hello, and welcome.

So. You have stumbled across what is quite obviously is my blog, where (as it says in the tagline) I ramble on about randomness. If you’re new here, welcome to a space where you can go completely crazy (as I often do), and if you’ve been following along for a while now, welcome back, dear friend!

Click the ‘Me, Myself, and I’ title at the top, and a massive page about me will come up! Feel free to comment down below if you want to say something, propose an idea, or anything!

my bullet journal!! // pt. two?!

Tis the finale! But this is by far the most exciting one 😂! I’m too elated to do a proper intro, so let us start!

Oh, and I kinda gave up on the original part two because a) my woodland animal drawings weren’t that amazing, and b) you’ll be seeing them here anyway!

This is my notebook! It’s a different orientation to most bujo’s (because it’s a notebook I previously had)but the paper is fantastic! It’s square grid paper, but the lines are faint dots! I love it!

This is my cover page – I drew a cute little fox I found on Pinterest below the month’s name and a little ‘”spring is here…”

I do a different monthly log to most people – probably because of the more portrait like layout of my notebook. It’s just a list running down the page of numbers (for September, 1-30). When something happens on a particular day, or will happen, I add it into the corresponding day. For example – if I did a sewing class every Wednesday, I would figure out when every Wednesday in the month is and write ‘sewing’ next to it.

(I don’t actually do a sewing class)

^^^^ oh yes – my little fox I ALSO got from Pinterest. I’m in love with foxes, have been for at least five years, more even – so it only made sense that when I did a woodland themed layout for September, I included foxes!

Now… on this page is my weird drawing that I like to call ‘crazy mutated meant to be raccoon but is much more cat like’ Maybe it’s the wool, but my raccoon looks like a cat.

Oh, and I quite like the tickets that I spent AT LEAST AN HOUR DOING!

I’m not a big fan of my blogging planner page. Oh well. It also has ideas and stuff… which I don’t want anybody to see! So, I’m not sharing it. My blog, my rules.

There is also a cute little ‘books + birthdays’ page! I left way too much space for the birthdays… but I’ve changed that for next month. Books… well, pretty self explanatory.

I also have a trackers page, which again, I don’t have a photo of to share. I don’t feel comfortable sharing it because it has stuff… like personal stuff…

Yes, I shared it! I can’t believe it – but here is the question. Should this be a monthly thing? I don’t know… but do you? I have a galaxy/space theme planned for October (it’s looking good so far 🙂) – would you guys like to see it? I have ANOTHER part two coming up for Saturday… can’t wait to share it!

calligraphy tutorial // pt.one

Yay! We’re doing an arty tutorial (my first ever… let’s hope it goes ok!)!

Oh, and the reason it says part one? I’m doing a mini arts series – this, an easy drawing how to, and then a sneak peek into my sort-of bullet journal (yes mum, that is the technical name for that notebook I’ve been frantically drawing and scribbling in. I told you you’d find out eventually) (and by sneak peek I mean looking at my 3rd month of not getting much better journaling. I’ll be covering up info and bits I put into it (but there won’t be much because I’ve taken the photos before I’ve really filled much in))

That was a lot of information + brackets. Anyway, let’s get into it!

I would also like to point out that this is not actual calligraphy. Calligraphy is where you press harder on the downstrokes with a special pen. This is often referred to as ‘faux calligraphy’ but since it’s the only way I use, and for the sake of simplicity, I have, will be, and always will call it calligraphy. NOW let me begin! Have your pens at the ready…


+ texta (any colour)

+ paper (blank, lined, grid, dotted – it doesn’t matter)

+ an ability to read this tutorial 😂

// step one:

That is not my regular writing. My writing is much messier than that. Much. I make my calligraphy all loopy and such, so keep in mind it can look very different from your regular pennings! You may like to draft your word/s in pencil first – depending on why you are using this writing.

// step two:

Make every downstroke thicker by drawing a line that follows the curve of your letter about halfway across. Actually, it doesn’t really matter how thick it is. If you need help, look at the pictures.

// step three:

Colour in the parts you just outlined! Voila! You can do this in the same colour or a different one to the one you used to letter in step one, but make sure the lines you draw in step two are that colour. Otherwise it looks really weird.

