august recap // goals, favourites, and a glimpse of spring

It’s actually getting warmer colder here. I find that ridiculous – since we’re officially in spring today, but this week it has gone BELOW ZERO. ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS. And trust me, walking to school hasn’t been all that fun. Anyway – it’s finally spring! Here’s hoping the weather improves!

Now, one of my personal blog goals was to ‘try a monthly recap post’. So here we are. Technically this isn’t in August, but I still think I’ll have achieved it. Let me begin, I guess. If anybody has any introductory suggestions feel free to spill them in the comments. I feel so awkward lately with introductions. Maybe we should get rid of them…

+ book/s // words in deep blue; the thousandth floor; pivot point

+ song // human – christina perri

+ writing poetry

+ quote (of the month – otm) // “Most people who frequent the Dark World don’t evn bother with a name for it. If you’re here, you’re down under, and anyone who knows what you’re talking about should know you’re not talking about Australia” – Emika Chen/Marie Lu, Warcross (only 28 more days to go until Wildcard is released! Who else is excited?!)

+ font otm // seascape

+ my posts // goals for august; avocado tag; TWA giveaway reblog; social media tag; rainbow photography tag; six months @ marshmallow harmonies; book cover appreciation; this one you’re reading right now (technically in September, but considering I’m counting this as fulfilling a goal for august I’m counting it)

Seven posts. Not bad. Not too bad at all, considering I took a mini-hiatus.

+ word otm // tohubohu: chaos, disorder, confusion (thanks lilah!)

+ pic otm //

picture taken from

I may or may not have been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls this month…. so I think this sums it up really nicely!

G O A L S :

+ august’s goals // Post a collab with Lilah (it’s planned, we just have to write it XD) Uh huh, it’s sitting in my drafts folder… with all the photos and it’s pretty much written… but I am yet to email the photos to her, and that is delaying it significantly. Essentially, no. Actually learn a new song on guitar/piano (if piano just half counts as completion) Yeah no. In fact, even though we came into possession of a grand piano (as opposed to the keyboard I used before) I barely did anything. And I’m not proud of it. Fill in every mood tracker square in my journal (this’ll be interesting) Umm, so this happened for the first half of the month… and then it all tapered off. Review a book on here. Any book will do, I’m not picky! Yep, definitely… not. This is so not a goal I’m carrying into yet another month. Drink my water bottle (for school) DRY (i.e: it should be empty by the end of the day) I definitely did better than previous months for this one. Yet it wasn’t every day, but since it was a solid half, I shall count this as half completed also I really need an accomplishment here

I also set some personal goals after writing the post, and I can proudly say I walked nine steps on my hands (but that happened only yesterday), learnt to cook trout pasta (my goal was to add two new things to cooking resume, and I did add one…)

+ goals for september // 100 followers; fill in all my trackers (which you will see… more on that later); comment on a post a day; actually stick to my new schedule AND DON’T CHANGE IT AGAIN; get to 10 steps on my hands (I just managed my goal of nine for August yesterday… let’s hope I achieve it earlier this month!); read something non-fiction (this will be a challenge for me… as I say in a draft I have “I hate non fiction. With a passion”); and finally post what I’m about to say I plan to post

+ posts I PLAN TO POST THIS MONTH (warning, the ones in italics I will 100% do, but the others are up for grabs… this is an idea of what I will post – I may and probably will add others in and take some away): an arty series with three parts (a lettering how to/woodland animals I’ve drawn/a peek in my bullet journal… no information about me or my life though); book problems (very lighthearted, don’t worry); a tag creation with Lilah; another how to… about a topic I shall leave as a surprise!; a geek girl post (it will be explained in the post); and hopefully that gymnastics collab with Lilah I’ve been talking about for a while now! If you would like to use any of these ideas go ahead, but please credit them to me – and link back to either this post or the actual one if I’ve done it.

Posts Around the Blogosphere:

+ Starling celebrated 400 followers and finished her blogiversary celebrations! (one celebration after another, really)

+ Lilah has a suprise coming up…

+ Syd hosted an incredible giveaway and shared some of her doodles and sketches!

+ Em shared an amazingly aesthetic journal! She has a lot of hidden talent…

Ok, that super long post is over. Congratulations if you made it to the end! (I probably wouldn’t have 😂)

Do you like what’s coming up this month? Are you doing anything special? Shoild I keep doing monthly recaps? Are you a fan of Gilmore Girls?! Are you excited for Wildcard?! (those last two were trick questions – the answer is obviously yes) xox,

16 thoughts on “august recap // goals, favourites, and a glimpse of spring

  1. Oooh I LOVE Gilmore Girls so much, it’s one of those shows that just makes you smile whenever you watch it (if you get what I mean?) How far are you? I’m excited to see some of your art/your bullet journal this month, I love seeing bullet journals😂 I’m also ready for Wildcard (even though I kind of forgot how Warcross ended…)


    1. Yes! Oy with the poodles already 😂 I’ve finished the whole thing + year in the life – I’m rewatching now! How about you?
      Yes – I’m excited to share it! I know – it’s always fun to look at other people’s creativity. Warcross ended with… oh, how can I say it without giving too much away for other people?! Zero was, uh you know red and blue eggs person? And hideo had an ulterior motive? Let me know if that makes sense! Rhi xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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