)

Oh yes – I’m sorry my images have no ‘real structure’ to them. I’m trying to figure out some fonts I like and would be happy with to become regular, if you know what I mean.

1. What haircut do you have?

Reasonably longish (10cm past shoulders??? Maybe 13) with a fringe that I try to not sweep to the side too much. But when my hair is dirty, it’s another story.

2. What is your favorite animal?

Fox. 100% 🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊

3. What reminds you of friends?

Books and being tied up 😂😂😂

(Long story… I split my lip by falling onto a wooden cabinet corner while hopping around with my wrists and ankles tied up at our Christmas party last year.)

4. Do you like carnival rides? If so, what’s your favorite?

Umm, I’ve never really done that sorta thing, so…???? I’m not a fan of rollercoasters, but I like waterslides.

5. Do you go to summer camp?

Oh no. No, no, and no. I would rather… do something else than do that.

6. Pencils or pens?

Ooh, that’s hard! But pens. You can do rub out after all *wink wink*

7. What does your go-to outfit look like?

My denim jeans with a cute astronaut fox top Lilah gave me. (I plan on doing a post about why everything goes with denim jeans… to break up the monotonous tags.)

8. Do you like musicals or no?

Umm, I don’t know, really?? They’re ok???

9. Which is worse, spiders or snakes?

Spiders. My cousin actually got a pet snake a little while ago – I know!

10. Football or Baseball?

I don’t know baseball, so footy.

11. Walmart or Target?

We don’t have Walmart in Australia (at least not that I’ve seen), so automatically Target!

The rules (from Anna’s post) also say I must do 11 facts… here they are.

i. A lot of people say my mum and I look alike… but neither of us can see it.

ii. I have a lot of tags sitting in my drafts folder.

iii. I know a lot of bloggers combine tags but since it’s kind of tag month I have to make these stretch out for as long as possible.

iv. I read a lot of books. Like, a lot a lot. (It would be a struggle to fit all the books I’ve ever read in my house if I owned them all. But that would be amazing!)

v. This is a scheduled post aha!

vi. ‘Prohibido excrementos’ means ‘no pooping’ in Spanish.

vii. We are hopefully getting a table tennis table this summer!

viii. I love doing calligraphy

ix. My favourite quote is “I’m super lazy today. It’s like regular lazy, but I’m wearing a cape.”

x. “In Omnia Paratus” means “Ready for Anything” in Latin

xi. And “Mendex, mendax, braces tuas conflagrant” is “Liar, liar, pants on fire” in Latin. Thank you books + tv 😉

(Basically I learnt both the above things from a form of media – the first from Gilmore Girls, and the latter from The Penderwicks (one of the books))

Yeah, ok. I’m done now. ¡Adios amigos! (I think I did that wrong, but whatever. If someone knows Spanish please help me out here!)

35 thoughts on “the liebster award // ft. latin, split lips, and technicalities

  1. Haha This was fun to read, Rhi girl! Sounds like one crazy Christmas party!! 😂 (And yo, I have a similar haircut and most the time it’s amazing and carefree but YES then when my hair gets dirty ugh lol)


      1. Oohh so fun!! (Gingerbread cookies?!! That’s awesome!)
        (Ikr?! It’s like, I look great 1/3 of the time and the other 2/3rds of the time like an overgrown chimpanzee dipped in motor oil. Hehe 😂🙈)


  2. This was so fun to read! Target is amazing, can I just say. 😉 Also, I was about to comment that I knew “in omnia paratus” from Gilmore Girls and had you watched it, and THEN I READ THAT YOU HAD. And now I must know…team Logan, Dean, or Jess?! (Hint: there is one correct answer….)


  3. This was so much fun to read!!! I also adore Target and jeans! Also because you think musicals are okay, I have deemed it my job to help you become obsessed!! My all time favorite is Newsies because it is amazing and awesome and the soundtrack is great and Katherine is AWESOME!!
    I can’t wait to read more tags!!


  4. good luck getting through all your tags! I honestly gave up on those after my first month of blogging, there is zero way of keeping on top of em xD The story about splitting your lip is hilarious xx


  5. I really love reading informative posts like this, but I know they’re a lot of work! I do them every once in awhile, and I feel like it takes longer than a regular review post. Good luck filling them all out!

    Also, why were you tied up at a party?? Haha! I feel like that explanation needs more details.

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?


  6. Haha people think me and my mom look alike, too 😂👌🏼 I can only see it in pictures sometimes!
    That’s so weird that there aren’t any Walmart’s in Australia…? Like what?! 😱 Why didn’t I know that? haha
    And thank you, you’ve taught me a new phrase in Spanish. 😂 the more you know


  7. Okay, so this quote – “I’m super lazy today. It’s like regular lazy, but I’m wearing a cape.” – made me laugh so hard. It’s totally hilarious, and it’s accurate. Thanks for this post and for sharing a bit about yourself 🙂


  8. Hahaha, I love that super lazy quote. And I also love where you learned those two Latin phrase from! Here’s the Latin I know: euge is horray and eheu is oh, dear. But I learned that in school, which is less interesting by far. Your astronaut fox shirt sounds amazing- I love space related shirts.


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