And done! Did it work for you? Will you be using this tutorial again?

Thanks for reading! xox


book problems // ft. me in situations that are embarrassing and weird.

I’m an avid reader. Seriously. I love reading just not non fiction anything but non fiction *backs away into a corner to hide from the topic that shall not be named*.

But today, I’m talking about all the problems I have with books. Don’t worry – nothing in here that’s too serious. It’s very lighthearted – promise!

Problem #1:

When you read a book, and a MUCH LOVED character dies *coughbuntycough* and you can’t wait for your friend to finish the book so you can sob with them and just fangirl over an amazing series that ended there and THEY SAY TO JUST CHILL OUT! (Definitely not a true story… sorry Abbi. I’m not annoyed at you…)

Problem #2:

When you’ve read too many books, and you remember something that you really want to find, but you can’t remember the book you found it in! Causing you to ransack the library…

Problem #3:

Saying ‘I’m just going to read for 5 more minutes…’ AND THAT “FIVE MINUTES” TURNS INTO LIKE AN HOUR.

Problem #4:

Buying new books when you don’t have any room on your bookshelves. I have about 5-10 unshelved books and NOWHERE to put them except randomly on the shelf. (Fun Fact: all my books are alphabetised by author surname. Yep, there are people who do that!)

Problem #5:

When you just CAN’T WAIT for a book to come out *coughwildcardcough* Marie Lu you need to hurry up only 6 days left come on who else is counting down with me!?

Problem #6:

Reading eBooks and not being able to smell, feel or immerse yourself properly that sounded like something Harriet Manners would say

Problem #7:


(Quick explanation – I hate audiobooks and people reading aloud to me because I don’t absorb the information like I do when I can see the book. I don’t know why, because normally I’m a very fast reader – and maybe that’s the problem – they go too slow or something – but I DON’T LIKE IT OK?!)

Problem #8:

People reading aloud.

(See above)

Problem #9:

Wanting a movie of a book so badly ahemwarcross+somanyotherbooksahem but a) you’re worried it will ruin the book forever and b) it would be like impossible (umm, producing Warcross would be an adventure… but I’d love to see Emika’s hair!)

Problem #10:

When you go to the library and as you’re scanning your massive stack of like 20 books through you miss one without realising. Meaning you get stopped by the detectors. Meaning you have to go to the front desk. Meaning the librarian on duty gets to look and comment on/at your book choices which is actually so embarrassing guys don’t do it let this be a lesson to you.

What did you think? Was it… interesting? listening/reading me rant about experiences that I totally didn’t have. Would you like a part two?

xox, rhi

(my usual signoff is apparently not in my photos, so I’m working on trying to get it back. And by working I mean waiting. This has happened before, and it normally goes away after about a week. So on Saturday (my next post) it should be back! xx)

like a million little fireworks exploding // poetry tag

Hello marshmallows! I am back with a tag AND collab all in one! Lilah and I have created this tag as we are both poetry lovers – both reading and writing them! Without further ado, here are the rules!

rules for this (excellent) tag:

+ use a poem quote (yours or another’s) as your title

+ include the image/s somewhere in your post:

Lilah’s is on her post 😉 (which should be up shortly… but if not just wait a day – or two!)

+ give a link back to your nominator, and to the two creators of the tag (ie. lilah and I)

+ answer the questions (it’s the same for everyone)

+ nominate five people and anybody who likes poetry

+ give your nominees three words to use for question three (all will be revealed…)

+ follow the rules 😂

the six questions:

What kind of poetry do you write?

I mainly write slam poems and free verse, but I can, and sometimes will write others

When did you start writing poetry?

Umm, I got into it around March this year… but I guess I’ve always known it was a ‘thing’ that was an option.

Write a poem using the three words your nominator gave you…

We chose “falling/time/empty” as ours, and here is my poem:

i am falling/through time/through space/no clue where i’m headed/i am empty/lost of any direction/devoid and deprived/of love

That isn’t true, by the way. Those last two lines – not at all. But I still like it. It’s… weirdly poetic.

