hello, and welcome.

So. You have stumbled across what is quite obviously is my blog, where (as it says in the tagline) I ramble on about randomness. If you’re new here, welcome to a space where you can go completely crazy (as I often do), and if you’ve been following along for a while now, welcome back, dear friend!

Click the ‘Me, Myself, and I’ title at the top, and a massive page about me will come up! Feel free to comment down below if you want to say something, propose an idea, or anything!


B.O.R.N Part Five! (AKA the-end-of-everything)

Done. Finito. End.

Thankfully we still have one more post (this one) before MY BORN SERIES IS OVER!!! you’re not dramatic at ALL Rhi, not at all

As my final topic, it shall be…..


Yeah, I’m not kidding *says with deadpan face*

  1. Gilmore Girls. A classic that should 100% be watched by everybody reading this!
  2. Quotes. I have an array of quotes in my mind, on Pinterest, and on my pin board!
  3. Stationery. I could spend hours in OfficeWorks, etc
  4. Legend trilogy. Marie Lu is the best. I just finished the Legend trilogy – so amazing! Warcross is nice too.
  5. Photos – taking and looking. I’ve recently gone through the last 6 years of my life in photos, and I’m in the process of sticking some up on my wall not some, you’ve got a 388 photo shortlist please shut up

And, that’s it. Done. Finished.

BUT! I have an idea, which I casually proposed last post.


If yes, please comment below SAYING IF YOU’D DO IT OR WHETHER YOU’D JUST WATCH! It’s only a maybe, but it could happen!

are you team dean, jess, or logan? would you like a contest of this? how sad are you that this has ended?

B.O.R.N: Part Four!!!!!!!

hey there marshmallows! we are nearing the end of my new series *sobs*… but it’s not over yet!today my topic is…


  1. jar of hearts: christina perri
  2. new years day: taylor swift
  3. girls like you: maroon 5 + cardi b
  4. wild things: alessia cara
  5. sax: fleur east

annnd, that’s a wrap! it was so hard not to include songs just from one or two artists! i’m looking at YOU christina! here’s an extra:

nina: ed sheeran

are you sad this is ending? have you been enjoying these posts? should i maybe host a contest like this?

B.O.R.N. Part 3

hello my marshmallows!!! today i have a very exciting topic…img_1556-1 (but first, the image) namely…


(i’ve actually done a post on this, see here)here goes:

  1. font candy (you can set a thing, where it makes the font colour what ever the background is – so cool! also, you can upload your own fonts to it!!!)
  2. pic monkey (nice selection of fonts, great possibilities for graphic design)
  3. pic collage (i designed the image above with this!)

now, bear in mind that the above i use for blog graphics and such, so i have included another four!

4. WP (obviously)

5. Libby (my online library!)

6. GuitarTuna (so helpful for tuning a guitar, and it has chords!!!!)

7. Pinterest

that’s it! i’ll be back next monday with a new one!img_1555do you use any of these apps? what do you use for blog graphics? do you like this series?

screenshot (257)

B.O.R.N. Part 2

Welcome back marshmallows! (OMG THAT’S MY NEW NAME FOR YOU!)

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 2.01.39 pmyes? no?

Today my topic is…


  1. Ruby Redfort. I’ve recently re-read the last two books in the series, and the suspense Lauren Child builds isn’t too bad.
  2. The Penderwicks. Oh, this series, especially ‘ The Penderwicks In Spring ‘ will move you to tears – well it did me, and I don’t cry in books very often at all! I haven’t read the last one yet, but I have plans… and no they don’t involve robbing a bookstore
  3. The CandyMakers. Oh, Wendy Mass. I’ve recently had to read this book again for a school project I’m doing on an author (I chose Wendy Mass) and it is still just as great.
  4. Click Here to Start. Read it, and you won’t regret it.
  5. Counting by 7’s, because I need a fifth. And it’s good.

And I’m done! I’ll be back next week with another one!

img_1555what do you think of ‘hello my marshmallows’? how are you liking this series?screenshot (257)

My New Series – B.O.R.N. Part One!!

So. I’m back!! Miss me? yeah probably not In my hiatus post, link here, I said that except for a new series (apparently crafty), I wouldn’t be posting. In my time off so far, I have realized I miss blogging too much for that. So, I shall be posting 2-3 times a fortnight. This will be my new schedule! Now, onto the series:

It’s not crafty. Posting how-to tutorials is more time than I have more like more effort that you’re willing to put in Rhi. shut up Instead, it will be …

My topic for today is ‘Food’, so, let me begin!

  1. Cinnamon. I have an obsession at the moment, like, a full on addiction. This is top of my list!
  2. Dumplings. Oh yes. I love them so much, I can’t express my feelings for them!
  3. Pork. Umm, hello? Best meat there is! (I could never voluntarily go veggie. Nada. Never happening) (I love pig waaaaaay too much for that)
  4. Chocolate. Need I explain more?
  5. Marshmallows! 😂😂😂😂(Especially roasted, but dipped in hot choc is good too. I can’t decide!)

