tell me something beautiful

heya guys!!!!! i have some super cool news to share with y’all today…….


it is the…

wow that took me forever to make

here are the rules:

  1. thank the blogger who nominated you + leave a link to their blog (kinda obvious but still…)
  2. include the featured image (see above) in your post somewhere (just. not in a tiny corner where it’s barely visible)
  3. list; paragraph; or poetrify (is that even a word?????) at least 10 things that you find beautiful FROM THE GIVEN THEME did anyone notice how i used bold, all-caps, italics AND underlined?
  4. nominate 5-10 other bloggers + notify them
  5. set a theme for your nominations!

i’m going to use the theme ‘winter’ lol i get to choose my own theme

beanies/ hot chocolate/ breathing fog like a dragon on cold mornings/ toasting marshmallows by a fire/ drive ins and outside movies cos it gets darker earlier/ my b’day/ beanies staying up late to finish a really good tv show or book or movie or book (yes, i did list book twice)/ awesome hoodies WITH POCKETS t-shirts don’t have pockets, sadly (omg abby has da best jumper everrrrrrr *) / wearing track pants and jeans/ school holidays!!!!!!

whew! i’m done at last! 10 may not sound like a lot, but it is! now, my nominations…







your theme is…


*imagine me saying that in an ethereal, magical voice and then you get the full effect/implication of my words*

that is all for today, my internet friends. umm, does anyone have any post ideas/what you’d like to see? i’m sorta running outta inspo lately – bloggers block? anyways, i’ll be back soon with more posts lovelies!

p.s. i’m thinking of starting a new series of posts on wednesday nights – book love wednesdays! what do you guys think?

p.p.s. also, sorry for the no-capital letters thing in this post. i’m typing on an old, slow computer and can’t be bothered clicking ‘shift’ everytime i begin a sentence. yes, i’m lazy 😂 😂

*for people who look at the footnotes like Colin (an abundance of katherines- pls pls pls read it for my peace of mind!) here’s a pic of abby’s jumper:

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 10.57.39 am.png


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