Share a poem you’ve written THAT ISN’T the one above…

Hmm. *cue frantic rummaging through poems*

A lot of mine are personal to me. So, I shall share one of the few that aren’t, but I still think is worthy enough to share.

eyes like rusted metal/staring into mine/holding my gaze/the only thing holding me together/is her/is her, with her two braids/is her, with a cheeky grin/is her, who is my everything/my passion/my obsession/who doesn’t realise the weight/the emotion her stare means/to me.

Give 2-3 poem recommendations to others…

Ok, number one is any poem from the book ‘Beautiful Mess’, by Claire Christian, but my favourite is probably Ava’s Poem (it’s unnamed in the book) – the one she wrote for Kelly. Number two is ‘Blueberry Girl’,by Neil Gaiman. Since there are like 5 poems in BM, I’m only doing those ones. Let me know if you would want me to share them! (or more poetry I’ve written…)

Share the poem the title quote came from…

The poem Ava wrote for Kelly in Beautiful Mess, which – while it goes untitled in the book, I like to call ‘she has/she had’. Read the poem and you’ll know why.

As instructed, I nominate anybody who likes poetry! Your three words are…


Yes, I tried to make them poetic for you! My five people are…

+ susanna @ imperfectly susy

+ syd @ the weekly adventurer (love the new profile pic btw)

+ abbie and/or sophie @ coastal twins

+ starling @ starling

+ mal @ the sun, sea, and everything in between

Lilah’s five are… (just in case they aren’t subscribed to her totally awesome blog that they totally should be following)

+ liz @ home with the hummingbirds

+ abbi @ the lanterns in the sky

+ christina @ christina and camera

+ natalie @ taking the cake

+ ariana @ ariana’s flying life

That’s it! I had a lot of fun making this tag with Lilah – thank you so much for doing it with me! I have a post coming on Wednesday starting my new series of artyness – so keep an eye out! I’ve had inspiration in floods recently for posts – I’m hoping to be posting twice a week from now! don’t get your hopes up though. knowing me, it probably won’t happen. but if it does, prepare for bookish posts. LOTS of bookish posts 😉 and a bit of art too!

xox, rhiana

September Goals

Ok guys, let’s help her get to 20! Come on – we can do it! Rhi xxx

Confessions of a Reading Freak

This is my first month of September goals! I’m going to try as hard as I can to achieve them, and next month I’ll do October goals and a recap. Let’s get into it!

Goal #1

Do at least two tags, and create one. This should be pretty easy, as I have a collab coming up with Rhiana, and am drafting 2 other tags as well.

Goal #2

Review 2 books on here at least. I’m pretty close to this, I have a few reviews lined up. I’ve been reading some pretty good books lately. I’ve also got a few book-related tags in the works!


Reach 20 followers at least, and follow 30 blogs. I’m on my way there! I’m following 20 blogs, and I’m frequenting on my reader at the moment. I have only 8 followers at the moment, but I have plans. Lots of plans! * laughs…

View original post 12 more words

august recap // goals, favourites, and a glimpse of spring

It’s actually getting warmer colder here. I find that ridiculous – since we’re officially in spring today, but this week it has gone BELOW ZERO. ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS. And trust me, walking to school hasn’t been all that fun. Anyway – it’s finally spring! Here’s hoping the weather improves!

Now, one of my personal blog goals was to ‘try a monthly recap post’. So here we are. Technically this isn’t in August, but I still think I’ll have achieved it. Let me begin, I guess. If anybody has any introductory suggestions feel free to spill them in the comments. I feel so awkward lately with introductions. Maybe we should get rid of them…

+ book/s // words in deep blue; the thousandth floor; pivot point

+ song // human – christina perri

+ writing poetry

+ quote (of the month – otm) // “Most people who frequent the Dark World don’t evn bother with a name for it. If you’re here, you’re down under, and anyone who knows what you’re talking about should know you’re not talking about Australia” – Emika Chen/Marie Lu, Warcross (only 28 more days to go until Wildcard is released! Who else is excited?!)

+ font otm // seascape

+ my posts // goals for august; avocado tag; TWA giveaway reblog; social media tag; rainbow photography tag; six months @ marshmallow harmonies; book cover appreciation; this one you’re reading right now (technically in September, but considering I’m counting this as fulfilling a goal for august I’m counting it)

Seven posts. Not bad. Not too bad at all, considering I took a mini-hiatus.

