like a million little fireworks exploding // poetry tag

Hello marshmallows! I am back with a tag AND collab all in one! Lilah and I have created this tag as we are both poetry lovers – both reading and writing them! Without further ado, here are the rules!

rules for this (excellent) tag:

+ use a poem quote (yours or another’s) as your title

+ include the image/s somewhere in your post:

Lilah’s is on her post 😉 (which should be up shortly… but if not just wait a day – or two!)

+ give a link back to your nominator, and to the two creators of the tag (ie. lilah and I)

+ answer the questions (it’s the same for everyone)

+ nominate five people and anybody who likes poetry

+ give your nominees three words to use for question three (all will be revealed…)

+ follow the rules 😂

the six questions:

What kind of poetry do you write?

I mainly write slam poems and free verse, but I can, and sometimes will write others

When did you start writing poetry?

Umm, I got into it around March this year… but I guess I’ve always known it was a ‘thing’ that was an option.

Write a poem using the three words your nominator gave you…

We chose “falling/time/empty” as ours, and here is my poem:

i am falling/through time/through space/no clue where i’m headed/i am empty/lost of any direction/devoid and deprived/of love

That isn’t true, by the way. Those last two lines – not at all. But I still like it. It’s… weirdly poetic.

Share a poem you’ve written THAT ISN’T the one above…

Hmm. *cue frantic rummaging through poems*

A lot of mine are personal to me. So, I shall share one of the few that aren’t, but I still think is worthy enough to share.

eyes like rusted metal/staring into mine/holding my gaze/the only thing holding me together/is her/is her, with her two braids/is her, with a cheeky grin/is her, who is my everything/my passion/my obsession/who doesn’t realise the weight/the emotion her stare means/to me.

Give 2-3 poem recommendations to others…

Ok, number one is any poem from the book ‘Beautiful Mess’, by Claire Christian, but my favourite is probably Ava’s Poem (it’s unnamed in the book) – the one she wrote for Kelly. Number two is ‘Blueberry Girl’,by Neil Gaiman. Since there are like 5 poems in BM, I’m only doing those ones. Let me know if you would want me to share them! (or more poetry I’ve written…)

Share the poem the title quote came from…

The poem Ava wrote for Kelly in Beautiful Mess, which – while it goes untitled in the book, I like to call ‘she has/she had’. Read the poem and you’ll know why.

As instructed, I nominate anybody who likes poetry! Your three words are…


Yes, I tried to make them poetic for you! My five people are…

+ susanna @ imperfectly susy

+ syd @ the weekly adventurer (love the new profile pic btw)

+ abbie and/or sophie @ coastal twins

+ starling @ starling

+ mal @ the sun, sea, and everything in between

Lilah’s five are… (just in case they aren’t subscribed to her totally awesome blog that they totally should be following)

+ liz @ home with the hummingbirds

+ abbi @ the lanterns in the sky

+ christina @ christina and camera

+ natalie @ taking the cake

+ ariana @ ariana’s flying life

That’s it! I had a lot of fun making this tag with Lilah – thank you so much for doing it with me! I have a post coming on Wednesday starting my new series of artyness – so keep an eye out! I’ve had inspiration in floods recently for posts – I’m hoping to be posting twice a week from now! don’t get your hopes up though. knowing me, it probably won’t happen. but if it does, prepare for bookish posts. LOTS of bookish posts 😉 and a bit of art too!

xox, rhiana

12 thoughts on “like a million little fireworks exploding // poetry tag

      1. thanks! yes, I’ll have to do that soon. Em was in Alaska, so it was me doing the most recent blog designs ahaha. but, thank you! I’ll get back to you on that as soon as I can. 🙂


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