That’s it for today lovelies, but I will be back next week (Monday 9th June) with a new one!

what would your top five be? do you like the new series? are you missing/going to miss my 3-day posting schedule? do you prefer roasted or dipped-in-hot-chocolate marshmallows?

tell me something beautiful

heya guys!!!!! i have some super cool news to share with y’all today…….


it is the…

wow that took me forever to make

here are the rules:

  1. thank the blogger who nominated you + leave a link to their blog (kinda obvious but still…)
  2. include the featured image (see above) in your post somewhere (just. not in a tiny corner where it’s barely visible)
  3. list; paragraph; or poetrify (is that even a word?????) at least 10 things that you find beautiful FROM THE GIVEN THEME did anyone notice how i used bold, all-caps, italics AND underlined?
  4. nominate 5-10 other bloggers + notify them
  5. set a theme for your nominations!

i’m going to use the theme ‘winter’ lol i get to choose my own theme

beanies/ hot chocolate/ breathing fog like a dragon on cold mornings/ toasting marshmallows by a fire/ drive ins and outside movies cos it gets darker earlier/ my b’day/ beanies staying up late to finish a really good tv show or book or movie or book (yes, i did list book twice)/ awesome hoodies WITH POCKETS t-shirts don’t have pockets, sadly (omg abby has da best jumper everrrrrrr *) / wearing track pants and jeans/ school holidays!!!!!!

whew! i’m done at last! 10 may not sound like a lot, but it is! now, my nominations…







your theme is…


*imagine me saying that in an ethereal, magical voice and then you get the full effect/implication of my words*

that is all for today, my internet friends. umm, does anyone have any post ideas/what you’d like to see? i’m sorta running outta inspo lately – bloggers block? anyways, i’ll be back soon with more posts lovelies!

p.s. i’m thinking of starting a new series of posts on wednesday nights – book love wednesdays! what do you guys think?

p.p.s. also, sorry for the no-capital letters thing in this post. i’m typing on an old, slow computer and can’t be bothered clicking ‘shift’ everytime i begin a sentence. yes, i’m lazy 😂 😂

*for people who look at the footnotes like Colin (an abundance of katherines- pls pls pls read it for my peace of mind!) here’s a pic of abby’s jumper:

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 10.57.39 am.png

my aesthetics

so… i’ve been seeing this thing around in the blogosphere and i have decided to try it! here are my aesthetics.

note: all images taken from google + bing. i hold no rights to any part of the photos.

all of me is represented in there somehow 😂


what do you think? if you’re a blogger, would you ever make one? have you made one? let me know in the comments below!

screenshot (257)-1

massive photo dump!!

posted for harps contest: part 3!! can i beat you julia… let me see!

dedicated to my wonderful father who let me take at least half of these pictures on his phone, and kindly messaged them to me!

Ok, I’m back once more! Have you been enjoying my whole post-daily thing I’ve got going here? Let me know down below! *points to the comments that are currently empty*

Today I will be doing a massive photo dump in attempts to boost Team Butterfly even more so than Julia has already!

These photos were taken from the inside of a car on a rainy day:

That’s 16 already, so 32 points so far! Now for photos I took on Friday with my cousins. Faces have been blocked out for privacy reasons.

that’s 47, so 94 points, + 32 = 126! I’ve got more though! These next ones are from Lilah’s party – I was meant to post these a while ago… oops?Oh yes, we watched 27 dresses. Now, prepare yourselves for a whole lotta cat photos! Zuma, their cat is adorable!that’s not even a 1/4 of the photos I took. Okay, so we are now on 16 from Lilah’s party, 32 points + 126 = 158! Doing well so far! More from Lilah’s party:Oh yes. This guy looks a lot like Ed Sheeran, don’tcha think? Anyways, back to itCostco is massive. Massive.oh Lilah. Only you would do a bridge in the Melbourne Star.35 photos, so 70 points. 70 + 158 = 228!here are 2 extras – my cousins birthday cake!234 points now! And… some I took while messing around in our backyard on Saturday!where I was practicing handstands 😂 here are some pics of themthey are way better than that in real life, but holding a handstand for a camera is hard! They were 20 points, so I’m now on 254. just a couple more from the garden now!16 photos gets me 32 points, so I’m now on 270!

Okay, I’m done now. Let me see, 2 points for the LC : dedication to my dad, 2 for the LC: posting on Monday, 3 for posting, 270 for all the photos, so 277 points! I didn’t beat Julia, but I think between us we have officially boosted Butterfly to infinity!

I have yet another HARPS post coming Wednesday, talking about memories…


harps contest submission: part 2

dedicated to Abby for giving me the prompt


Five letters I haven’t stopped saying for three years now. I remember the first time, when I didn’t know how many times I would say it, or, what my future would become. A mess of tangled houses, jumbled in my memory. Except for the first one. Now that I remember as clear as day.

It was the third day after running away from my not-home – the orphanage. I was in need of food, stupidly not packing some, and with only $100 to my name, I wasn’t going to blow it when there were other options. I remember the nerves coursing through my blood as I walked up to the first house. I got lucky. First person I met took me in like that. She was lovely, Lina was. Fresh out of uni, in debt, yet she was happy to take a complete stranger in as her own. Nonetheless, when the search came ‘round to her part of town, she sat me down and politely kicked me out, probably from fear of raking up more debt. However, she pressed a phone into my hand as I left, and said to call if I ever need anything. I never have, of course, and by now she probably doesn’t even remember me. I’ve learnt to rely on myself, and no one else. Still, I may need to go back soon. Im running out of places to stay. Anyways, I’ll be 15 in a couple weeks, meaning I can get a job, earn some cash. I plan to pay all of them back eventually.

Coming back to hello. I’m forever saying it. I live by the quote ‘Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes’

posted as part of harps, points earned: 2 for LC: dedication, 3 for posting, and 2 for LC: posted on sunday. total 7 points