+ word otm // tohubohu: chaos, disorder, confusion (thanks lilah!)

+ pic otm //

picture taken from Pinterest.com

I may or may not have been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls this month…. so I think this sums it up really nicely!

G O A L S :

+ august’s goals // Post a collab with Lilah (it’s planned, we just have to write it XD) Uh huh, it’s sitting in my drafts folder… with all the photos and it’s pretty much written… but I am yet to email the photos to her, and that is delaying it significantly. Essentially, no. Actually learn a new song on guitar/piano (if piano just half counts as completion) Yeah no. In fact, even though we came into possession of a grand piano (as opposed to the keyboard I used before) I barely did anything. And I’m not proud of it. Fill in every mood tracker square in my journal (this’ll be interesting) Umm, so this happened for the first half of the month… and then it all tapered off. Review a book on here. Any book will do, I’m not picky! Yep, definitely… not. This is so not a goal I’m carrying into yet another month. Drink my water bottle (for school) DRY (i.e: it should be empty by the end of the day) I definitely did better than previous months for this one. Yet it wasn’t every day, but since it was a solid half, I shall count this as half completed also I really need an accomplishment here

I also set some personal goals after writing the post, and I can proudly say I walked nine steps on my hands (but that happened only yesterday), learnt to cook trout pasta (my goal was to add two new things to cooking resume, and I did add one…)

+ goals for september // 100 followers; fill in all my trackers (which you will see… more on that later); comment on a post a day; actually stick to my new schedule AND DON’T CHANGE IT AGAIN; get to 10 steps on my hands (I just managed my goal of nine for August yesterday… let’s hope I achieve it earlier this month!); read something non-fiction (this will be a challenge for me… as I say in a draft I have “I hate non fiction. With a passion”); and finally post what I’m about to say I plan to post

+ posts I PLAN TO POST THIS MONTH (warning, the ones in italics I will 100% do, but the others are up for grabs… this is an idea of what I will post – I may and probably will add others in and take some away): an arty series with three parts (a lettering how to/woodland animals I’ve drawn/a peek in my bullet journal… no information about me or my life though); book problems (very lighthearted, don’t worry); a tag creation with Lilah; another how to… about a topic I shall leave as a surprise!; a geek girl post (it will be explained in the post); and hopefully that gymnastics collab with Lilah I’ve been talking about for a while now! If you would like to use any of these ideas go ahead, but please credit them to me – and link back to either this post or the actual one if I’ve done it.

Posts Around the Blogosphere:

+ Starling celebrated 400 followers and finished her blogiversary celebrations! (one celebration after another, really)

+ Lilah has a suprise coming up…

+ Syd hosted an incredible giveaway and shared some of her doodles and sketches!

+ Em shared an amazingly aesthetic journal! She has a lot of hidden talent…

Ok, that super long post is over. Congratulations if you made it to the end! (I probably wouldn’t have 😂)

Do you like what’s coming up this month? Are you doing anything special? Shoild I keep doing monthly recaps? Are you a fan of Gilmore Girls?! Are you excited for Wildcard?! (those last two were trick questions – the answer is obviously yes) xox,

Awesome Book Covers That NEED Appreciation. Period.

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of beautiful book covers out there that no one really comments on. I totally judge a book by it’s cover 😂

Oh yes – I remembered to make an image! Go me! Do… well, what ever you want with it – and if you’re sharing it please credit to Rhiana @ marshmallow harmonies. Righty-o, let’s get into it!

But before I do, I would like to point out that this is NOT a book recommendation post. I am only giving my opinions on their cover – NOTHING ELSE. (with the exception of Words in Deep Blue and Legend – both amazing books 😃). Please do not assume that because it is on here I liked it. Ok, let’s gooooooo!

Words in Deep Blue:

This is quite possibly my favourite book at the moment, and the cover is absolutely gorgeous. If I ever write and publish a book, I want it to be at least half as good as that. And the font OH THE BEAUTIFUL FONT! (I’m a self described font junkie – couldn’t you tell?!) If anybody knows the name of it please hand over the goods. You’ll receive complimentary marshmallows.

36 Questions that Changed my Mind about You:

The little circles with little words ABOUT the book (quirks that you’ll only get if you read it) is actually such a unique idea that I, at least haven’t ever seen before, and don’t ask me how, but it relates to the book so well. I can totally picture both Hildy and Paul liking it.


Quite possibly one of the BEST BOOKS EVER WRITTEN (thank you Marie Lu (oh that rhymed! *does quiet cheer*)), and the cover art is astonishingly breathtaking. Especially the rose on Champion (the final book) oh my sugar cookies it is heart breaking. Read it. Please. For my sanity 😂

The Secret Science of Magic:

Haven’t read this one in a while (a whole lot of these I just plucked from my (extensive) bookshelves) but the hourglass that looks like a playing card is actually so crucial and relatable to the storyline. It’s ok – the banners are meh and the font *shudders*. The colour combos are aesthetically pleasing, and I do love that middle section (with the two faces in circles and hourglass).

The School for Good and Evil:

This– oh, I love this. The realistic yet obviously drawn characters are stunning. The castles Sophie and Agatha look onto are beautifully represented too! And the school crest with the swans, oh! *heart shatters into a million pieces (figuratively)*

I have three words.

Yes. Yes. Yes!

Counting by 7s:

The red fish is really such an accurate showing of Willow. It portrays her P E R F E C T L Y. And the fonts are well matched to the book – even if they aren’t that ‘haute couture’ (instead of fashion, think fonts 😉)

The Harper Effect:

Okay, first of all, THAT FONT IS DIVINE! I w i s h I could do that. The tiny tennis racquets are also so cute! Another thing is that everything looks hand drawn, which for some mysterious reason appeals to me 🤷‍♀️

The Penderwicks:

The silhouettes are AMAZING. Just look at them. Batty with her wings, and Hounds little tail – oh, it’s simply exquisite. I actually just looked up ‘synonyms for beautiful’ because I’m running out here! Thankfully we’re at the end…

So, here it is was. Did you like it? Have you read any of the books above? Do you agree/disagree with me? Did you enjoy them?

Oh, and I have one more thing to say. I have been getting one plus a lot in my brain from me quite a few questions along the lines of: what is happening with your blog? are you still posting? will you be continuing blogging?

Yes. As I said in my 6 monthsary (and that was my 57th post, so I think I’ve earned a tiny break) I AM NOT QUITTING. At least, I hope so.

What happened was I had a little bit of a, well, you could call it a burnout – where I had no ideas whatsoever. You’ll be pleased to know that time has passed *winks with joy* I am now fully recharged, and back bolder and crazier than ever! But I am changing my schedule a bit.

3 days was way too much posting – that’s how I got to around 10 posts a month – and since I stopped that, I’ve been trying to find a schedule that works. And now I think I’ve got it. Every Saturday morning (because that’s when I lie in) and SOME WEDNESDAYS. I’m going to aim for 5-7 posts a month – however that works out.

Thank you for sticking around and reading my extra long explanation of why I haven’t been posting lately! You guys are the best ever!

Oh, and for the first time in a games I haven’t used the scheduling tool! Part of this was pre-written – I’ve been working on it over the past few days, but I’m hitting publish now. As in, now. Thanks for reading xox

Wow. I can’t believe I made it here.

It’s been 6 months.

And now I must leave.

Kidding! Yep, you guys must hate me for that one 😂! I’m not going anywhere.

I didn’t think I’d last a week. I’ve seen my friends create blogs and then not use them much or at all and I just feel so happy to have a community of amazing friends who comment and actually like what I write. That was why I started marshmallow harmonies, and that’s the reason I’m going to continue. Along with many other reasons, of course. Oh, and I should probably mention that ‘This is a scheduled post – I wrote it on the weekend’ 😉

So. Where to next?

I’m not setting any long term goals yet. For now, I’m just happy blogging my heart out! (Not literally, or I’d be dead. And there are things I keep from you guys… but don’t we all!?)

Keep smiling, and have a wonderful day!

Rainbow Photography Tag!

I’m going overboard on these tags. It’s official. Right, now with that out of the way, we can moooove on!

Today I’m doing a tag that Kerys nominated me for – The Rainbow Photography Tag! She actually created it, along with Saanika (at Heart of a Dreamer) (oh, and Kerys is at The Everlasting Library, if you were interested. No? Just checking…)

Without further ado, I shall start.

Oh, I almost forgot. These are the featured images. You can pick one, or both (I picked both so my nominees would have options 🤗 😉 You can thank me later)

NOW I’m starting the post OFFICIALLY (anybody want to object??!?)

That last one counts as my object – the brightest book I own! I nominate anyone who has read the above book, and also anyone (cause I don’t think many will’ve) who hates either the colour green or orange. Quite random, but sure! Comment below if you’ll do it, because I’m only meant to do 10 people… so I can close nominations after 10! (I probably won’t, but still please comment!)

Now. I have news.

I’m going to be missing a few posts as I desperately need to clean up and organise this blog – the categories, tags, re-write the about page, etc. I will still be reading posts, and commenting, but any effort on marshmallow harmonies will be spent organising. I plan to back in hopefully 2-3 weeks (a lot of organising must happen)? I’ll keep you posted. I may still be around on this blog, poking around and writing (in fact, I’ll definitely appear once in three weeks. At least.). But let me make clear that I AM NOT LEAVING FOR GOOD. I will be active reading posts, commenting, and stuff, but I just won’t be sticking to my current posting schedule (of Wednesday and Saturday).

It’s (Yet Another) Tag Time! Whoopee!

Yeah, I get waaay too excited when it comes to tags! I mean – people coming up with post ideas for you saving you soooo much work and time and work and effort and did I mention work, getting to answer questions, reading other posts on it (I mean, you’ve gotta do some research, right?)! I love tags! (I just tried to hit the exclamation mark three times there and it kept landing on the question mark that was way too much info rhiana)

Today, I’m participating on the Social Media Blog Tag! Yay! *cue confetti and fireworks*

It was a general nomination, and I cannot for the life of me remember where. Sorry, whoever I got this from. I owe you marshmallows 🤷‍♀️

No, it has nothing to do with ACTUAL social media. I’m not on any, but I’m doing it. It asks you to nominate bloggers depending on what you think they deserve an award for – like design, content, etc. Each award is christened a type of social media. That probably didn’t make much sense. Just, read on, and you’ll see! hopefully…


Ok, how can this NOT go to the two (yes, I know you can only do one. Roll with it) bloggers who co own a a graphic design studio. The one two, the not quite only, Syd and Em! Both the layouts are beautiful, clip art and fonts on point, just stunning. Well deserved, both of them.FACEBOOK ~ A BLOG WITH A FRIENDLY BLOGGER:

Oh, the pain of choosing just one. Umm. Umm. Umm. Maybe, no, how ’bout, mm, no. Ahh! Natalie! Her blog is always so warm and welcoming, and she replies to and comments on nearly every post. Her content is so unique too – she experimented on Google Translate (that was funny), is humorous and engaging. She is a deserved receiver of this.


Ariana for sure. Go look at her awesome sauce blog, and you’ll get what I mean. At the moment she’s not so active but when she is prepare for posts left, right, and centre! (Oh, and I’d still love her because if it was just one short post, I know the next one would be long! 😂)


I’ve gotta choose Abbie and Sophie for this. I wait for the day their posts turn up in the reader, and get this. THEY’RE AUSTRALIAN TOO! *squeals, and throws confetti*


Hmm. Probably definitely Mal (but maybe that’s because I’m a stationery addict too 😂) Her writing has a unique style that involves leaning away from the colour orange and seals, and she posts about basically everything I like reading about, so it’s a match made in heaven over screens!


I can’t go past Purely Ella for this one. Her flat lays and photos are always so aesthetic and they motivate me to a) start taking some flat lays and b) use them in my blog posts. Maybe for some it wouldn’t necessarily be an inspo and creative blog, but it is to meee!


This definitely goes to Starling. Her posts are often unlike any I’ve seen before, and… uhh, yeah. It definitely has variety. Keep, you know,writing those engaging posts! (Oh, and happy one year!)

That’s it! Yet another tag on my to do list is ticked, crossed, and removed from the list! I nominate all the people who I linked above, and, since I want others to enjoy this tag as much as I did, I’m opening it up to anyone who has been to the pool/ocean/body of water in the last month!

Got any more for me? Did you like this tag? If I nominated you, would you do it?